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Scuttlebutt Poll:
Is there enough reaching in racing?
November 30 - December 2, 2010

Dear Curmudgeon:

Windward-Leeward course
I have a question I would like to chuck out to the world for opinions. The question: Is anybody else, besides me, sick and tired of the world’s most boring race course, the now dreaded (multiple) windward leeward loop(s)?

It seems that's all we get to do these days - bang it upwind and hump it back down, over and over and over again. The absolute most boring set-up possible! I like the challenge of having to make a decision before the top mark of what sail is going up and getting the most out of the boat on a reach.....for those of you who no longer know what a reach is, look it up!

A variety pack of legs presents many other ways to screw up that the tiresome old W/L does not. When you’re doing a Race Week and it's the same thing a couple of times each and every day, well that's just plain boring...period. Let’s mix it up and keep it interesting; there's lots of water out there why not use it.

It is, sometimes, more difficult for the Race Committee, but that's life. For me, the sport is losing some of its luster by spending the entire summer sailing these loopie courses. Am I alone or are there others out there who feel the same?


Alex Watters

When asked if people felt the same way as Alex did, here was the response to two questions asked about the type of buoy racing people typically did:

How often is a windward-leeward course signaled?
  • All the time - 30.97%
  • Nearly all the time - 50.10%
  • Most of the time - 13.02%
  • Not too often - 5.32%
  • Never - 0.59%

  • Would you prefer more courses signaled that had reach legs?
  • Yes - 73.77%
  • No - 26.23%

  • Click here to read voter comments.

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