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Scuttlebutt: Video of the Week

(April 28-May 2, 2008) The SailRocket team has returned to Walvis Bay, Namibia, the famed speed record strip on the Atlantic side of the African continent, to seek out the holy grail of all out speed - the 50 knot barrier. While the project has been fraught with high and low moments, the team is extremely thrilled with recent runs that had them recording speeds of mid 40's in less than ideal conditions. Speed sailing is all about big winds and flat water, and the low lying beach and offshore winds of the speed track are ideal when sailing mere feet off the land. This week's video finds the SailRocket team on a day that they were unsure of their steering system, so they held a course further offshore. The water was choppy and the ride was particularly rough, with the video providing an awesome perspective of what it is like to go this fast.

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