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Scuttlebutt: Video of the Week

(August 20, 2010) The International C Class Catamaran Championship (IC^4) will be hosted at New York Yacht Club in Newport, RI from August 22-28, 2010. The IC^4 is the successor to the Little America's Cup as the championship event for the for the C class catamarans. Fred Eaton of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) won the trophy from Steve Clark during the last event held by RCYC in September 2007. In the next event Eaton will be defending for RCYC and Clark, who will be representing New York Yacht Club, will be among the challengers.

There were to be seven teams, but Steve Clark's brand-new wing for Aethon wasn't ready for prime time. Steve will be sailing the boat with the Cogito wing, leaving that boat now on the sidelines. The six teams competing are: three Canadian (Orion, Alpha, Canaan), one American (Aethon), one British (Invictus), and one French (Patient Lady VI). Here are some videos to provide a build up toward the event.

April 11, 2010: Orion tuning up in Toronto Harbor.

May 24, 2010: Invictus training in Weymouth, Portland Harbor, UK.

July 19, 2010: Final training for Invictus in Weymouth before shipping to Newport, RI.

July 19, 2010: Canaan sailing and then losing her wing.

Aug. 4, 2010: Canaan out for a spin with hew new wing, day 2 for the wing.

Aug 10, 2010: An onboard experience with a masthead camera.

Aug 15, 2010: Orion training in Newport, RI.

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