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Scuttlebutt Photos:

Boomwalking on Mirabella V

Photos provided by Ed Botterell, Doyle Sailmakers, Toronto

Scroll down to see why this ladder was needed

(April 26, 2004) We are beginning to learn that when it comes to Mirabella V, everything needs to be done a bit differently.

Is a "boom ladder" part of your boat's gear? In this photo sequence, we gradually zoom into just another day of boat work on Mirabella V.

We are just getting used to the size and magnitude of this boat. The ladder provides a comparison scale. Then there is the fact of Mirabella V's mast being a mere eighty feet too tall to get under San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

Click here to learn of some of the hurdles Doyle Sailmakers had to overcome when constructing her sail inventory.

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