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SCUTTLEBUTT 3316 - Friday, April 8, 2011

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San Francisco, CA (April 7, 2011) - For the first time ever in the America’s
Cup, a shared design program is being offered to the entered teams to
jump-start designs of the fast, high-tech AC72s, the new wing-sailed
catamarans to be launched next year.

With the surge of new teams that just entered the 34th America’s Cup, the 15
teams that met last week’s entry deadline now have the opportunity to share
in an initial design package from an international team of proven industry

“We gave the design and research team a simple brief: give us your best shot
at a winning design,” said Iain Murray, America’s Cup Race Management CEO
and Regatta Director. ACRM developed the concept and sourced international
design and technology leaders to start designing a package for the new
wing-sailed AC72.

“This solution is being offered to close the gap on the front-runners, and
provide all teams, large and small, the opportunity to be competitive within
the time remaining before racing starts in the new AC72 catamarans next
year,” Murray said. “Technology is a critical piece of a Cup-winning program
and we want to ensure teams have access to the right people and the latest
tools to design a fast boat while still managing their costs.”

The ACRM AC 72 will be comprised of a platform designed by high-performance
multihull design leaders VPLP of France and a wing and sail package designed
by the North Technology Group (NTG), a global company headquartered in the
USA. Both VPLP and NTG have assembled an international team of their top
talent across all areas of the design and structures spectrum. The project
will be coordinated for ACRM by Andy Claughton. Michel Marie is ACRM’s
technical consultant for VPLP and NTG. -- Read on:

(April 7, 2011) - Stan Honey, Rolex Yachtsman of the Year 2010, has been
appointed to Director of Technology for the 34th America’s Cup by the
America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA). As many sailors know, Stan’s list of
accomplishments, both sailing and professional, is long and deep, from
navigating ABN AMRO to victory in the 2005-2006 Volvo Ocean Race to
navigating Groupama 3 in setting the Jules Verne record for the fastest
circumnavigation of the world under sail in 2010.

Non sailing fans may know Stan as the guy who led the development of the
yellow first-down line widely used in the broadcast of American football and
the Race/FX tracking and highlighting system used in NASCAR, among other
applications. He’s particularly excited about his new role with ACEA as it
combines his two sets of interests.

“I’ve been working in technology and TV special effects, in sports TV for
other sports for a number of years and I’ve also been working as a
professional sailor,” Honey said. “This is the first time that those two
careers have combined so that makes it fun for me.”

Honey, who turns 56 on April 8, has spent a good part of the past year
working on the system that’s being built to enhance the TV broadcast of
sailing through inserting graphic effects using the same kind of animated
elements that have appeared in Ian Taylor’s work in Virtual Eye since 1992
and inserting them in the live helicopter video during racing.

“The main goal is to resolve the frustration that people had in the past
where if you were looking in the helicopter view you could see the boats but
you couldn’t tell who was ahead and who was behind because you couldn’t see
the wind direction and you weren’t really sure what perspective you were
looking from, whereas when the TV would shift to the animated view, then you
could tell who was ahead or behind but you couldn’t see the boats,” Honey
explained. “If someone was falling back you couldn’t tell why - did they
have a broken halyard, for example.”

Essentially, said Honey, he’s providing the race commentators with a story
telling tool that they can use to explain what’s going on, where the
lay-lines are, who is ahead and what decisions are going to have to be made
at a certain point while also enabling fans to still be able to fully see
the race and the boats.

