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SCUTTLEBUTT 3415 - Monday, August 29, 2011

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Tom Huston, Chief Operating Officer of the America's Cup Event Authority,
was in San Diego last Thursday to enlighten local city agencies and media
on what exactly will be happening when the America's Cup teams arrive with
their AC 45 catamarans to compete in the America's Cup World Series event
on November 12-20. Here is an excerpt of his presentation:
San Diego is one of the places that have had the honor of hosting the Cup
in the past, and we are very excited to be bringing a new, interesting
exciting, and fresh chapter to the sport of sailing back to San Diego in
November of this year.

Part of what you can expect to see is really the concepts. This is a
concept that was born almost about 18 months ago as we were trying to
decide how we were going to make the America's Cup popular with the public
once again. Everybody remembers 1983 when Dennis Conner lost the Cup for
the first time, and we remember when he won it back, and it has been in the
last 20+ years that the Cup has slowly started to leave mainstream

So part of our challenge as a marketing organization is how we were going
to make the Cup big again. How were we going to make it interesting, not
only for the sailing community but also for sports fans in general? How
were we going to attract a new, younger audience that is going to want to
follow the sport? And even more importantly, how were we going to touch the
hearts and minds of young children who are making decisions in terms of
what sports are they going to participate in as they go forward in life?

So those are some of the things we took in to account when we put this
concept together. And the fruit of that labor is now here with us thanks to
the America's Cup World Series that started in Cascais (Aug. 6-14). So when
we come to San Diego in November, it will be our third event, and the first
event in the United States. We also recently announced that we will be
hosting a 2012 World Series event in Newport, RI. So with the two U.S.
cities that have hosted the Cup in the past, along with the new host in San
Francisco, we now have this fraternity of host cities together, and we are
very excited to be kicking this U.S. activity off this year in San Diego.

The whole concept behind what we are doing is transformation. We are trying
to transform a sport to take it into the new era, and we are transforming
the viewer experience and excitement level of what this is all about. That
happens in many ways. Everything that you will see ... none of it is left
to chance. -- Read on:

* The America's Cup Event Authority, which runs the business operations for
the 2013 event, said NBC (in the U.S.) will carry live broadcasts of the
2013 finals on San Francisco Bay as well as some preliminary racing that
year and in 2012. That move is significant because America's Cup officials
hope to expand the popularity of the event and they will need TV to reach
that goal. -- SF Business Times, full story:

* A raffle has been launched to award 4 VIP Experience tickets to the
America's Cup World Series (ACWS) San Diego (Nov. 12-20), the first
America's Cup World Series event to be hosted in the United States. These 4
VIP tickets will grant the winner and 3 friends access to America's Cup
Club, where they will enjoy an unrivalled hospitality experience by the
organizers of the 34th America's Cup, featuring: access to the official
America's Cup Club hospitality venue, an unparalleled view of the sailing
action shoreside, and elite-class benefits. Contest ends October 15th.
Details here:

* America's Cup Uncovered Episode 5 picks up at the first AC Match Race
Championship, with Terry Hutchinson and Loick Peyron providing a
behind-the-scenes view of the race in action. Next, meet Green Comm
Racing's "rockstar" Carrie Howe, the only female sailor in the America's
Cup World Series. Then listen to Aleph's Alain Gautier and Philippe Ligot
as they follow their team in the final winner-take-all race for the Cascais
title. Finally, the teams pack up and get ready for Plymouth, the heart of
the UK maritime industry and one of the most famous ports in the world.
Watch video here:

National brokerage yacht sales are up substantially, reaching a four year
high this past summer! Not only are there more boats being sold, but the
average value of the boats sold is the highest it's been since 2007. Here
at JK3, we've been seeing a dramatic increase in both new and brokerage
sales, and sales have more than doubled since last year! JK3 is looking for
quality brokerage listings to keep up with the demand. If you have a boat
you'd like to sell, give us a call in San Diego (619-224-6200), Newport
Beach (949-675-8053), or San Francisco (619-709-0697).

