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SCUTTLEBUTT 3263 - Monday, January 24, 2011

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Today's sponsors: APS and New England Ropes.

Key West, FL (January 21, 2011) - After an early start and a three race day
for most classes, victory literally came down to the last leg of the last
race for many of the grand prix classes at Key West 2011, presented by

Over the docks in front of the Westin Hotel, Vela Veloce skipper Richard
Oland sported a Cheshire Cat grin after snatching victory away from Anema &
Core in the last race. The Canadian-based Southern Cross 52 trailed the
Annapolis-based Judel Vrolijk 52 by two points going into Race 10, but wound
up winning by one point after posting a bullet and watching Anema & Core
place fourth.

With Star champion Richard Clarke as helmsman while fellow professional Stu
Bannatyne called tactics aboard Vela Veloce, Vela Veloce made its debut at
Key West 2010 but placed last in IRC 1. "The boat was brand new last year
and we were still learning how to sail her. Since then we have made a lot of
improvements in the boat and put together a much better crew," Oland said.
"It involved a lot of hard work, but winning a regatta such as this makes it
well worth it."

There was much less suspense in the Melges 24 class as Blu Moon, owned by
Franco Rossini of Switzerland, clinched victory by winning Race 8 then
placing fourth in Race 9. Helmsman Flavio Favini wound up winning three
races and placing fourth or better in four others and that consistency
enabled Blu Moon to sit out the final race. That commanding performance in a
very competitive class earned Blu Moon the prestigious Boat of the Week

Skipper Brian Keane and his team aboard Savasana put forth a powerful
performance in winning the always competitive J/105 class by 15 points.
Savasana wound up winning six of 10 races, including all three that were
held on Friday. "We are pretty fired up. Sweeping the day is a great way to
close out the event," Keane said. "I think our speed was competitive, but
the real key was that we made smart decisions and didn't make many
mistakes." -- Full report:

Results (top two in each class)
IRC - Mini Maxi (4 Boats)
1. Numbers, Judel/Vrolijk 66, Daniel Meyers, Boston, MA, USA - 24
2. Shockwave, Reichel/Pugh 72, George Sakellaris, Newport, RI, USA - 25

IRC 1 (5 Boats)
1. Vela Veloce, Southern Cross 52, Richard Oland, Saint John, NB, CAN - 21
2. Anema & Core, JV 52, Ennio Staffini, Annapolis, MD, USA - 24

IRC 2 (8 Boats)
1. Tonnerre de Breskens 3, Ker 46 Peter Vroon, Breskens, NED - 12
2. Antilope, Grand Soleil 43, Willem Wester, Breskens, NED - 30

RC 44 (5 Boats)
1. Mascalzone Latino, Vincenzo Onorato, Milano, ITA - 22
2. Team Aqua, Don Wilson, Chicago, IL, USA - 22

Farr 30 (9 Boats)
1. Barking Mad, James Richardson, Boston, MA, USA - 18
2. Turbo Duck, Bodo & Nick von der Wense, Wayne, PA, USA - 30

Melges 32 (21 Boats)
1. Goombay Smash, William Douglass, Stamford, CT, USA - 38
2. Warpath, Steve Howe, Portland, OR, USA - 40

Melges 24 (22 Boats)
1. Blu Moon, Franco Rossini, Chiasso, Switzerland, SUI - 27
2. UKA UKA Racing, Lorenzo Bressani, Milano, ITA - 31

J 105 (15 Boats)
1. Savasana, Brian Keane, Weston, MA, USA - 26
2. Eclipse, Damian Emery, Shoreham, NY, USA - 41

J 80 (16 Boats)
1. Le Tigre, Glenn Darden, Fort Worth, TX, USA - 23
2. J/World San Diego, Jeff Brown, San Diego, CA, USA - 33

PHRF 1 (6 Boats)
1. Kontiki V / it, J 111, Jim Sminchak, Cleveland, OH, USA - 22
2. RUSH, J 109, Bill Sweetser, Annapolis, MD, USA - 25

PHRF 2 (7 Boats)
1. Tangent, Cape Fear 38, Gerry Taylor, Annapolis, MD, USA - 14
2. Creola, C&C 37/40 wk , Jack Cavalier, Webster, NY, USA - 18

PHRF 3 (9 Boats)
1. You Bad Girl, CAPO 26, Steve Burns, Key West, Florida, USA - 10
2. Misty, Ranger 33, Gregg Knighton, Sarasota, FL, USA - 18

