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Scuttlebutt: Video of the Week

(October 1-5, 2007) If you have been thinking of getting a small inflatable dinghy, but haven't come up with enough reasons to justify it, this week's video might swing the deal. Enter the Flying Boat. Leave it to the Brazilians, where the rules are likely a bit more lax than here in North America, to even consider trying this. They have taken 12-foot RIB, attached a hang-glider wing, added an ultralight engine, and have successfully created a boat that can fly. It can carry a load of nearly 1,000 pounds, fly for a max of 131 miles, and claims to be the only type of seaplane that can land and take off with waves up to 3-feet. Why do we think there is no way the Flying Boat could ever be legal in the US? Regardless, the next 7:11 minutes might forever change the way you look at RIBs. Click here for additional information on the Flying Boat.

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