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Scuttlebutt Flashback:

The guy on the left is Harry Nelson, who is now a university professor of physics. But in 1975, he was a road tripping sailing buddy of Paul Cayard, and that is Paul to the right. Here is Harry's story:

"The 1975 El Toro North American Championships took place in Seattle, Washington at Green Lake. El Toros are eight foot long sailboats. I was 16 years old, and Paul Cayard, to the right, was 15. My El Toro is on top of my mother's car to the right; we were both packing up to leave after the races. We had stayed with our mothers in the Marco Polo Motel, on Aurora Ave. Paul won the intermediate division; I had won the same division at the 1974 Championships on Wolf Lake near Chicago. My interest in sailing was on the decline by 1975, but Paul has gone on to outstanding sailing accomplishments, including skippering in the America's Cup."

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