Multihull (PHRF ToT - 7 Boats)
1. Flight Simulator, Corsair 28R, Tom Reese, Youngstown, NY, USA - 12
2. Evolution, Corsair 28R, Kathryn Garlick, Terra Ceia, FL, USA - 15

Complete results:

Daily T2P videos:
Sailing World:

PHOTOS: Scuttlebutt is pleased to present a special Key West 2011 photo
gallery with images from Sharon Green, John Payne, Ingrid Abery, Leighton
O'Connor,, and Steve Lapkin:

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For 2011 Key West Race Week, it's a story of how some things change and how
some things stay the same. For the race course, the tropical climate
continues to provide the respite from winter weather that haunts most North
American sailing areas. And the town is, well, unique, and very
recreational. But with event entries down, the shoreside headquarters was
downsized to adapt the party scene to the crowd. And it has been a slam

"The shoreside facility we have been using for the past 7-8 years was based
on a 250+ size fleet," explained event organizer Peter Craig of Premiere
Racing. "But with the fleet size down, we didn't need as much room, so we
got creative." Having before relied on a parking lot with a huge circus-like
tent, the new venue has a street festival feel. "When you look at this venue
it has a village atmosphere," noted Scuttlebutt editor Craig Leweck. "It
says Key West throughout. The trees and patios naturally blend in. Everyone
I talked to seemed pretty pleased."

But even with the revised venue, rumors continued to flow about the future
of Key West Race Week. Here is an exclusive interview Scuttlebutt had with
Peter Craig on the subject:

* Will the new venue for the 134 boat regatta in 2011 allow the event to
sustain itself for 2012?

PETER CRAIG: The sustainability of the event is not wholly reliant on fleet
size, but it remains a critical component. However, a regatta this size
without a title sponsor, and without sufficient sponsorship to accompany
that, cannot sustain itself. We are now in the second consecutive year
without a title sponsor, but we do have some terrific secondary sponsors.
Our industry partner program remains vibrant, and while it's not what it was
a couple years ago, the industry continues to stand by the event. So we have
different revenue sources, but you don't need to a math major to see that
when you drop from 260 boats, and you are without a title sponsor, there is
trouble at the OK Corral.

* Any sense the economic environment is improving for sponsorship?

PETER CRAIG: My take on sponsorship for this age we have been living in for
the past three years, it has been an extraordinary difficult environment for
sponsorship. And I am talking about the majors, the big sports. We talk to
people in sports marketing, and we hear how golf, Nascar, NFL, major league
baseball have struggled and had to redefine themselves. So when you get to a
sport like sailboat racing, particularly in the U.S., sponsorship has always
been a struggle. We are well down the pecking order as companies consider
sports sponsorship. For what has been a 2-3 year struggle, I don't see that
changing any time soon.

So what is the plan for Key West 2012? Read on:

(January 23, 2011; Day 2) - At 12 hours 11 minutes and 45 seconds (Paris
time) on Saturday 22 January, skipper Pascal Bidegorry led the maxi trimaran
Banque Populaire V across the start line of the record attempt the Jules
Verne Trophy, the crewed around the world record. To do this, they will
close the loop in less than 48 days 7:44 minutes and 52 seconds, the time
set by Franck Cammas and the crew of Groupama 3 in 2010 and be back before
11 March 2010 at 6:55 p.m. minutes 37 seconds (Paris time).

It was on 4 October when the Maxi Banque Populaire V was christened in
Nantes, the birthplace of Jules Verne and Eric Tabarly. The trimaran has a
mainhull length of 131-feet, a float length of 121-feet, and a width of
75-feet. "Banque Populaire V is a lot bigger than Groupama 3; nearly nine
metres in total," noted Cammas. "This guarantee of power will sometimes
enable them to gain a few extra knots of speed, as we saw during the
Atlantic record. However, the record will essentially come down to the
weather, as this speed differential won't enable them to compensate for a
poor weather scenario."

As regards the weather window for the start, the skipper of Groupama doesn't
hide the fact that it's a good one: "They've had the time to wait for it and
they've had the chance to find one which appears to me to be very good as
far as Cape Town." After 28 hours of navigation, Maxi Banque Populaire V has
229.10 miles ahead of the reference time of the Jules Verne Trophy,
progressing at an average speed of 30 knots. At 16:00 (Paris time), the
files indicated that the trimaran had flown 787 miles.

