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Scuttlebutt Photos:

Sailrocket is Launched

Photos courtesy of Thierry Martinez
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Sailrocket designer Malcolm Barnsley (left) and pilot Paul Larsen

(April 23, 2004) One of the most original yachting machines created was unveiled in Southampton (today). If designer Malcolm Barnsley, and pilot and instigator Paul Larsen have got their concept right, then SailRocket could be one of the most significant vessels of all time.

That is because the aim is to break the world speed sailing record, timed over a 500m dash, currently held by the Australian Yellow Pages team with 46.52 knots set in 1992. Larsen hopes to break the 50 knot barrier - sailing's four minute mile - and go beyond. This would mean 60mph in a wind propelled machine.

"This is such a new thing there's not even a name for it," said Larsen, a Southampton-based Australian. Click here for complete story.

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