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Scuttlebutt Poll:
What does the America's Cup need right now?

(April 20-21, 2009) Like it or not, the America’s Cup is THE iconic event of sailing. Occasionally, it even makes for good spectating. Our eyes were opened during the 1987 match, with the 12 meters on display, thriving in the big breeze of the “Fremantle Doctor” in Western Australia? The 2007 match delivered again, as parity in team speed and the varying winds of Valencia assured that no lead was safe, and on any given day an upset could occur.

The event felt like it was on a roll, with competition getting tighter, and television coverage getting better. Then, ugh, the legal impasse… and all the delays. But now, the Defender and the Challenger of Record (COR) will finally meet on April 23, 2009 to decide the future of the event.

Prior to what will surely be a protracted negotiation, Scuttlebutt polled the ‘buttheads to see what kind of event they wanted. The premise was not to base the choice on what would be good for commercial sponsors, or what would be good for professional sailors, or what would be good for their favorite team. The premise of the choice was to base it on what would help the America’s Cup event earn back its iconic status.

Here are the results when asked:

I believe the 33rd America's Cup should be:

  • 33.48% - The Defender and COR racing in multi-hulls.

  • 66.52% - The Defender and a multi-challenger field racing in monohulls.

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