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SCUTTLEBUTT 3437 - Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Stacked tightly next to Russell Coutts and Larry Ellison on Oracle Racing's
RC44 while racing in a world-class fleet is an experience virtually
impossible to stick a price tag on. It's just not an opportunity that comes
by even once in a lifetime for most sailors, unless the experience happens
to be an auction item at the San Francisco Yacht Club's annual Leukemia Cup

Which is precisely how Ross resident Chris Kostanecki, 48, found himself in
ninth-man position on the stern, hiking out hard and packed together with
Coutts and Ellison during the RC44 Miami Cup event last December.

A 15-year survivor of leukemia, Kostanecki bid on the opportunity to sail
with some of the world's best sailors at SFYC's 2010 Leukemia Cup event,
paying an "exorbitant amount" as he described his donation to the benefit
that he's personally close to. The Miami Cup event happened to be on the
same weekend as his wedding anniversary and when it came up for auction,
his wife talked him into it.

"The Leukemia Cup for me is a real touchstone every year to get reconnected
with my personal experience being a survivor. It's very emotional,"
Kostanecki said.

A life-long sailor, Kostanacki wasn't disappointed in Miami. He got to sail
two races, one with Oracle Racing and also with Marin's Paul Cayard on
Artemis Racing.

"It was fantastic, they really delivered," Kostanecki said. "I was at an
incredible vantage point on the stern listening to Russell call the shots.
He processes things so much faster than anybody I've ever seen on the water
and is extraordinary to watch."

Jokingly, Kostanecki, who has competed nationally in one-design boats and
an Olympic campaign in the Tornado, added, "I could probably drive that
boat well with Coutts chirping in my ear."

More seriously, the reminder of how close he came to not being able to
enjoy life is always nearby. He's a staunch supporter of the Leukemia and
Lymphoma Society, and ironically his wife Jennifer worked for the Society
when he was first diagnosed with the disease. While he participates in many
fundraising events Kostanecki's specially connected to the Leukemia Cup.

"I raced competitively so was all over it when the SFYC started the event,"
Kostanecki said. "We've watched the regatta morph into the leading Leukemia
Cup in the country."

In its sixth year, the event raised $688,500 in 2010, and according to
Robin Reynolds, fundraising consultant to the event, this year's goal is $1
million. Nationwide, The Leukemia Cup has raised about $6.4 million, a
significant number tagged for research. -- Marin Independent Journal, read

MORE: There are 45 events listed on the Leukemia Cup Regatta website. The
2011 San Francisco event is October 2:

Mark Buell, as the primary organizer of the 2013 America's Cup in San
Francisco, provides an update from the host city of the 34th America's Cup:

* As America's Cup Organizing Committee chair, what are your
responsibilities from now until 2013?

MARK BUELL: Under the agreement that was signed between Larry Ellison
[winner of the previous America's Cup], the mayor and me, the America's Cup
Organizing Committee has the responsibility to raise the money that The
City would have otherwise expended to host the event, and to assist the
Event Authority, which are the Ellison people, in introducing them to
potential sponsors. There are a lot of other details in the agreement ...
but the primary focus is to raise $32 [million] to $40 million and to help
the Event Authority in securing sponsors.

* How are you planning to raise that kind of money?

MARK BUELL: Right now, as in most large capital campaigns, we are in what
we call the quiet phase. We're talking to major donors and we're talking to
the Event Authority about revenue streams that could assist. I'm fairly
confident that in the next six to eight weeks, we'll be able to demonstrate
that we're well on our way to meeting our objective.

* When should locals start seeing changes?

MARK BUELL: I call it the three-legged stool: One of the legs is raising
this money. Another leg is the improvements to the piers that have to
happen to accommodate the event. Ellison is going to be advancing the money
to improve those piers to the tune of $55 million.

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:

Immediately after the starting signal, the race committee signals an
'Individual Recall' and clearly hails Boat S's number. S (on starboard
tack) luffs her sails in an attempt to slow down so that she can clear
herself from other boats and return to the start. Boat P (on port tack), on
a collision course with S, decides that S is a "premature starter" with no
rights, and tries to cross ahead of S. S bears away ten degrees to avoid P,
and protests. You are on the protest committee; how would you decide this?
Answer below.

