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SCUTTLEBUTT 3766 - Thursday, January 31, 2013

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Very rarely do you get to meet a person as inspiring as Urban Miyares, the
current president and co-founder of the adaptive sailing program Challenged
America. The story of how, and why, he was inspired to join Challenged
America back in the mid 1980s is quite astonishing, and for perspective,
bears repeating as often as possible.

In 1968 the then 20 year-old Army Sergeant Miyares' platoon was engaged in
a fire fight, when he slipped into a diabetic coma. Left for dead, Miyares
was placed into a body bag where he spent 2 days until an alert medic
detected a heartbeat. Miyares spent the next six months recovering in a
military hospital, but the event left its mark.

"I'm totally blind, I have diabetes, several organ transplants, and a whole
number of medical issues." Due to severe nerve damage in his lower
extremities, Miyares is considered a walking paraplegic. Miyares doesn't
let any of it slow him down; he has solidly engaged life more than most
able-bodied people!

Miyares sailed as a youth, and after his experience in Vietnam, he never
thought that he'd be able to actively sail again. In the late 80s he was
invited aboard a Beneteau First Class 10 to race in the Oceanside Race
(Calif.), he remembers, "It was a windy day, we had some problems on the
boat, and all of the sudden I started remembering things from years past."
He and his other crew members, who were also disabled vets, began thinking
about developing an adaptive sailing program, and Challenged America was

Through Challenged America, Miyares has reached thousands of disabled vets
by getting them aboard sailboats. Challenged America has a small fleet of
adaptive sailing boats at their facility in San Diego, and a testimonial
from one of their clients says it all, "The phrase 'leave your disabilities
at the dock' could not be more true! When I'm on the water, at the helm of
a sailboat, and enjoying all the sights and sounds of San Diego Bay, I
forget about the wheelchair sitting on the dock."

This year, Miyares and crew David Hopkins have entered the Transpac, and
will race in the double-handed division aboard their Tripp 40 B'Quest.
Miyares recalls, "We've taken her two times before on Transpac, 2003 and
2005, with a crew with disabilities. We've modified the boat quite a bit
for the different disabilities; we've added quite a bit of weight, and this
time we're going to take the boat again." -- Sal Revolution, read on:

Miami, FL (January 30, 2013) - Once again, the third day of the ISAF
Sailing World Cup series on Biscayne Bay was graced with strong winds that
reached 20 knots by the afternoon and significant chop. This set the stage
for mixed multihull racing in the all new Nacra 17 class which is one of
two new events for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Perhaps no team has made a smoother transition into this new class than
Sarah Newberry and John Casey (USA). The duo has been dominant through
three days of racing on Biscayne Bay. They have won five of the six races,
including the last five. Sarah Streater and Matthew Whitehead (USA) have
four second-place finishes and trail by four points.

"We've done a lot of training in the F16 and F18, and we're finding the
Nacra 17 to fit in terms of power, but not in terms of how the boat
actually sails," explained Newberry. "It's a whole new game with the curved

"We worked really hard to find good settings for the breeze. The real
challenge for the whole fleet has been dealing with the boats in bigger
chop, which is more than what we see when training in the inner bay. When
going downwind, the lift in the boat with the chop has made it
challenging," she added.

Newberry and Casey have their sights set on the 2013 Nacra 17 World
Championship this July in The Netherlands, which will serve as the
selection event for US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider.

Brazil's Kahena Kunze and Martine Grael surged into the lead with a
tremendous afternoon of racing in the 49er FX event. They finished second
in race seven and won races eight and nine to take a four point lead. Anna
Tunnicliffe and Molly O'Bryan Vandemoer (USA) also made a run today with
third- and second-place finishes. Tunnicliffe, a 2008 Olympic gold medalist
in the Laser is also one of the top Women's Match Racers in the world.
Tunnicliffe and Vandemoer are in second place.

The World #7 Stuart McNay and his crew David Hughes continue to challenge
in the Men's 470. The Americans hold an edge over World #13 Matthias Schmid
and Floran Reichstaedter (AUS). McNay and Hughes won the second of two
races to take the lead. These two teams are pulling away from the rest of
the fleet. -- Full report:


Canada team report:
USA team report:

BACKGROUND: The six-day ISAF Sailing World Cup Miami (Jan 28-Feb 2) is the
second of four events on the 2012-13 ISAF Sailing World Cup season. The
season began in Melbourne, Australia (Dec 2-8) and will move next to Palma
Spain (Mar 30-Apr 6) and then Hyeres, France (Apr 20-27). The ISAF Sailing
World Cup is open to the sailing classes (equipment) chosen for the 2016
Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Competitions. --

The Audi Melges 20 continues their established Winter Series with
championship number 2 in early February. Coconut Grove Sailing Club will
host the nearly 50 boat Audi Melges 20 fleet. Great racing, great fun in a
20 foot sport boat package. The Audi Melges 20. ISAF Recognized ... the
first World Championship coming up in December 2013. Check out new race
video and photos on and New
and used boats available. Contact a Melges Representative for further

