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SCUTTLEBUTT 3472 - Thursday, November 17, 2011

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Consistency was the key for the French Energy Team who won the third of
three races on Wednesday afternoon to top the table at the end of the
seeding races for the San Diego Match Racing Championships at the America’s
Cup World Series.

New skipper Yann Guichard posted three race finishes inside the top five to
end the day one point clear of Emirates Team New Zealand. ORACLE Racing
Spithill, plagued by penalties and starting trouble all day, recovered
strongly in each race to hold on to third place.

Those top three teams on today’s ranking are seeded through directly to the
Semi Finals of the Match Racing Championship. The remaining six teams will
be paired up to race in Thursday’s qualifying matches, competing in a
knockout format to earn the fourth and final Semi Final berth.

“It’s a perfect day for us,” said an elated Guichard after racing. “I’m
really happy. The team has done a fantastic job. I’m getting more
comfortable each day and I can really feel the boat well now. We had some
good starts and were very fast today.”

After the fleet races, the teams brought the show to the crowds perched on
Broadway Pier for the AC 500 Speed Trials, which took place just yards from
the pier. Emirates Team New Zealand, in the very first run, posted what
would stand up as the quickest time down the 500-meter runway. The two
ORACLE Racing entries, Spithill and Coutts were second and third
respectively.-- Read on:

Results - San Diego Match Racing Championship (seeding fleet races)

1. Energy Team (FRA) 3, 5, 1: 24 pts
2. Emirates Team NZ (NZL) 2, 3, 5, 23 pts
3. Oracle Racing Spithill (USA) 5, 4, 2: 22 pts
4. Artemis Racing (SWE) 7, 1, 4: 21 pts
5. Team Korea (KOR) 4, 2, 8: 19 pts
6. Oracle Racing Coutts (USA) 1, 8, 6: 18 pts
7. Green Comm Racing (ESP) 8, 9, 3: 14 pts
8. Aleph (FRA) 9, 6, 7: 12 pts
9. China Team (CHN) 6, 7, 9: 12 pts

* BROADCAST: The live streaming on the America’s Cup YouTube channel begins
at 1:00 pm PST on Wednesday through Sunday. For the first time there will be
the option of English or French commentating. There will also be a Comcast
broadcast for the Dish Network, Direct TV, and AT&T Uverse. Details on
YouTube, Comcast and the post-event highlight shows here:

By Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt
The racing of AC45s had drawn a crowd to the Island Prime restaurant,
located to the east on Harbor Island. Resting on stilts atop San Diego Bay,
our perch was adjacent to the weather mark gate. I'm not sure what race it
was, nor was anyone else. It didn't matter. The place was packed.

Amid servings of seafood entrees, the patrons intermittently looked up to
the activity outside. The bay had been cleared of boats, so the fleet of AC
45s, with their distinguishable livery, stood out. And they were coming our

The fleet was on approach to the mark rounding, with the leaders taking the
far gate option. To bear away from shore. To seek out more wind. Just out of
range from the shouts of "deploy" as the gennaker unfurled. But the power of
the big sail, snapping full, was apparent. Food was getting cold, but no one

Further in the fleet, two teams chose the near gate mark. Perhaps they saw
the puff. They turned and took off, now just a few boat lengths from my seat
in the bar. Locked and loaded, hulls flying past plates. And then I saw it.
Or maybe I heard it first. Either way, it was one of those moments.

As the boats blazed by, everyone in the restaurant lifted their phones to
take photos. Not so much cheering for a team. Not so much knowing about the
race. Purely to prove they were there, that they saw the boats, that they
liked what they saw. They were motivated by a connection.

As the boats passed, they both rolled into a gybe. The puff was still on,
and they accelerated swiftly. Windward hulls popped up to confirm the
action. There were a few hoots in the crowd, more photos taken. The boats
sailed on, and the diners returned to their meal.

The level of engagement was not deep, but it was enough. Imagine if there
was a racing program on each table. Or audio. Heighten the connection and
who knows.

Baby steps to brand awareness.

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While the wings are the same on each of the AC45s, the jibs and gennakers
are developed separately by each team. And the big challenge is that the
only access teams have for sail testing is at the America’s Cup World Series
events. But for newer teams like Green Comm (ESP), that rolled a 8-9-3 in
the 9 boat fleet races on Wednesday, they are playing catch up in a lot of
areas. “We are learning how to sail the boat more than developing the sail
package. Once we get the maneuvers nailed down, then we can look a bit
closer at all the other elements,” explained Paul Hobson, Green Comm Head
Coach & Sail Coordinator.

San Diego, USA (16 November, 2011) - Challenger of Record Artemis Racing
representing Kungliga Svenska Segel Sällskapet (KSSS) has filed an
application to the Jury requesting an interpretation of the Protocol
governing the 34th America’s Cup with regards to the cooperation agreement
between Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) and Luna Rossa Challenge 2013.

Artemis Racing believes that it is in the best interest of all competing
teams to understand if all of the elements of the agreement are permissible
before any party makes a significant investment. KSSS/Artemis Racing welcome
the involvement of Luna Rossa Challenge 2013 in the 34th America’s Cup
events and look forward to competing against the Italian team.