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On a mid-September Tuesday, it was pouring in Branford, Conn. The coed and
women's sailing teams for Yale University were about to start practice, and
everyone was already drenched. Many members of the team had chosen to wear
waterproof layers out on the water. Max Nickbarg '14, however, chose to go
shirtless under his life jacket.

"We'll be wearing dry suits too soon," he said.

Yale's youngest varsity teams practice in fall rainstorms and on frigid
spring days, and have become forces in the sailing world: In 2009, they won
the Fowle Trophy as the top team in collegiate sailing and, in 2011, they
boasted six All-Americans on their roster. Both the coed and women's teams
are currently ranked No. 1 in the country.

"We were a young team last year, but we learned a lot," Cam Cullman '13
said. "Now the targets are on our backs and the pressure is on. We accept
that and we're going to try to make the most of it."

Despite that success, team members said that they compete in relative
obscurity. Their boathouse is a 15-minute drive from campus, and their
competitions - which are often held far from shore - are by nature not
suited for spectating. Moreover, home competitions are few and far between
- the coed and women's teams each have one regatta in Branford this year.

Instead of competing at home, the Elis travel all over New England and
beyond. In every weekend of September, the coed sailing team participated
in at least three regattas. Last weekend, it raced in four across three
different states. Meanwhile, the women's team traveled to Boston for a
regatta of its own.

The two teams race in as many as eight events on any given weekend, and
travel not only to every New England state but also occasionally to
California, Maryland, Florida and Illinois for events. -- Read on:

* (September 28, 2011) - Racing at the Trihedral Canadian Yachting
Association National Sailing Championships started today, in St. Margarets
Bay! The event, which is taking place at the St. Margaret Sailing Club in
Glen Haven, NS, runs through October 1st. The event is also the National
Qualifying Regatta for the Laser & Laser Radial classes. Day one leaders
are Lisa Ross (Laser Radial, female), Alexander Sapp (Laser Radial, male),
and Lee Parkhill (Laser). -- Event details:

* Chicago, IL (September 28, 2011) - The ISAF Grade 1 Chicago Match Cup
began today for 12 teams from 7 nations who are competing for grading
points and their share of the $65,000 prize money purse. Racing the Chicago
Match Race Center's eight equally-matched TOM 28 class boats in the shadow
of Navy Pier, eight flights were completed during the qualifying round
robin series. Leading the field with 6-2 records are Taylor Canfield
(USVI), Phil Robertson (NZL), and Keith Swinton (AUS). Racing concludes on
Saturday. -- Event website:

* Annapolis, MD (September 28, 2011) - The ISAF Grade 1 Santa Maria Cup
International Women's Match Racing Championship began today with eight
teams competing in J/22s. The schedule will have teams completing two round
robins for seeding into the quarter-final round. Leading with a perfect 8-0
record after eight flights is American Anna Tunnicliffe with crew Debbie
Capozzi, Molly Vandemoer, and Liz Bower. Racing concludes on Saturday. --
Event website:

* The esteemed George R. Hinman Trophy will be decided on Galveston Bay
this weekend at the 2011 U.S. Team Racing Championship. This US SAILING
National Championship comes to the Gulf Coast from Shoreacres, Texas for
three days of racing on Friday, September 30 through Sunday, October 2.
Fifteen teams will compete in Vanguard 15s. The U.S. Team Racing
Championship is hosted by the Houston Yacht Club. -- Read on:

* Following approval by the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) Executive
Committee on 17 September, the 2012 List of Prohibited Substances and
Methods is now available. In order to detect potential patterns of abuse,
nicotine has been placed on WADA's 2012 Monitoring Program to observe the
effects nicotine can have on performance when taken in oral tobacco
products such as snus. -- Full report:

* Nice, France (September 28, 2011) - Light winds dominated the opening day
for the 11 teams at Act 7 of the nine event Extreme Sailing Series. Roman
Hagara's team on Red Bull Extreme Sailing dominated the day, with America's
Cup teams Artemis Racing and Emirates Team New Zealand in 4th and 11th,
respectively. The four Extreme 40 races were set in an 'open water'
configuration today, with the 40-foot catamarans to return to this large
course on Thursday before they move on Friday through Sunday to the
'stadium' format as close to the Promenade des Anglais as possible. -- Full

