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International Catamaran Challenge Trophy
(aka "The Little America's Cup")

Photos courtesy of Joe Giblin

Americans ahead

Italians ahead

Ogletree and Lovell

Victory celebration

Americans John Lovell and Charlie Ogletree Win Little America's Cup

“I’m very excited by this win,” said Lovell after he had warmed up. “Saragoni definitely had an edge with the boat, as this is only my third time in an F-18HT, which is much narrower than a Tornado, making it harder to gybe downwind and less stable in general.” Comparing the differences between the F-18HTs used for the Little America’s Cup, and the Tornado that the two-time Olympians spend most of their time racing, Lovell also noted the difference in their teamwork required by match racing in catamarans. “The crew does most of the work, I mostly steer while Charlie drags me around the course. I learned a lot from this event”.

Complete scores and background on the International Catamaran Challenge Trophy, better known as "The Little America’s Cup," can be found online at or

Story courtesy of Jan Harley, Media Pro Int'l

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