Scuttlebutt Poll:

(June 19-20, 2007) One of the changes to the 32nd America’s Cup was to abolish the nationality rules for the sailors. The existing rules were being abused, and by removing the borders, sailors were now – for the first time ever – able to sail with whatever team they desired. Every team took advantage of this new reality. The newer teams profited from the available knowledge and experience, while the top-tier teams further fine-tuned their profile.

Now some folks aren’t so sure that this change was good. Strong countries lost key personnel, fans lost the ability to cheer for their country, and the concept of “a friendly competition between countries" was gone for good. For each Cup the rules can be changed, so we ask the question:

Should the 33rd America's Cup reinstate the nationality rules?

  • Yes - 82.49%
  • No - 17.51%

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