* Rovinj, Croatia (September 28, 2011) - The penultimate event of the RC44
Championship Tour kicked off with a day of match racing, a chance for the
pro's to steer or the owners to pit themselves against some of sailing's
top match racers. The 14 teams sailed eight flights in 6-12 knots, with
Russell Coutts and Stuart Hebb on Oracle Racing (USA) as the top team with
five wins and just one loss to series leaders Team Aqua (GBR). Thursday
marks the start of the four day fleet racing phase of the Adris RC44 Cup.
-- Full report:

CALENDAR OF MAJOR EVENTS (Sponsored by West Marine)
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Sep 30-Oct 2 - J/80 North American Championships - Larchmont, NY, USA
Oct 1-2 - J/22 Oktoberfest Regatta - Nashville, TN, USA
Oct 1-2 - Sonar Atlantic Coast Championships - Darien, CT, USA
Oct 2-8 - Audi TP 52 World Championship - Porto Cervo, OT, Italy
View all the events at

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* NEW BOOK: 'Sail for a Living' by Sue Pelling
* P2 Marine - Lewmar Winch Parts & New Video
* World-beating buoy to aid people overboard
* New Ownership at UK Sailmakers Northwest
* SailLaser St. Petersburg to Open this Winter
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Boat P is penalized under rule 10, On Opposite Tacks. Under rule 21.1,
Starting Errors; Taking Penalties; Moving Astern, S does not lose her right
of way until she is sailing back towards the pre-start side of the starting
line or its extensions.

This quiz question is from Dave Perry's 100 Best Racing Rules Quizzes

Sport boats converged on San Diego last weekend for the CYC Fall Sport Boat
Regatta where Ullman Sails customers claimed the Flying Tiger 10 Pacific
Coast Championships and a full sweep of the Viper 640 podium!
Congratulations to Paul and Julie McPherson's FT 10 "Niuhi" who took charge
early to seal their PCC title. And in the Viper 640 fleet, Chris Winnard's
"Disaster Area" finished first overall with five bullets, followed by James
Sears' "The FNG" in second and Tim Carter's "Viral" in third overall. All
four boats were fully powered by Ullman Sails! Invest in your performance.

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* From Bill Brangiforte
As this year's Mystery Guest at the C Scow Blue Chip Regatta, I want to
second Andrew Campbell's comments (in Scuttlebutt 3435) about the amazing
hospitality of the Midwest Scow sailors and, in this case, the members of
the Piskatee Yacht club. By the end of the weekend, I felt as if I had
dozens of new close friends! While there has been a lot of negative talk
about sailing lately, events such as these show us how great sailing is -
we get to compete on the water and make lifelong friends in the process! I
applaud Andrew for his performance; I did not do nearly as well, but at
least I did not have to do the infamous bar walk!

* From Larry Landrigan, Lake Baldwin Florida Community Sailing:
In Scuttlebutt 3436, Richard Olney was making a comment to the story "Why
Kids Don't Want to Sail" that had run in Scuttlebutt 3433. In his last
sentence Olney says that "Perhaps we need to divide the sailing programs
into racing for some and seamanship for those who want to go gunk holing."

I would like to take that further and say that seamanship needs to be
taught prior to dropping anyone into a racing program. I have been running
match racing events for all ages for the past four years and have come to
the conclusion most of the participants don't have the basic knowledge of
seamanship to safely participate in an event supplied keel boat match race
or even a fleet race.

The program I run is making the transition from a one mile diameter inland
lake program to a salt water coastal program with the intercoastal waterway
running through the 6 mile by 4 mile sailing area. Roller furling jibs,
reefing mainsails and 4 horsepower outboard motors are being added to each
of the six 18-foot tiller steered keelboats that we use in the program. We
are also in the process of certifying the boats as "undocumented passenger
vessels" for the next round of our community sailing program.

When we generate a core group of Basic Keelboat Certified sailors then we
will take up the match racing and fleet racing game again.

COMMENT: When I was learning to sail as a nine year old at my yacht club
program, we were required to have a copy of 'Royce's Sailing Illustrated'.
I recall getting tested on my knots, and we all aspired to be like the gas
dock guy who could lasso a cleat and slip on the hitch from ten feet away.
It wasn't just about learning to sail; the little things were important
too. - Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt

SAIL Magazine's "Best Around the Buoys" contest is back! Win the use of a
J/80, dockage, entry, housing, and more. Seeking a deserving one-design
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You know times are tough when parents in Beverly Hills fire their nannies
and learn their children's names.

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