(November 16, 2011; Day 12) - Unlike previous Volvo Ocean Races, the
rounding of the island of Fernando de Noronha this time does not score any
race points. However, it is still a mark of the course and the order of
rounding will be a significant psychological boost for the front runners.

PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG with American Ken Read is making steady
progress at 13 knots towards the Brazilian archipelago 129 nautical miles
(nm) ahead, leading Telefónica by just 14 nm.
Telefónica and CAMPER (Chris Nicholson/AUS) have made negligible losses
tonight, but Franck Cammas' fourth-placed Groupama 4 dropped nine miles on
the leader over the course of the last three hours and has an average boat
speed of just 10.6 knots. She is now 359 nm behind PUMA and the three boats
in front of her are able to sail at least a knot faster, but remain

“It's really worthwhile staying focused on remaining in contention, as the
group will come out stronger with increased stature through having to deal
with a 300 mile lead and then a 300 mile deficit,” Cammas, Groupama skipper,
said. “Of course we're not happy with this situation, but we aren't even
halfway yet in this first leg! I've been going around the Saint Helena High
for a fair old while now and I know that anything could still happen.” --
Full story:

Standings as of Wednesday, November 16, 2011, 22.02.22 UTC

1. PUMA Ocean Racing by BERG, 3542.4 nm Distance to Finish
2. Team Telefonica, 14 nm Distance to Lead
3. CAMPER with Emirates Team NZ, 147.50 nm DTL
4. Groupama, 379.50 nm DTL
5. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing - Retired from Leg 1
6. Team Sanya - Retired from Leg 1

Video reports:

BACKGROUND: During the nine months of the Volvo Ocean Race, which started in
Alicante, Spain and concludes in Galway, Ireland during early July 2012, six
professional teams will sail over 39,000 nautical miles of the world's most
treacherous seas via Cape Town, Abu Dhabi, Sanya, Auckland, around Cape Horn
to Itajai, Miami, Lisbon, and Lorient. Teams accumulate points through nine
distance legs and ten In-Port races. -

By David Brayshaw
In 2009 several hundred thousand “armchair sailors” worldwide competed in an
online “virtual race” in parallel to the Volvo Ocean Race. Nearly as many
competed in the virtual version of the Loup-de-Mer. This surprising level of
interest prompted me to take a close look at this phenomenon, culminating in
an article on the subject in Seahorse Magazine.

While the games are not entirely realistic, I concluded that they were an
excellent way for “real” sailors to practice their navigation skills, and
modified my Advantage weather-routing program so it could be used directly
in these games (which use wind data somewhat differently). As modified, the
input and analysis necessary to compete in a virtual game is the same as
real-world ocean routing. As a navigator, it is in some ways more
satisfying, since the boat always ends up at a given time where you predict
it will be based on the wind data, without the influence of breakdowns,
storms and crew error. If you pick the right route, you will get there

A new Volvo race is underway, and again there is a parallel virtual version,
found at The platform is new, and the
treatment of wind data more realistic. It is now halfway through the first
leg, with plenty of racing ahead. I have posted a webpage describing the
race and program options at This page
also describes other virtual races now conducted regularly on the web, with
various features and degrees of realism. If you haven't already tried this,
I recommend the experience.

* Brayshaw’s Seahorse Magazine article:

(November 16, 2011) - Erratic squalls, the collapse of the trade winds and
generally lighter conditions are forecast for the first finishers in the
IMOCA Open 60 Class of the 2011 Transat Jacques Vabre.

Expected to finish in Costa Rica within the next 48 hours Jean-Pierre Dick
is firmly on course to extend his record to three Transat Jacques Vabre
victories in the IMOCA Open 60 class. But the western Caribbean is unlikely
to deliver the Virbac-Paprec 3 duo a win without experiencing a sting in the
tail, the current outlook suggesting a typical random cocktail of light and
strong winds which will require vigilance until the finish gun sounds.

On the late afternoon Wednesday rankings, just over 14 days after leaving Le
Havre, Virbac-Paprec 3 was a consistent 143 miles ahead of Alex Thomson and
Guillermo Altadill on Hugo Boss, the French duo with just 447 miles to the
finish line, hence holding a cushion equivalent to more than 30% of the
remaining distance. -- Full story:

* The Transat Jacques Vabre is a 4,730nm double-handed race from Le Havre,
France to Puerto Limon, Costa Rica with 35 competitors entered for the 2011

Buenos Aires, Argentina (November 16, 2011) - After the first day of racing,
Tim Healy and his team on 11th Hour Racing hold the lead in the 2011 J/24
World Championship, hosted by the Yacht Club Argentino. Healy, from Newport,
Rhode Island, is the current J/24 World Champion and showed his top form
with consistent 3rd and 5th place finishes in the 58-boat fleet.

After an on-the-water postponement waiting for wind, the two scheduled races
were completed in 8-12 knot breezes on the Rio de la Plata. Each race was
started under a black flag after one general recall, with several boats
earning a BFD in Race 2. As the wind built during the day, the sailors were
challenged by the short chop on the race course, which also allowed for some
fun surfing on the downwind legs. The conditions were much to the liking of
the locals as the remainder of the top-five positions are held by
Argentinean teams, led by Francisco van Avermaete in second place and Miguel
Saubidet in third place overall.