To do that, the boats on the race course have to be tracked very accurately
by measuring not only their position but wind direction etc. The position of
the helicopter also has to be measured extraordinarily accurately in order
to be able to precisely insert the graphic elements in the video. -- Read

The official Melges Spring Rush is on with new Melges 32’s, Melges 24’s and
Audi Melges 20’s going out the production facility in Zenda, Wisconsin USA.
Many new Melges 24’s and Audi Melges 20’s are headed straight from the
factory to Charleston Race Week. Nearly 60 Melges 24’s on the line and
nearly 30 Melges 20’s on the line with a Melges Racing Circle. Melges Scows
are being built with a big rush on new Melges E scows and Melges MC’s. Stay
tuned to for new and official announcements. Some could be BIG.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain (April 7, 2011) - The fourth day of the Trofeo
Princesa Sofia MAPFRE brought light and shifty conditions and mixed results
for most leaders. Ben Ainslie in the Finn class and Dorian van Rijsselberge
in the RS:X were able to sail to a perfect day claiming victories in the
day's races.

Defending champions Manu Dyen and Stephane Christidis (FRA) are keeping the
lead in the 49ers. In the 470, Nicolas Charbonnier and Jeremie Mion (FRA)
are conserving the lead without winning a race yet. Olympic Gold medalists
Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson (GBR) are increasing their lead in the Star
class after winning a race, with Andrew Campbell/Ian Coleman (USA) in second
and Diego Negri/Enrico Voltolini (ITA) third.

US Sailing Team Alphagraphics sailors continued to climb the scoreboard. In
the Elliott 6m Women’s Match Racing, the fleet is now down to the top eight
teams with Team Tunnicliffe (Anna Tunnicliffe, Plantation, FL; Molly
Vandemoer, Stanford, CA and Debbie Capozzi, Bayport, NY) advancing to the
quarter-finals after going undefeated in the gold round robin. They are up
two wins over Stephanie Hazard (NZL) in the “first-to-3-wins” stage.

“We are very excited with how we are sailing,” Tunnicliffe commented. “We
have been working hard on the game and are trying to incorporate everything
we have learned. Everyone is getting better and better every time we see
each other, which makes the racing tight and fun.”

In the Finn gold fleet, another two races were completed with Zach Railey
(Clearwater, FL.) maintaining his 5th overall, with a 25th in race 7 that is
a drop-out result. “I’ve made huge gains and we’re very happy with the way
that we’re sailing,” Railey stated.

Racing concludes with the medal race on Saturday, April 9 in nine of the 10
Olympic Classes. The final matches for the Women’s Match Racing are
scheduled on Saturday, April 9. -- Full report:

USA team report:

MEMBERSHIP: American IAIN WOOLWARD is competing in the Finn event under the
flag of the Scuttlebutt Sailing Club. As the official club of the
Scuttlebutt newsletter, Scuttlebutt Sailing Club has been officially
sanctioned by US SAILING since 2001, and is officially available to all
Scuttlebutt readers (for free!). Details:

* Follow US Olympic sailors competing in the Princesa Sofia MAPFRE:

Brad Funk:
Erin Maxwell/Isabelle Kinsolving Farrar:
Team Tunnicliffe:
Storck Moore Sailing:
Campbell Sailing:

(April 7, 2011) - Pachi Rivero and Tono Piris on Renault Z.E had less than
100 miles of Mediterranean between them and the Barcelona World Race podium
and are expected to break the finish line off Barcelona between 0700hrs and
1000hrs local time Friday.

It is a startling contrast to the brutal conditions which were encountered
by Estrella Damm in the Straits of Gibraltar yesterday, with Pepe Ribes
reporting this morning that he and co-skipper Alex Pella had made 23 tacks
in the 30 hours since Gibraltar. For sure their dream of a podium place was
finally blown away by the strong Levant of the last few days. Estrella Damm
are expected in Barcelona Saturday morning, early.

