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SCUTTLEBUTT 3336 - Friday, May 6, 2011

Scuttlebutt is published each weekday with the support of its sponsors,
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Today's sponsors: BIC Sport and Quantum Sail Design Group.

Now in its seventh season, the TP52 racing at the Audi MedCup Circuit has
grown to become the premiere keelboat fleet racing circuit. When the 2011
edition begins in less than two weeks, it will be the fourth time that
Quantum Sails has led a sponsored team - Quantum Racing.

The Q came out strong in 2008, winning the circuit in their first year.
After taking second overall the past two years with the same boat, this
year they have made changes. With previous skipper Terry Hutchinson (USA)
now occupied by the Artemis Racing America's Cup challenge, Quantum Racing
will be led by 2007 America's Cup winning helm Ed Baird (USA). And Ed will
have a new Botin Partners designed boat this season.

Curious about a sailmaking company controlling its own racing program,
Scuttlebutt checks in with Ed Reynolds, President of the Quantum Sail
Design Group:

* What was believed to be the original goals and benefits of the program?
And has this changed? Is this about selling more TP52 sails?

ED REYNOLDS: We started with three primary goals, which really haven't
changed all that much over the years. First, we chose the MedCup as a
platform to test and validate our product and our technology.

Second, we saw it as an opportunity to market our sails and our technology.
The process for successful sail development is pretty consistent among all
boat types. What we do for Quantum Racing in terms of design, manufacturing
and optimization is applied to every sail we build.

Third, we wanted to give our customers a bit of a "back stage pass" look at
pro sailing. On the team, we heavily promote the idea of accessibility and
dedicate resources to sharing our story.

* The boat name, the boat branding, the video production... what has been
the impact of these decisions?

ED REYNOLDS: The impact of these decisions has far exceeded my
expectations. The bottom line is, we set out to prove to everyone in the
marketplace that Quantum is a world-class company, with the best
technological resources and product to match. My belief was that this
couldn't be done in a subtle way. When I first saw the branding
presentation I thought, "Oooh boy! Everyone is going to know we are here!"
But that was the point.

No one believed anyone but North Sails could be a supplier to teams at the
grand prix level. At the time (and to this day) we felt confident about our
ability to be a player at this level. To stake our claim in any other
manner would have been cowardly. In the office, we had some very candid
conversations about this, saying, "'We are going in! Is everyone ready?'
And across the board everyone agreed, 'We can do this.'"

The impact of this decision has been nothing short of a paradigm shift.
Whatever someone thought of Quantum Sails in 2007 is dramatically different

* What is the budget for the program this season? Is this expense being
wholly sponsored by Quantum Sails or do you have partners?

Read on:

By Andy Rice, SailJuice
(May 5, 2011) - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly are out in St Petersburg
(Russia) to determine the future of Olympic sailing. It's the ISAF Mid-Year
Meeting, and today the Events Committee secured a 60% majority in favour of
the following events and equipment:

Board and/or Kiteboard men & women - equipment to be evaluated.
One-person dinghy men - Laser
One-person dinghy men women - Laser Radial
2nd one-person dinghy men - Finn
Two-person dinghy (spinnaker) men & women - 470
Skiff men - 49er
Skiff women - equipment to be evaluated
Two-person multihull mixed - equipment to be evaluate

This is almost exactly the same slate put forward by the Events Committee
four years ago. No keelboats. But you may remember that in Cascais 2007,
ISAF Council rejected the proposals of the expert analysis and narrowly
voted the Star in ahead of the Tornado.

After the nuclear fallout of that decision, there's no way the multihull is
going to be displaced this time, but the Star still has friends in high
places. Word from St Petersburg is that the Brazil Olympic Committee (not
the sailing committee, but the national Olympic committee) are leaning hard
on ISAF to keep the Star in for Rio 2016. Having gleaned so many medals in
the Star from the likes of Torben Grael and Robert Scheidt over the past
few Olympiads, you can see why the Brazilians want to keep the venerable
old keelboat in the Games.

And if the Star gets back in again, it won't be without precedent. We've
already mentioned 2007, but what about Sydney 2000 when somehow the Star
somehow snuck back in to create an 11th event where previously only 10 had
been sanctioned?

The Star class has a potent ally at the top table of ISAF, the Executive
Committee, in vice-president Eric Tulla from Puerto Rico. The rumour mill
says Tulla will be pushing hard to get the Star back in for Rio, and that
he is bringing three of the remaining six vice-presidents with him in
pushing for the original submission from Puerto Rico to be considered. The
keelboats, for men and women, would stay in, and the skiffs would be out.