The U.S. wasn't the only country to come away from the 2012 Games without
any hardware. The Canadian Sailing Team had legitimate medal contenders,
but it ultimately wasn't their national anthem playing at the award

Ken Dool, who is the Canadian Sailing Team Head Coach and Director of High
Performance, has now coached at six Games, and is eager to make changes to
ensure that 'O Canada' will be heard at the 2016 Olympics. Ken comments on
what lies ahead:
New approach...
The review of our program recognized that we were trying to do a lot of
things without enough resources, both human and financial, and therefore
not doing anything very well. So we decided to narrow our focus on the
classes that we are working with to insure that we are truly running a
coach-driven program, providing true leadership for the program, and not
just chasing athletes around the world. We also plan to be more selective
in which international events we attend, and to prepare and participate in
those events as a team. We must become more ready for each event as a group
rather than just hopping along the circuit taking in lots of events.

As for the classes, our Olympic focus for the men will be the singlehanded
Laser and Finn and the doublehanded 49er skiff, and for the women will be
the singlehanded Laser Radial and doublehanded 49er FX. For the
Paralympics, our focus will be the singlehanded 2.4mR. This doesn't mean we
are not interested in other classes, but these are the classes where we
will make the investment in leadership and where we will cultivate the
training groups, while we will manage the activities in the other classes.

We have very strong athletes competing in the other classes but much less
depth. We won't be disenfranchising these athletes; we simply are not going
to invest significant resources to build depth where it currently is not.

But it is not just the depth of the classes we have selected to focus on,
but we also feel we can have the broadest effect throughout the program by
focusing on these classes. The Laser and Radial in particular are the
stepping stones throughout all our provincial programs, so there is an
infrastructure that is already in place. Plus we need to do a far better
job in the doublehanded events and we identified the skiff as our chance to
do that given what is already occurring at the provincial level.

Read on:

EDITOR'S NOTE: After three days of racing at the ISAF Sailing World Cup
Miami, Canada has athletes ranked in the top five for all six of their
primary classes:

(January 30, 2013; Day 82) - Alex Thomson sailed into the legendary canal,
the artery into the heart of Les Sables d'Olonne this morning at typically
breakneck speed. With more than 30 knots of wind and mountainous seas
Thomson was in no mood to hang around.

"The most important thing for me in this Vendee Globe was to finish the
race," exclaimed Alex. "Standing on the podium is amazing, though and
really, the race time is irrelevant."

Taking third place in the Vendee Globe, the solo nonstop race around the
world which has dominated his life for the last ten years and which he had
twice failed to finish, Alex Thomson set a new non-stop round the world
record for a solo British sailor, smashed the existing race record set by
Michel Desjoyeaux in 2008-2009, and became only the third ever British
skipper to finish on the podium.

"I've sailed out of the channel three times but only once back in," said
Alex. "And let me tell you, the way back is absolutely great! A lot of this
race is about preparation. It took me three months to complete this race
but it took my team three years to make it possible so I want to thank them
all very much."

His result exorcised many of the ghosts of his past failures, most
particularly abandoning his Open 60 in 2006 in the South Indian Ocean when
his keel feel off during the Velux 5 Oceans, retiring from the last two
Vendee Globes - the 2008-9 edition after just 24 hours - and retiring from
the 2009 Transat Jacques Vabre after hitting a floating object.

"My wife will not want to hear about the 2016 edition of the Vendee Globe,
at least not right now," admitted Alex. "It was my third Vendee Globe, this
race has been part of my life for 10 years now, it's in my blood. Right
now, I can't imagine not doing the 2016 Vendee Globe."

Concerning his support of Jean-Pierre Dick, Alex felt his recognition was
unwarranted. "People have said it was noble to stay close to JP when he had
problems, but to me, it was just the normal thing to do, it shows the
respect we all have for each other. I've been rescued by Mike Golding, I
know what it feels like." -- Full report:


Top 5 of 20 - Rankings as of Wednesday, January 30, 2013, 20h00 (FR)
1. Francois Gabart (FRA), Macif: Jan 27, 14:18:40 UTC, 78:02:16:40
2. Armel Le Cleac'h(FRA),Banque Populaire: Jan 27, 17:35:52UTC, 78:05:33:52
3. Alex Thomson (GBR), Hugo Boss: Jan 30, 07:25:43 UTC, 80:19:23:43
4. Jean-Pierre Dick (FRA), Virbac Paprec 3: 351.0 nm Distance to Finish
5. Jean Le Cam (FRA), SynerCiel: 1713.0 nm DTF
Full rankings:

PITSTOP: Jean-Pierre Dick (Virbac-Paprec 3) has anchored Wednesday evening
to take shelter in San Ciprian on the north coast of Spain. This will
enable JP to avoid the strong gale which is forecast to hit the Bay of
Biscay on Thursday night. JP will set off again on Saturday or Sunday in
more moderate conditions in an attempt to reach the finishing line.

