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Should GGYC end litigation with SNG from 33rd America’s Cup?
March 8-9, 2010

Even though the 33rd America’s Cup is behind us, it is not safe to assume the litigation is too. Match winner Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC) still holds the option to pursue their breach of fiduciary duty (BFD) action against Société Nautique De Genève’s (SNG), which in short means that SNG were bad trustees of the America’s Cup, and should possibly not have a right in the future to become a trustee again. This would mean SNG could no longer compete for the Cup.

SNG is asking GGYC to end all litigation concerning the 33rd America’s Cup and all prior Cups. SNG has little leverage other than their own challenge of GGYC’s boat, which as Legal Analyst Cory E. Friedman describes is their “ultra bogus constructed in country/sloop/wings are not sails cross motion.” SNG says they will drop their challenge if GGYC drops theirs.

The NY Supreme Court is set to welcome the parties on March 10, 2010, which is when we may find out how they plan to proceed. Seems like GGYC is in control of this next phase…so should they seek to pursue charges against SNG, or should they let it go and move forward? Here was the question we asked:

Should GGYC end all litigation with SNG from the 33rd America’s Cup?
  • Yes - 35.7%

  • No - 64.3%

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