If Tulla really has managed to convince fellow VPs, Alberto Predieri,
Tomasz Holc and Nazli Imre, to push for a submission that earned no votes
from the 29 available from the Events Committee vote, then we know that
ISAF has learned nothing from the debacle of 2007. We will know that the
Federation remains as corrupt - or at the very least, corruptible - as it
was four years ago. -- Read on:

COMMENT: The final decision on the slate of events will come this weekend.
The elimination of the women's keelboat event is remarkable in that ISAF
had chosen match racing to debut at the 2012 Olympics. ISAF then followed
this decision by having the Elliott 6m modified specifically for the event.
These decisions then prompted countries to buy fleets of the Elliot 6ms for
their Olympic programs (98 boats have been delivered to 22 nations since
Jan. 2009), and the growth of this event helped to quickly expand match
racing throughout the world. And now ISAF may reverse course to eliminate
it all from the 2016 Olympics. Nice leadership! Here is a report why the
event should be retained:

It's not too late for 2011 to excite your junior sailors. Several prominent
Yacht Clubs, Community Programs, and Camps are taking delivery of their
O'Pen BICs and/or windsurfing fleets in May, June, and July. As retention
rates in sailing programs remain an issue, it's no coincidence that modern
alternatives for kids are hot topics at the National Sailing Program
Symposium and the Yacht Club Summit. You can join the fun too. See why more
Junior Programs are successfully adding excitement at O'Pen BIC and Techno
293 windsurfing (see videos below). Contact or
508-291-2770. BIC Sport also offers great Stand Up Paddleboards.

O'Pen BIC:
Techno 293:

By Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt
Last weekend I walked through a section of downtown San Diego set aside for
an art festival. Now, I'm not much of an art lover, but this event was a
spectacle. Food, music, interactive events, and of course all forms of art.
And there were huge crowds... it was the place to be.

I immediately thought of the America's Cup World Series, and how great it
would be if when it comes to San Diego later this year, for all these
"other things" to surround the AC45 racing in San Diego Bay. Having a
multitude of elements for the event will create a spectacle... and it will
be the place to be.

Another sailing event that seeks the "spectacle status" is the Audi MedCup
Circuit, which will parade a fleet of TP52s and Soto 40s through five
European cities, beginning in Cascais, Portugal on May 16-22. The fourth
stop of the Circuit in Spain isn't until August, but local journalist
Robbie France is already making noise about it:
I KNOW when we started this column I said sailing wasn't just for
godzillionaires and the like.that it was a sport for all.the Med is our
'backyard' etc. However, I'm going to have to backtrack a little from that
statement, for a moment anyway. And there's a very good reason.

With the publishing of the Audi MedCup circuit for 2011, comes very good
news for our area. Cartagena has been selected again! A prospect so
blindingly wicked I can hardly contain myself. It means another fantastic
opportunity to see the creme de la creme of the sailing fraternity battling
waves, winds - sometimes the lack thereof - and each other in a series of
events which challenge human endeavor to the max.

So, I hear you ask.'why is he prattling on about an event that's a full
three and a bit months away?' Simple - ya gotta go! Don't even think about
it. Just do it. Imagine a tented village just full of wonderful
distractions: giant viewing screens; great entertainment every night of the
week; standing shoulder to shoulder with the greats. that's the Audi

It's like an F1 grand Prix without the earplugs. The fastest, most
technologically advanced race boats around, helmed by the best, crewed by
the best and guided by the best to get the last inch of canvas straining to
give an extra kilometre an hour.

Check this out: I was there last year walking along the side of the
hospitality tent. Sat on the concrete steps? Paul Cayard, the first
American sailor to win the old Whitbread Round The World Race discussing
tactics with his lieutenants. Right there in front of me! Akin to Sebastian
Vettel preparing for a race with Christian Horner, I suppose.

Look - don't just make a note in your diary - rip the pages out except the
23rd to the 28th of August. Pop down to Cartagena with the family.and
enjoy! --

Our friends at Sailors for the Sea in Newport, RI have launched a new
teaching tool that sailing instructors can employ when the weather is not
conducive to sailing. The Sailors for the Sea Rainy Day Kits for
Environmental Education, the first-of-its-kind marine science-based lesson
plans developed for junior sailors, builds awareness of the marine
ecosystem and an understanding of the importance of protecting and
preserving their local waters and the world's oceans.

These free environmental lesson plans, available online, were created in
partnership with leading marine biology and science institutions to provide
practical educational tools for teaching the principles of environmental
sustainability to young sailors. Sailing instructors who may not be
formally trained educators in ecology or biology can easily incorporate the
flexible lesson plans into their sailing instructions.

