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Jack A Boye announces formation of U.S. Mini Class

September 16, 2003

Jack A Boye today is announcing the formation of the Mini Class US. The sailing organization is the governing body of 6.5 meter sailing in the United States. The primary goal of the class is to promote offshore racing in one of the world’s most exciting sailing vessels – the MINI BOAT.

The Mini boat is an offshore racing sloop of 21.25 feet. The boat which looks like an Open 60, has a thirty-nine foot mast a weighs approximately two thousand pounds. Because of its wide beam, almost ten feet, and its large sail area, the vessel is often compared to an offshore skiff for her speeds are remarkable. The boats are referred to by the French sailors as an offshore racing school. Many of today’s most well known and successful solo sailors have raced and learned their sailing skills aboard Mini boats.

Mr. Boye, President of the Mini Class US is an accomplished American single-handed sailor, and owns a Mini boat. He believes that the Mini will offer American sailors an opportunity to rediscover exciting, affordable sailing while acquiring the offshore racing skills to enable them to compete with European sailors. “The Mini Class is going to be a gateway for adult sailors of who love the sea and want to race fast vessels in challenging ocean races. If you want to experience real adventure and freedom, then this is the boat you should own. Mini boats are governed by a ‘Box Rule’. There are no complicated formulas to see who wins a race. The first boat across the line wins, it’s that simple.”

Originating in England in the late 1970’s, “Mini” boats as they are commonly called have recently grown in popularity at a staggering rate. To date, over 400 Mini’s have been built and most are still active in the very busy racing schedule of the French Classe Mini. Mini boats are divided into two classes, production and prototype. The production boats offer easy entry in to one design racing. Skippers who wish to participate at the highest level build one of a kind custom prototype and compete against other custom boats. The class has very strict safety rules to protect sailors. The Mini Class US will have similar rules to the Classe Mini of France.

This year over ten Mini racing events were held in Europe. Mr. Boye believes that by the summer of 2004 a fleet of American and Canadian Mini boats will be racing in the waters off of New England and California. The Mini Class US is located in Boston, MA. Anyone interested in finding out more about Mini boats or the Mini Class US can go to the class website at

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