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Best boat for 33rd America's Cup

(December 1-4, 2007) No shortage of debate surrounding the 33rd America's Cup. Among the topics is the boat to be used. The competitors want to replace the Version 5 ACC, and a committee has created a box rule 90-footer. More debate has ensued regarding this decision. Those in favor feel the new boat will be grand, and in character with the event. It will be high performance, the racing will be exciting, and more representative of the top end of the sport. Those opposed say the history of the cup is being compromised, that the box rule takes away from the design process, and that the speed of the boat will result in big separation during races.

Everyone remembers how close the racing was this past summer in the 32nd event, and fear change will be a setback. Then, of course, there is a chance that defender Alinghi and challenger BMW Oracle Racing will be meeting in catamarans next summer. Through all this, we are reminded that the America's Cup is not a normal event. Those that play the game make the rules, and the sailing public must go along with it. However, as the Cup becomes commercialized, it would seem that our vote would matter. Here are the results from a poll on the subject:

Should the next America's Cup use a new design rule, or refine the rule used for the 32nd America's Cup this year?

  • Refine current rule - 68.13%

  • Create new rule - 31.87%

  • If a new rule is to be used, do you think the AC90 Rule will create a good type of boat for the America's Cup?

  • Yes - 26.23%

  • No - 73.77%

  • There is a possibility that a catamaran will be used next summer between defender Alinghi and challenger BMW Oracle Racing. If this were to occur, how would it affect your current level of interest in the America's Cup?

  • Increase my interest - 21.84%

  • Decrease my interest - 43.87%

  • No change - 34.29%

  • Click here to read the voter comments.

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