Team website:

The Olympic Sailing Program presented seven US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics
Awards to the 2010 team members at the second annual US Sailing Team
AlphaGraphics (USSTAG) Awards Banquet last Friday evening in Miami, Florida,
prior to US SAILING's Rolex Miami OCR, the biggest Olympic and Paralympic
class sailing event in North America (Jan. 24-29).

"The US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics had another great year on the water, and
this awards dinner was about two things: celebrating the world-class
performances of our athletes and saying 'thank you' to the many people who
made those performances possible," said Dean Brenner (Wallingford, Conn.),
the Chairman of the US Olympic Sailing Program. "We have a great team on and
off the water, all working together toward a common goal."

The following awards were presented:
* Breakthrough Performance: Genny Tulloch/ Alice Manard Leonard/ Jenn
Chamberlain; Women's Match Racing

* Commercial Award: Rick Doerr; Sonar skipper

* Most Improved Fitness: Rob Crane; Laser skipper

* Best Teammate: Brian Fatih; Star crew

* Best Team Performance: Anna Tunnicliffe/ Molly Vandemoer/ Debbie Capozzi;
Women's Match Racing

* Best Individual Performance: Paige Railey; Laser Radial skipper

* Charles M. Leighton Award for Outstanding Service: Gary Jobson; US SAILING

Full report:

Rolex Miami OCR (Jan. 24-29):

=> Curmudgeon's Comment: I was privileged to join the USSTAG sailors and
coaches last week during their training, and to attend this awards banquet.
I saw firsthand the energy and enthusiasm that exists within this team, and
immensely enjoyed meeting them all. Olympic sailing is such a unique
subculture of our sport, and this year the sailors will be putting it all on
the line so as to represent the U.S. in the 2012 Olympic Games. Only one
team per event qualifies for the Olympics, but all the teams are pushing
each other toward excellence. It should be an exciting season, and
Scuttlebutt will do its best to bring you along.

The Dyneema Experience Team will consist of 40 skippers who will have their
boats re-rigged for free. Some boats will feature premium quality cordage
from New England Ropes and Experience Team members will document their
experiences with the rigging on social media. "We pride ourselves on
offering the highest quality in cordage solutions," says Marine Market
Manager, Kevin Coughlin. "Being a sponsor will provide us with a great
opportunity to receive direct feedback on our broad array of running-rigging
products." Visit for more information and
to join the team!

(January 23, 2011: Day 24) - Having set a new 24-hour 60ft monohull speed
record Saturday (516.37 nm at an average of 21.51 knots; subject to
ratification by the World Sailing Speed Record Council), the Virbac Paprec 3
duo of Jean-Pierre Dick and Loick Peyron (FRA) overtook Foncia co-skippers
Michel Desjoyeaux and Francois Gabart (FRA) this morning, first crossing to
the south of Foncia around midnight last night, then overhauling them in the
position rankings by 1000hrs this morning.

After Virbac Paprec 3 reclaimed the lead of the Barcelona World Race this
morning, they look set to remain at the head of the rankings until at least
0500hrs on Tuesday January 25. That's because close rivals Foncia has opted
to use one of their limited 'ghost mode' cards, which allows a competitor to
"disappear" from all tracking screens and to hide his tactics and strategy
from his opponents.

"Michel and I have decided to use the ghost mode, so we won't appear in the
next ranking," said Gabart. "With Virbac Paprec 3 it's a game of chase!
Virbac Paprec 3 had a very good day yesterday (Saturday) and the day before
because they beat the record, and now they are in front of us. One of the
mistakes we have made is with the choice of sails. We have made a lot of
sail changes, too many. When you haven't got the timing right with the
choice of sail, you are always out of sync. For the past 36 hours that's
what happened. It's why we have lost a lot of speed against Virbac Paprec.
Today (Sunday) we're going to try and have a good sail, and not change every
five minutes."

