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Scuttlebutt Poll:
Should Americans be joining US SAILING?

(June 11-12, 2008) It does feel like it is time to ask this question: Should American sailors who actively compete be joining US SAILING? There has been plenty of information in Scuttlebutt about the current proposal to require a tier of U.S. competitor to be a member of the organization. U.S. SAILING has presented their position, and as is typical amid controversy, the most avid opponents have presented their position. The cost to join is $60 a year, with benefits and tax breaks that might lower that fee.

Maybe there will be unrest and damage to the sport, or maybe there is a silent majority that believes active American sailors should be supporting their national sailing authority. When we initiated a poll to learn more, we asked the question, "Based on the what you know right now, should American sailors who actively compete be joining US SAILING?" We purposely avoided the terms of the latest US SAILING membership proposal in hopes of seeking a unique response. The definition of someone who "actively competes" was left vague as it varies for each individual, but the concept does refer to those that have made serious committment to participating in the sport.

The poll had been continuously running slightly in favor of joining US SAILING (mid 50's percentage) prior to a forum campaign making this plea to its members: "Please go to this survey, I beg of you, and vote "No." Let's stack the cards, because on Tuesday next week the U.S. Board of Directors is voting on this mandatory proposal and they don't need some poorly worded survey that has no real statistical relevance helping them make the wrong decision." The poll was scheduled to close on June 12th, and did so with 44% in favor and 56% opposed.

Comments posted by voters can be read here.
Additional comments on Scuttleblog.

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