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Boat Trackers - How do you feel?
August 14-18, 2009

From Joe Hummel "Archimedes II", C&C 110:
"The Chicago Race to Mackinac this year was another for the books: long, slow, with big losses and gains to be made playing the shore breezes vs. offshore vs. Michigan shoreline vs. Wisconsin shoreline. During the 100th running (last year) of the Chicago Mac, onboard boat trackers were required and provided a great way for family and friends to follow the race at home online. They also allowed those competitors with internet access the ability to track each other during the race.

"This year, trackers were optional for the Chicago Mac, and about 1/3 of the fleet opted out. Personally, I'm a fan of the trackers, since I find it (a) valuable tactical info, and (b) it helps keep the crew in the game whether leading or following. However, it seems unfair that those without trackers benefit from the tactical info yet remain invisible to us. I'm okay with that, and will continue to carry a tracker as long as they are available, but I'm curious how the 'buttheads out there feel about GPS trackers."

Great questions, with the following survey based on a distance race where competing boats would lose sight of each other:

What is your opinion of GPS Boat Tracking?
  • Favorable - 88.00%
  • Not favorable - 9.45%
  • No opinion - 2.55%

  • If an event has GPS Boat Tracking, what level of requirement should it have?
  • It should be mandatory - 82.91%
  • It should be optional - 17.09%

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