"Thanks to the tremendous support from our science and education partners,
Sailors for the Sea is proud to offer free, informal environmental
education lesson plans for community sailing centers, yacht clubs and
waterfront facilities. These 30 - 45 minute modules are science-based and
designed for junior sailors and children around the country," said Sailors
for the Sea CEO Dan Pingaro. "The plans give youth sailing instructors
relevant content about marine ecology and the practical tools needed to
make a positive impact to natural resource depletion and habitat
degradation." -- WindCheck, read on:

* Information for the Canadian Women's National Championship, Canadian
Match Racing Championship, and Canadian IRC Championship is now posted on
the Canadian Yachting Association website. Details here:

* The Atlantic Cup, a new professional Class40 race showcasing the top
short-handed sailors in the U.S., could see five teams at the start in New
York Harbor on May 7th, 2011. From there, competitors will sprint
double-handed the 240 nautical mile course to Newport, Rhode Island. Once
in Newport, skippers will race a two-day, inshore series with a crew of six
on May 14 and 15. The combined overall winner of both stages becomes the
first Atlantic Cup Champion and receives the $15,000 prize purse. Event

* (May 5, 2011) - Based on statements by Bruno Peyron reported at the
Course Au Large publication, America's Cup challenger Energy Team may not
be ready to compete in AC45's for the America's Cup World Series, raising
questions of their ability to fulfill the entry requirements of the 34th
America's Cup. -- CupInfo:

* UPDATE: For those of you still following the Velux 5 Oceans race, the
start date of the final leg was confirmed today to be May 14th. Event

Quantum Sail Design Group is pleased to welcome Quantum Maritimes, a new
affiliate located in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Owner John Whynacht has over
20 years marine industry experience and for the past six years has operated
a performance sailing venture offering a wide range of marine services
including boat repair, rigging and training. A J/24 racer, John says the
introduction of Quantum sails is a good fit with the shop's focus on making
boats and sailors go faster. Contact Quantum Maritimes at 902-640-5252 or To find a Quantum loft near you, visit our
website at

Some of the random photos from the sport received this week at Scuttlebutt
include sailing as a contact sport, classic sailing, dhow sailing, AC
sailing, youngest person not trying too hard to sail around the world
sailing, college sailing, Newport sailing, and the unwritten rules of maxi
boat sailing. Here are this week's photos:

BONUS 1: This guy bought a 12 meter to fix up but it never left his yard.
After an unsuccessful attempt to sell it, he decided to chop it and sell it
for scrap. And he took pictures... here they are:

BONUS 2: Did you go to the Sperry Top-Sider NOOD series in Annapolis last
weekend? Do you like seeing pictures of yourself? Here is a photo gallery
hosted by SpinSheet from the event:

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS: If you have images to share for the Photos of the
Week, send them to the Scuttlebutt editor:

What do get when you combine businessman Sir Richard Branson, multi world
champion and Olympic Gold Medallist Shirley Robertson and Academy Award
winner Kate Winslet? Include the beauty of the British Virgin Islands,
idyllic sailing conditions, and boats, and you get to see what you missed
this winter if you did not seek out tropical waters for vacation. Follow
along as Shirley hosts this edition of the CNN Mainsail show. Click here
for this week's video:

BONUS 1: The Melges 24 Worlds this month in Corpus Christi, Texas expect to
see big winds and warm temperatures, which is as good as it gets for this
skiff-like boat and those that sail it. During a recent training run,
Kristen Lane's Brickhouse team bore away from the wind, hit the record
button on the GoPro video camera, and took off. Aptly edited to Guns N'
Roses 'Welcome To The Jungle'. Hold on...

BONUS 2: What do the winter kitewing sailors do when the temperatures rise
and their snow venues melt away? They put away their skis and pull out
their dirtsurfer, a hybrid of a skateboard and a bike that's adapts to the
dryer terrain. And here is how they sail it:

BONUS 3: Fried Elliot ( is an old friend of Scuttlebutt, and
we have watched his rise in the sailing photographic scene. In this video
he shows some of his best stuff from the 29er, 49er, Snipe, Star and
Women's Match Racing classes, and allows the SailGroove team to tag along
during his job as event photographer for the RC44 event last March in San

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* From Brian Hancock:
I am thrilled that Key West RW will happen again. These are tough times but
Peter Craig has proven that a great venue, great sailors and hard work can
win out despite the odds. We should not lose these iconic events because of
a tough economy. Peter Craig has shown his tenacity and deserves to be
rewarded. And besides it's a great event.

* From Leo Reise, CAN IJ, Jury Chair:
It seems that Melges 24 group has been suffering some slings and arrows
lately. The comment by Craig Fletcher: (in Scuttlebutt 3334) is a case in
point. It seems that Mr. Fletcher was not at the North Americans in
Rochester. I guess someone forgot to tell the amateur who won the event
that he had no chance of winning. This was Adam Burns & Team Presto that
claimed both the Overall & Corinthian titles at the 2010 Melges 24 North
American Championship.

COMMENT: To clarify a comment of mine in Scuttlebutt 3334, in which I said
the Melges 24 class does not restrict the participation of pro sailors, the
class does have a Corinthian sub-division at its World and Continental
championship. To be eligible for this title, all crew must be Group 1
(amateur) according to the ISAF Classification Code. -- Craig Leweck,
Scuttlebutt editor

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