Holland, MI (August 28, 2011) - The U.S. trial for the right to defend the
Canada's Cup concluded today at Macatawa Bay Yacht Club. After three days
of intense world caliber match racing, Team Heritage, representing Macatawa
Bay Yacht Club, defeated skipper Don Wilson's Team Convexity of the Chicago
Match Race Center to win the best of nine competition by an overall result
of five wins and one loss.

"We've waited four years to defend our Canada's Cup rights", said Bob
Hughes, helmsman for Team Heritage. "We are super excited for the
opportunity to host our Canadian competitor on our home waters."

Team Heritage's defense of the Canada's Cup will be hosted by Macatawa Bay
Yacht Club in Holland, Michigan. This historic international match race
sailing competition, dating back to 1896, will begin on Thursday, September
1, 2011. Team Heritage will face challenger Vincere, representing the Royal
Canadian Yacht Club from Toronto, Canada in a best of nine competition.

Winning Defense Team
Bob Hughes, 49, Helm - Ada, Michigan
Morgan Larson, 40, Tactician - Hood River, Oregon
Warwick Fleury, 50, Mainsail Trimmer - Auckland, New Zeeland
Sean "Doggie" Couvreux, 32, Bow - White Salmon, Washington
Willem van Waay, 38, Trimmer - San Diego, California
Will Ryan, 22, Offside Trim - Lake Macquarie, Australia
Matt (Matty) Noreen, 43, Pit - Spring Lake, Michigan
Nate Reynolds, 32, Floater - Traverse City, Michigan
David Sligh, Jr. 39, Floater - Holland, Michigan
Bill Sleeman- 48, Mast - Ada, Michigan

Daily reports:
Event website:

BACK STORY: In October 2007, the Macatawa Bay Yacht Club and a team led by
Robert Hughes won the Canada's Cup in 2007 as challenger against defender
Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto, Ont. However, there was dispute on
when the next event would occur, and the result led to the Chicago Match
Race Center (CMRC) acting as defender to host the Canada's Cup in Chicago,
IL against challenger Port Credit Yacht Club of Mississauga, Ontario. CMRC
won this match (Oct. 2010), and it was agreed the defense of the Cup would
move to Macatawa Bay Yacht Club in 2011. -- Full report:

The 18ft Skiff International Regatta saw 15 teams last week test the waters
of San Francisco Bay for this 10th annual event hosted by the St. Francis
Yacht Club. Americans Howie Hamlin/ Matt Noble/ Paul Allen sailing CST
Composites outlasted the strong contingent from Australia and New Zealand
to win their sixth title.

The 10 race series consists of nine windward-leeward races extending from
the Golden Gate Bridge and beyond Alcatraz Island, but the hallmark race is
the Ronstan Bridge to Bridge Race - an open contest to determine the
fastest craft on the bay.

With Kiteboards, Windsurfers, Aussie 18 Skiffs, a 49er and even a Weta
Trimaran on the line, the Ronstan B2B is a bring it if ya got it affair.
And this year kiteboarder Bryan Lake brought it all, and then some, as the
kiteboards revenged last year's loss to the skiffs.

The Ronstan Bridge to Bridge (B2B) is an all out dash between San Francisco
Bay's two iconic bridges. With the fleet starting just outside the Golden
Gate Bridge the starting gun sends the racers on a mark-less sprint to the
Bay Bridge finish line some 8 miles straight downwind.

As the fleet readied to start it was a dark and dank scene with fog
completely consuming the Golden Gate Bridge. The upside to the bone
chilling cold of the fog was the solid 20 knot breeze it was fueling. With
a big 3 knot flood tide moving the same direction as the wind all the
ingredients were set to threaten Windsurfer Micah Buzianis 16 minute course

As the gun sounded it was Formula Windsurfer Mike Percey and Kiteboarder
Bryan Lake nailing the start and surging out to an early lead. Lake was
pushing his Cabrinha Kite deep and fast and was able to sail the middle of
the course staying with the stronger winds and faster moving current.
Percey took a higher line to the San Francisco city front in a move that
would allow Lake to slip away. The 18 ft skiffs started in tight bunch of
boats and used their superior angle to drive a deeper line pushing,
literally, some of the boards out of the way.

