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Big and Beautiful - All Classics from Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta

Define classic? The 2004 Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta demonstrates that classic does not only stand for comfort and beauty, but also performance. Enjoy the following images provided by Onne van der Wal.

Ranger, Cambria, Velsheda, Windrose

J Class yachts (from left) Ranger, Cambria, Velsheda in pursuit of the 152-foot Windrose

Ranger, Windrose, and Velsheda

Tight reaching conditions finds Velsheda and Windrose in pursuit of Ranger


Launched in 2001, Windrose brings modern thinking to the classic generation


Velsheda was one of three J Class yachts competing


Velsheda was originally built in 1933, and relaunched after renovations in 1997

Click below for additional information on these classic yachts:

  • Cambria
  • Ranger
  • Velsheda
  • Windrose
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