ETA sometime between late Sunday and mid Monday, Neutrogena’s Ryan Breymaier
said today that despite their keel problems which have compromised their
attack in the Atlantic since Cape Horn, he and Boris Herrmann will get off
their 2004 Lombard design with their heads high, content that they have made
their best possible race. -- Full story:

Standings (top 5 of 14 as of 01:01:03)
1. Virbac-Paprec 3, Jean Pierre Dick/Loick Peyron (FRA/FRA), 93:22:20:36
2. Mapfre, Iker Martinez/Xabi Fernandez (ESP/ESP), 94:21:17:35
3. Renault, Pachi Rivero/Antonio Piris (ESP/ESP), 56 nm DTF
4. Estrella Damm Sailing Team,Alex Pella/Pepe Rives (ESP/ESP), 208 nm DTF
5. Neutrogena, Boris Herrmann/Ryan Breymaier (GER/USA), 565 nm DTF

BACKGROUND: The Barcelona World Race is the only double-handed race around
the world. Fourteen teams competing on Open 60s started December 31st, with
the 25,000 nautical mile course extending from Barcelona to Barcelona via
three capes: Good Hope, Leeuwin and Horn, Cook Strait, putting Antarctica to

(April 6, 2011) - The inaugural Hong Kong Nations’ Cup race is on Sunday 10
April, out of the RHKYC in Causeway Bay. Any boat can enter - that’s
anything from a Laser, through J80s and Hobies, up to Jelik. The unique
feature is that everybody on board an individual boat must be of the same
nationality - born, passport, fluent, see below for nationality criteria.

Are you up for this chance to claim the waters of HK for your country? You
don’t have to be a member of the RHKYC or ANY club in HK. Heck, you don’t
even have to live here. Fly in Ben Ainslie if you want! Prizes include the
winning nation’s flag being placed behind the bar until the race the
following year, and of course, the status of Champion Sailing Nation of the

Nationality Criteria: 100% of crew members must be nationals of the country
which is represented by the boat they are racing on. During his/her
lifetime, a sailor may only ever represent one country in the Race - you
should sail for the country to which you have the strongest allegiance. A
sailor who could qualify as a national of two or more countries at the same
time may represent either, as he/she may elect. But that choice is final
(see below).

A sailor qualifies as a national of a country if ANY of the following apply:

* The sailor was born in that country
* The sailor holds a valid passport of that country
* The sailor has the right of abode in that country (ie, HK requires a
Permanent HKID Card)
* The sailor has been normally resident in that country for at least 10
years at some stage in their life (for clarity, the 10 years need not be
* The sailor has represented that country at a major international event,
for example the Olympics, the Rugby World Cup, the United Nations, or the
Miss Universe pageant
* The sailor fluently speaks the language of that country
* The sailor can sing the national anthem of that country (in the native
tongue) --Full story:

Some of the random photos from the sport received this week at Scuttlebutt
include the bad and worse of Lasers sailing, snotty Star sailing, extreme
Vanguard 15 sailing, the Answer to the Question, celebrating defeat, and
close encounters of the match racing type. Here are this week’s photos:

BONUS: Want to dress up your computer monitor? Photographer Cory Silken
provides a background image for April of Humpback whales greeting the
Caribbean Superyacht Regatta and Rendezvous in Virgin Gorda, BVI. Depending
on your monitor type, click on the link below. Put your cursor over the
image after it opens, right-click to open the menu, then click on ‘Set as
Background. Here are the options:
- Widescreen:
- Standard screen:

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The spring college season has begun, which really means that it's still
cold, storms still make it snotty, and that high wind boat handling skills
might be a bit rusty. Thanks to SailGroove, these realities also make for
fun viewing. Here is a clip from the 2011 Southern New England Team Race,
held on April 2-3 at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London,
Connecticut. Click here for this week’s video:

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Spring time is the time to prepare for the upcoming season, and you know
what they say: Most regattas are won before the boats leave the dock. There
is no better way to instill pride in your team than making them look like a
team. Not only does good team gear make them feel like “one”, but it also
has a huge psychological effect on the competition when you walk down the
dock. Call us, we would be happy to put you in the right gear for your
sailing environment. We know how, because we’ve been there.

It was incorrectly published in Scuttlebutt 3315 that Phillipe Kahn was a
world champion in the Melges 24; rather it was his son “Shark” Kahn who, at
age 14, impressively won the Melges 24 2003 Worlds.