Anyone who enters this race knows the risk they are taking and this year's
regatta set up some all too close calls that served as stark reminders of
the risks at hand. While both Kites and Windsurfers can literally stop and
spin on a dime, but not so for the lit up spinnaker flying 25 knot skiff

Windsurfers Steve Sylvester and Jean Rathle got a firsthand taste of the
potential risk with Sylvester leaving a bit of blood on the course to show
for it. Just after the start one of the skiffs was driving down deep on to
the two windsurfers and just as the wind gusted up the skiff rolled to
leeward with its rack literally hitting Sylvester on the head and then
raking his hand and drawing blood.

Somehow Sylvester managed to remain upright but not so for Rathle who after
coming in the lee of the rampaging skiff thought the better for it and
decided a quick swim was better than a potential impaling. -- Read on:

18ft Skiff International Regatta daily reports/results:


If getting ready to compete in the 2011-12 Volvo Ocean Race was easy,
anybody could do it. Skipper Ken Read and the PUMA Ocean Racing have been
in intense training mode in the Canary Islands, spending long sessions in
the gym followed by days and nights at sea.

As the team prepare for a much needed break, helmsman/trimmer Jonathan
Swain gives us an inside view of what life in Lanzarote has been like.

"A typical day for us starts at 0700 at the gym," says the 44-year-old
Jono. Like all his crewmates, the South African sailor looks extremely fit,
which is not a surprise given that they stay in the gym until 0830 every

"Then we go home for shower and breakfast and we meet down at the base at
about 0945. We have a meeting about what we're gonna do that day. We
normally dock out at 11 and are back from four to six in the evening...
Unless we decide to do an overnighter.

"Every week we do at least one overnighter. We run some tests during the
day and then at night we have two or three guys on deck. We normally go
upwind, which isn't very nice because it's not much sleeping. Normally we
travel 140 miles during the night and then we would turn around and either
do some reaching or running back to the base or either stay out another
night and do it again. By that time you are pretty tired!"

The PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG Propulsion base in Marina Puerto
Calero is a familiar one to some of the sailors.

"It's the first time I'm here," adds Swain, "but some of our guys were
based in Lanzarote for several months with Ericsson in 2008. They pushed us
from the very beginning to go there and train there at least a couple of

"It's a very good place to train: you can have the mainsail up and be
sailing within a couple of minutes. It's warm and very breezy weather.
Twenty knots plus is guaranteed. It really helps our programme because in
Newport it was tough to find strong winds and consistent breeze the whole

After a month of training, it's now time for Swain and his team mates to
leave for a 10-day break. They will all be back in September for a final
training session before heading to Alicante at the end of the month, ahead
of the race start on October 29 in Alicante. --

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Rochester, NY (August 28, 2011) - While Hurricane Irene battered the
eastern seaboard of the U.S.A., 36 teams of all-women sailors - from 16
states across the U.S.A., Canada, and as far away as The Netherlands - were
making their way to Rochester Yacht Club (RYC) for US SAILING's Rolex
International Women's Keelboat Championship.

"Irene" did have an effect on local conditions in the form of a northerly
breeze in the mid-20s that whipped up whitecaps on Lake Ontario and sent
four-foot waves crashing over the seawall at RYC - something not seen in
the 15 years since a breakwater was installed at the mouth of the Genesee
River roughly half a mile away.

The net result was that the day's planned practice race was cancelled,
Opening Ceremonies were moved indoors, and the warning signal for the first
day of racing (Monday, August 29) moved back two hours to 1200 to allow
boats to finish weighing and measuring in. RYC has a well-established
reputation for being adaptable from having stepped in to host the 2009
edition of the Rolex IWKC - with only a year to plan - after Houston Yacht
Club was devastated in Hurricane Ike (2008) and had to give up hosting the
event for a second time.

"We love hosting this event and we were thrilled when they liked what we
did in '09 enough to give us a second opportunity to host it," said Regatta
Chairman Chris Dorsey (Irondequoit, N.Y.). Explaining that RYC is excited
to have many of the competitors back as well as quite a few new faces,
Dorsey said competitors should be prepared for "everything" this week.