10 races are scheduled and racing will continue through Saturday. Live
on-the-water updates about the racing can be found on the regatta Facebook
page here: -- Event website:

Portsmouth, R.I. (November 16, 2011) - With the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil only four years away, now is the time for youth sailors to
consider a campaign in a high-performance multihull. Although the boat has
not yet been selected, US Sailing’s Olympic Sailing Program has already
begun development of this discipline in the U.S. through its US Sailing
Development Team (USSDT).

The 2012 USSDT includes the 2012 Youth Worlds Team, and selection for the
multihull representatives will take place at the 2012 Tradewinds Regatta,
scheduled for January 13-15, 2012 in Key Largo, Fla. The regatta will
utilize the F16 multihull for youth sailors.

“Youth development in Olympic classes and potential classes is the
foundation of the Olympic Sailing Committee’s mission to win medals at
Olympic Games,” said US Sailing’s High Performance Director/Head Coach
Kenneth Andreasen (Tampa, Fla.). “Bringing the multihull back into the 2016
Games opens up a lot of opportunities for youth sailors, and we want to make
sure any sailor who is interested in a serious Olympic campaign gets the on
our radar for coaching and training.” -- Full story:

For sailors around the globe like you, Mount Gay Rum has launched Sailing
Spoken Here. With tens of thousands world-wide members today, sailors have
connected to discuss their challenges, share their most treasured sailing
photos, debate their past regatta scenarios, and to find their favorite
sailing bars to celebrate the completion of a day at sea. If you haven’t
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* Navtec Launch TFC Carbon Rigging
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* Gowrie Group launches fundraising challenge for charity
* Photos/videos of Wraceboats GP26 designed by Jim Donovan
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* Last weekend at US Sailing’s 2011 One-Design Sailing Symposium, presented
by Gowrie Group and hosted by the Bay Head Yacht Club, five awards were
presented to recognize outstanding individual and organizational
achievements in one-design sailing. These annual award categories are for
Service, Leadership, Club, Regatta, and Creativity. These awards highlight
role models of creative leadership in one-design sailing. Receiving John H.
Gardiner, Jr. Trophy for Service award was Gene Ferguson of the Catalina 22
class. -- Read on:

* San Francisco, CA (November 16, 2011) - Last weekend, the St. Francis
Yacht Club hosted their most successful Windsurfing Junior Olympics ever in
the 4th year running the event. Many people sailed for the first time in
their lives by hopping on a Techno 293 Windsurfer, and many parents showed
up who shared their stories of how windsurfing was in the 1980's as their
son or daughter participated in one of the three different areas of learning
(dry land simulation, rigging up or going for it on the San Francisco Bay).
-- Full story:

* The Trofeo Princesa Sofia Mapfre organization, at the recent Barcelona
International Boat Show, announced its inclusion in the ISAF Sailing World
Cup - the new Olympic classes world sailing circuit to start in 2013. Only 2
European events have been selected and the Sofia is one of them, with its
43rd edition to be held in the bay of Palma the first week of April 2012. --
Full story:

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* From Mal Emerson (re, Scuttlebutt 3471):
Interesting observation Roger, but what part of the conventional cruising
boat would the wing be compared to? It just may be that wings are a bit more
viable in other applications than it seems at first glance. The “little”
45's seem quite at home moored unattended with the wing up. Just as it is a
big deal to “strike” the wing, it is a similar job to lower the mast on most
any cruising boat. Obviously the wing serves as both mast and sail. It
certainly outperforms the sail in many ways just maybe not in the ability to
take it down or off the boat. The extreme high performance wings of the
“C's” and USA 17 will never find their way on any average sailor's boat but
the concept certainly could.

Innovations that seemed out of the reach of the ordinary sailor have found
their way into the mainstream at a prodigious rate. Planing hulls, foils,
windsurfing, kiteboarding, kite sails, fin keels, wing keels, canting keels,
bulbs, catamaran cruising boats and on and on were advanced concepts in
sailing that found their way into mainstream sailing to some extent or
another. I'm sure there were those that discounted those concepts and more
finding their way into the every day. The wing has already debuted in the
Moth and the A class catamaran.

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the wing's viability in other sailing
applications just because the initial applications are not viable to the
average sailor. -- Read on:

* From Bob Johnstone:
Ding Schoonmaker and I sailed against one another as teenagers in Lightnings
back in the 1950s between Watch Hill RI and Stonington CT. It's thus
befitting that one of Ding's behind the scenes accomplishments had to do
with promoting youth sailing. As head of the NAYRU Junior Sailing Committee
in 1972, he persuaded the NAYRU Board to take a flyer on putting its name on
the inaugural US Youth Sailing Championships in Wilmette IL (of all places)
in 1973. So, I think we can say that without Ding's willingness to take a
risk and persuasiveness, it wouldn't have happened. Congrats to him on the
Beppe Croce award!

We have enough gun control. What we need is idiot control.

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