BACKGROUND: Twenty skippers began the 24,000-nm Vendee Globe, a solo,
non-stop around the world race in the IMOCA Open 60 class. Starting in Les
Sables d'Olonne, France on November 10, the west to east course passes the
three major capes of Good Hope, Leeuwin and the Horn before returning to
Les Sables d'Olonne. Michel Desjoyeaux (FRA) set the previous course record
of 84 days in the 2008-9 edition. --

The International Kiteboarding Class Annual General Meeting was recently
held in Rome culminating in some exciting updates for the 2013 season. The
newly-formed American Kiteboarding Association was represented by Robbie
Dean (Director of Race Operations, St Francis Yacht Club). While the
minutes have not been published, Dean updated SailBlast on some of the key
SB: What was the general theme of the AGM?

ROBBIE DEAN: Refining the class rules so that we can all have a clear
understanding of what we're doing going forward. Certainly with Olympic
aspiration on the horizon we want to make sure we're in line with what the
rest of the Olympic classes are doing while focusing on what our greatest
assets are which is speed and development and excitement of high end
sailing. We're working a lot right now on format ideas - what we're going
to do in the theater style sailing - a really cool way to highlight an
event rather than just a simple medal race, how we're going to make a 6-7
day event exciting all the way out but also speaking to our roots with a
long series where consistency pays.

The AKA proposed a 360 rule that's a bit more well defined - we've done a
couple of things with our championship rules to make them more
understandable to sailors as well as to non-traditional sailors that come
from the kite class, our ratings systems and how we're going to move
forward with our relationship with ISAF - how we'll lay out our calendar
for an international schedule - prize money and points and all those

One of the other things is that we formed a working party to unroll the
Kiteboard Racing Hall of Fame, which we'll unroll later in 2013 so look for
that in the future.

SB: AKA lobbied for a change to the kite limit at events?

RD: Yes, before you could have three kites registered for any one event and
a fourth safety kite. The idea was that the Olympic classes are required by
ISAF or asked by ISAF to sail in a range from 5 to 25 knots but we know
that kites can sail up to 35 to 40 knots easily. We say, let's go sailing
in 5 or 6 or up to 35 with the kite class but to do that we're going to
need to have 4 kites. We basically expanded the wind window, which allows
us to really highlight the best part of the sport - speed in big breeze and
gnarly conditions. -- Read on:

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* Public nominations for the 2013 Inductees to the Sailing Hall of Fame
will be held February 1 through April 1. The Induction Ceremony this year
will be held on October 27 at the National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame in
Annapolis. Nomination information here:

* The Maritime Security Centre - Horn of Africa (MSCHOA), in cooperation
with NATO, CMF, UKMT and MARLO has published today (30th January 2013) the
latest bulletin regarding piracy in the east coast of Africa off Somalia.
The message intended to get across is that all sailing yachts under their
own passage should continue to remain out of the High Risk Area or face the
real risk of being attacked and pirated for ransom. -- Details:

* A federal appeals court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency is
overestimating the amount of fuel that can be produced from grasses, wood
and other non-food plants in an effort to promote a fledgling biofuels
industry. It's unclear how the ruling will affect the marine industry's
longstanding opposition to increasing the level of ethanol in gasoline. --
Soundings, full report:

The Industry News category of the Scuttlebutt Forum provides an opportunity
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* Ullman Sails Names New Vice President
* John Vandemoer selected as Executive Director of Club 420 class
* World Champion Sailor Tim Healy Joins North Sails
* TOAD Marine Supply Acquires Torresen Marine, Inc. Ecommerce Catalog
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* From Tim Patterson:
The article by Dorian Van Rijsselberge in Scuttlebutt 3765... what a great
piece you have gotten here. A boy and his family working together to make a
dream come true. Having fun doing it and still being able to wonder at the
success and aura of it all without seeming anything but humble. An amazing
ten years and the statement by Dorian Van Rijsselberge that it was fun all
the way. This is a perfect example of what sailing can be.

* From Jake Pogue:
The dark clouds of failure have given way to clear skies for the US Olympic
sailing team. The report from Josh Adams (Scuttlebutt 3765) seems to be
hitting all the right needs. I can't even remember how disappointed I was
last summer at their inability to medal in any of the events. I am nothing
but optimistic now.

* From Jennie Peterson:
Reading about the boardsailing at the ISAF World Cup event in Miami
(Scuttlebutt 3765) got me to thinking about boardsailing in the U.S. When
enrollment starts up for the summer youth sailing programs, I hope that
every program director considers promoting boardsailing as a class option.

It would be irresponsible for youth sailing programs to limit the menu.
There is bound to be plenty of kids that don't sign up because they did not
connect last summer with the Optimist or C420 boats. That doesn't mean they
don't want to be sailors. All it may mean is they are looking to do
something me...something MORE FUN.

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