* (April 7, 2011) - The San Francisco Ethics Commission voted unanimously on
March 14 to waive a pair of ethics rules in order to allow Kyri McClellan, a
project manager in the Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development
to become executive director of the nonprofit America's Cup Organizing
Committee (ACOC). ACOC's role in bringing the world-famous sailing regatta
to San Francisco is to secure corporate donations to offset city costs. For
months, McClellan has been on the city's side of the negotiating table in
discussions with ACOC to hash out a memorandum of understanding (MOU)
concerning its fundraising obligations to the city. -- Read on:

* (April 7, 2011) - Sailing World’s college rankings show that as the
nationals near, the top of the college rankings are becoming quite crowded.
Boston College leads the co-ed rankings, but only by the slimmest of margins
over Charleston and Georgetown. Brown is the top women's team. Sailing
World’s college rankings, presented by Sperry Top-Sider, are determined by
an open coaches’ poll. This is the fourth ranking for the Spring 2011
season, based on results through April 3. -- Full story:

* Crescent City, CA (April 6, 2011) - The Coastguard and cleanup crews in
Crescent City have removed some 1,869 gallons of petroleum products from
damaged vessels and 1,660 cubic yards of debris from the city’s inner boat
basin following last month’s tsunami damage. Yesterday crews raised the
historic fishing vessel Kodiak and pumped off water and 426 gallons of
diesel fuel but the damage was too extensive to save the vessel. The primary
goal is to complete pollution mitigation operations as quickly and safely as
possible so Crescent City can begin restoring its harbor. -- Full story:

* (April 6, 2011) - Florida House CS/HB 5005, under consideration in the
Florida Legislature, would deregulate Florida's strong and vibrant yacht
brokerage industry by ending the Florida Yacht & Ship Brokers Act. The
Florida Yacht Brokers Association, Marine Industries Association of South
Florida and Marine Industries Association of Florida oppose this measure as
deregulating Florida's yacht brokers would leave consumers wary about doing
business in a state where their boat purchases, finances and general
well-being are at risk. Additionally, the reputation of Florida yacht
brokers could suffer and significant revenues generated for Florida from
boat sales, as well as jobs, would be lost. -- Full story:

* London, United Kingdom (April 7, 2011) - The World Match Racing Tour
(WMRT) has unveiled a partnership with leading international digital
solutions company Sigma as part of its continued drive to bring technology
innovations to the world’s best match racing series. At the heart of the
agreement with the Swedish based Sigma will be the development of a
state-of-the-art digital communications platform which will be a key
delivery mechanic for partners and sponsors to promote their brands, engage
with consumers and deliver their marketing objectives. The project will also
ensure that WMRT is able to develop new revenue streams as the Tour
continues its growth. -- Full story:

* Portsmouth, RI (April 6, 2011) - US SAILING has presented a Hanson Rescue
Medal to Erik and Brian Jones of San Francisco, CA, for rescuing two sailors
from San Francisco Bay on August 19, 2009. Erik, Brian and their friends
were taking their 28-foot powerboat to Berkeley Marina, where they observed
two sailors in a 15-foot dinghy capsizing 1˝ miles east of Paradise Point.
Fortunately, both were wearing life jackets and wet suits. However, the
water was 51 degrees and the wind was blowing. The Joneses radioed the Coast
Guard and waited for the arrival of a rescue boat while carefully monitoring
the situation. -- Full story:

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* From D. Randy West:
About the new rig in the new AC cats, I read that it’s easier to sheet in on
the wing than on the soft sail of the X40 (Scuttlebutt 3288). I have a
feeling that the jargon will soon change as there really is no "sheet" per
say on the wing but rather a line to pull it inboard or let it out board,
thus no sheet or sheet loads, it’s a wing. When I was given a tour of Oracle
during the Cup in Valencia the crew would also warn you to "watch out for
the boom" as the wing was free rotating while the boat was moored… of course
there is no boom either, it’s a wing. Welcome to the 21st century.

There are two kinds of bounces; unfair bounces and bounces just the way you
meant to play it.

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