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Mirabella V - Gear That's Not Off the Shelf

When they tell you to tighten the uppers, and you find the shroud turnbuckles are double overhead (see photo, left), you wonder if you are caught in the Disney movie sequel: "Honey, I Shrunk the Rigger."

At 246-feet in length, most everything on Mirabella V has to be done differently. Workers wear hard hats. Cranes are standard operating procedure. Projects are done in teams.

Taking a look at the photos below, probably the only thing easy to do on Mirabella V is relax at anchorage. That is, as long as you find writing checks for the $250,000 per week charter fee easy.

Photos courtesy of Doyle Sails

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Strapping on the hard hat to step the mast

Never enough help when attaching a forestay furler

Walking the drum...without a hard hat!

Is that Mirabella V? No, just her boom

Flaking on the main...with a crane

Lowering the boom with the main stowed inside

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