"For instance tomorrow, they're probably going to have a lot more sea than
they have wind because it will take a while for the lake to lay down from
what is blowing through here now. And I think later in the week they're
going to have to adjust to having significantly lighter air than what
they're going to have tomorrow. So the good news is they will all be tested
under a variety of conditions and it [the winner] won't be that whoever is
good in heavy air is going to walk away with a watch."

Among those newer faces are two teams of college sailors who are able to
compete because the event was moved up to late summer, from its traditional
October dates, allowing the many students and teachers who will shortly
return to school a chance to come to come to Lake Ontario to compete. --
Read on:

* Sheboygan, WI (August 27, 2011) - The American Team Maclaren's Anna
Tunnicliffe (USA) defeated Le Berre (FRA) Saturday in the final round of
the Buddy Melges Challenge to claim overall victory for the event. Nicky
Souter (AUS) defeated Julie Bossard (FRA) in the Petit Final match for
third place. Tunnicliffe, Molly Vandemoer, and Debbie Capozzi advanced to
the Final after going defeating Bossard in their Semi-Final knockout
series. The Buddy Melges Challenge is one of just four ISAF Grade 1 women's
match racing events in the USA. The field consisted of 16 teams from eight
countries, and was contested using the new Olympic-designated Elliott 6m
boats. -- Full report:

* Port Washington, NY (August 26, 2011) - Kiwi Laurie Jury won the 2011
Knickerbocker Cup after racing was shortened for this Open ISAF Grade 2
match race event. Due to light winds and lightening storms, and the
threatening forecast with Hurricane Irene, the regatta ended Friday after
two of the four scheduled days and before the completion of the round robin
series. Sailed in Swedish Match 40s, Sally Barkow (USA) finished second and
Nicolai Sehested (DEN) was third. Jury earns an automatic entry into the
World Match Race Tour Argo Bermuda Gold Group Cup in Hamilton, Bermuda in
October. -- Full report:

* Newport, RI (August 28, 2011) - The first and final day of Audi Melges 20
U.S. National Championship, hosted by Sail Newport was quick to start,
continue and conclude. The 30-boat fleet was initially held ashore Friday
morning due to light conditions, but with concern about the venue being in
the path Hurricane Irene, it was decided by class vote to cancel the
championship. Racing on Friday was provided for teams that wanted to stay,
with 16 teams participating in The Irene Cup. Rob Wilber of Stony Creek, CT
won the four race series. -- Full report:

* Cartagena, Spain (August 28, 2011) - Bribon became the fourth different
TP52 team to win an Audi MedCup Circuit event this season when they lifted
the Region of Murcia-Cartagena Trophy with a race to spare. Led by
skipper-helm Gonjalo Aurajo with tactician Ross MacDonald and navigator
Marcel Van Triest, the Bribon team finished with a three point lead over
Audi Azzurra Sailing Team in the seven boat event. In third was Quantum
Racing, which holds the overall circuit lead going into the final event on
Sept 12-17 in Barcelona, Spain. -- Full report:

Events listed at

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* From By Baldridge:
The drought in Texas must come to an end. In early summer, Mount Gay Rum
had an ad in Sailing World announcing the introduction of Eclipse Nautical
Limited Edition Rum in June, (The BLUE BOTTLE). We have suffered from the
extended drought all summer with our dwindling supplies of Oronoco being
rationed until the arrival of the BLUE BOTTLES. Even when the
administration took away our space shuttles, and sent them to New York City
and Los Angeles we held out hope that our punishment for being a red state
would not include denying us the BLUE BOTTLE.

Alas, here it is late August and yet another ad shows up in the September
Sailing World announcing again the coming of the BLUE BOTTLES. Have we not
suffered enough? Our last hope is for a supply of the BLUE BOTTLES to
miraculously appear at the Houston Yacht Club Open One Design Regatta the
weekend of September 17-19 and bring relief to the 140 or so parched yachts
participating. Is Texas alone suffering from this injustice?

* From Bob Haust:
Take it from someone who learned the hard in helping events get media
exposure, event communication doesn't happen if you don't do it. And it has
to be done right. The information Scuttlebutt published should be read by
every event that is eager to market itself. The power of the Internet is

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