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Scuttlebutt Photos: Castorama - B&Q

Ellen MacArthur onboard her new Trimaran

Photos courtesy of Thierry Martinez

Thierry Martinez (April '04): "I had spent time with Ellen in Auckland before her voyage to the Northern Hemisphere. Ellen will try to beat Laurent Bourgnon's transatlantic record - 7 days, 2 hours, 34 mins, 42 sec - from New York to Cape Lizard (UK). It’s always a great pleasure for me to do photos with Ellen. She is a great sailor and a fantastic friend.

"I have a great memory of Laurent's record. I was onboard his trimaran before the starting line in New York in June ‘94. Once photos onboard were done, and after passing under Verazano bridge, I was asked: ‘Do you swim?’ Good joke, I thought. But waves were too big to transfer off the tri to the boat waiting to take me back to Manhattan. So I had to jump in that cold water and swim to the boat! The biggest problem was to protect the cameras. 7 days later, I was in Cape Lizard when Laurent finished with the record.

"Ellen, I wish you the same success."

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