Race Tracker:

Standings (top 5 of 14 as of 20.01.07)
1. Virbac-Paprec 3, Jean Pierre Dick & Loick Peyron, 19,343 nm DTF
2. Foncia, Michel Desjoyeaux & Francois Gabart, ? nm DTL
3. Mapfre, Iker Martinez & Xabi Fernandez, 529.9 nm DTL
4. Estrella Damm Sailing Team, Alex Pella & Pepe Ribes, 554.6 nm DTL
5. Groupe Bel, Kito De Pavant & Sebastien Audigane, 563.6 nm DTL
Full rankings:

BACKGROUND: This is the second edition of the non-stop Barcelona World Race,
the only double-handed race around the world. Fourteen teams are competing
on Open 60s which started December 31st and is expected to finish by late
March. The 25,000 nautical mile course is from Barcelona to Barcelona via
three capes: Good Hope, Leeuwin and Horn, Cook Strait, putting Antarctica to
starboard. Race website:

Events listed at

The challenge of the SpeedDream team is to pursue an innovative design
concept that will result in a super-fast monohull capable of beating
catamarans and trimarans in their own game and establish a string of speed
records, from sailing faster than 50 knots in the open ocean to circling the
globe in less time than any yacht ever. And in order to test some of the
innovative ideas of SpeedDream, a 35-foot prototype will be built.

As the design and engineering for SpeedDream continues to advance, a
decision has been made to build a scaled down 35-foot version of the record
setter monohull. Hundreds of hours of computer engineering and analysis has
already been completed for the SpeedDream design, but there is nothing like
a scaled prototype version out sailing in actual conditions to test the
unique ideas and technical solutions that are at the heart of this project.

"For a typical evolutionary design you start with a set of known performance
parameters and work to gradually improve them," said Vlad Murnikov, the lead
designer and creative force behind SpeedDream. "But the SpeedDream concept
is so radical and innovative there are no analogs to compare to and improve
upon. While CFD analysis and tank testing are extremely important, they can
only get us so far. It will be very useful to check both the general concept
and the hull shape, appendages and rig configurations on a real scaled
version of SpeedDream. Appendages like the extreme canting/telescoping keel
and the lifting/stabilizing foil have to be tested and optimized in a real
sailing environment and this is why we believe that building the prototype
is necessary. I feel that a 35-foot version is the right size to provide a
superb realistic platform to test all the critical SpeedDream components."

To achieve heretofore unattained speeds and bridge the performance gap
between multihulls and monohulls, SpeedDream relies upon two very innovative
appendages to greatly enhance the boat's performance; a canting keel that
lifts clear of the water when the boat is fully powered up, and a foil to
leeward that provides not only lift, but also resists leeward force. -- Read

* US SAILING's Safety at Sea Committee has awarded an Arthur B. Hanson
Rescue Medal to Chicago Yacht Club Sailing School Director Maggie Lumkes and
on-the-water director Lynn Walls for rescuing a pair of sailors on Lake
Michigan on October 2, 2010. When racing at a high school sailing event had
been canceled due to unsafe conditions, a 14-year-old sailor and a
23-year-old coach decided to test the conditions, but when their dinghy
capsized, the younger sailor drifted away, while the coach hung on to the
hull. -- Full report:

* According to the International Kiteboarding Class Association, a new
version of the Kiteboarding Competition Rules have been finalized by the
ISAF Rules Working Party and will be officially published this week on the
ISAF website. The new Appendix BB only includes changes to the rules for
Course Racing with additional changes for all other disciplines to be posted
in the next weeks until a final new version of the Kiteboarding Competition
Rules has been completed. The changes will apply to this week's Miami OCR
regatta, where kiteboarding will be demonstrated along all other Olympic
Sailing Classes. The new rules can be found here:

* The new Container, owned by Udo Schutz from Germany, will debut in the
TP52 Series on the Audi MedCup in 2011. She will be led by Markus Wieser, a
European Champion and World Championship runner-up in the Dragon Class. Udo
Schutz' Container, known for its campaigns recently in the Mini Maxi class
and further back as a winner of the Admiral's Cup as part of the German
team, will be designed by Judel & Vrolijk design and debut at the first
event of the circuit in May. -- Full report:

"I think that is one of the great things about the wing, that as you come up
through the breeze, there is very little drag, so the boat just continues
through (the tack) and doesn't slow down. With a lot of multihulls, when you
see them tack, they struggle to get through once they get slow, but with the
wingsail, it just cruises through, and there is no real drag on it once you
go through head to wind, and so you don't lose the speed." - Oracle Racing's
Murray Jones regarding the prototype AC45 being tested in Auckland, NZL. The
AC45 will be used in the 2011 America's Cup World Series, Sail-World:

"Don't worry about old age -- it doesn't last that long."

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