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SCUTTLEBUTT 2739 - Monday, December 8, 2008

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It came as a shock when the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC) announced
on November 20th, 2008 that the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) had
decided at their 2008 Annual Meeting in November that a kite-powered craft could
not be recognized as the holder of the outright world sailing speed record.
Considering that in October, three kiteboarders had eclipsed the mythical 50
knot barrier, with their speeds endorsed then by WSSRC as the outright records,
this ISAF ruling caught the kiteboard community off guard.

What followed was extensive debate, and now a reversal from ISAF with the
December 7, 2008 announcement that they will now support a decision by the WSSRC
to ratify a claim for the
Outright World Sailing Speed Record by a Kite-board. In accordance with this,
the WSSRC announced the ratification of a new World Record:

Record: Outright World Sailing Speed Record.
Board: Fone Prototype Speed. Fone Bandit Dos Speed 7sq m kite.
Name: Alexandre Caizergues. FRA
Date: 4th October 2008
Start time: 15:35:00.84
Finish time: 15:35:20.06
Elapsed time: 19.22
Distance: 501 m
Current: 0.1 kts
Average speed: 50.57 kts
Venue: Luderitz, Namibia
Previous record: 2008. Sebastien Cattelan. 50.26 kts
WSSRC website:

(Dec. 7, 2008) For the members of the PUMA sailing crew assigned to boat repair,
they earned their merit badges on the second leg to Cochin, India, twice dealing
with potentially race-ending structural damage. How is the boat now? Kenny Read,
PUMA skipper replied, “The boat will be 100%. That is for sure. We have had five
additional boat builders and two engineers join us for this stopover. The plan
was already in place while we were still on the last leg to replace the forward
stringers, and they were actually constructed prior to us even finishing the
leg. Made in pre preg, they are a very small weight hit so the competitiveness
of the boat shouldn't be compromised.

“The main longitudinal frame aft of the keel and the structural halyard tunnels
have also been properly repaired by the shore team and again will be 100%.
Besides the fix, just about all of the longitudinal frames in the boat are being
strengthened. Again, the beauty of carbon allows a lot of strength to be thrown
at a potential problem with a very small weight hit.

“The sailing team is off now, elephant racing, taking canal tours, or whatever
you do in India. Wild place. Tons of visitors to the Race village. This race has
produced quite a stir here in India. Very cool to see. Every time I walk past
the PUMA store there is a line out front to get in! That is a very good sign.
Bottom line, we are going to be good to go by the middle of this week, with no
excuses for the next leg, with hopefully all of our bad luck now behind us.” --

Leg Three from Cochin to Singapore is 1,950 nm, begins December 13th with the
finish estimated on December 23rd. Current standings after Leg Two of the ten
leg event:
1. Ericsson 4 (SWE), Torben Grael/BRA, 26 points
2. Telefónica Blue (ESP), Bouwe Bekking/NED, 19 points
3. PUMA (USA), Ken Read/USA, 18 points
4. Green Dragon (IRL/CHN), Ian Walker/GBR, 16 points
5. Ericsson 3 (SWE), Anders Lewander/SWE, 14.5 points
6. Telefonica Black (ESP), F. Echavarri/ESP, 13.5 points
7. Delta Lloyd (IRL), Roberto Bermudez/ESP, 7.5 points
8. Team Russia (RUS), Andreas Hanakamp/AUT, 7.5 points
Overall scores:
Race tracking:
Race website:

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by Matt Gregory, Delta Lloyd navigator
Today I was walking through the Volvo Ocean Race Village on my way from our base
to the race headquarters for a meeting. While wearing my 'MBA hat', I was
thinking about why this stopover has been so overwhelmingly popular. This sort
of enthusiasm is common for the Volvo Ocean Race in Europe where the race is
followed intensely. However, consider that these fans are not sailors. They know
absolutely nothing about sailing nor anything about the history of the race. I
asked myself "why are they all of these people here if they are not sailing

I've figured it out. Strangely, this stopover reminded me a lot of the Cherry
Festival in Traverse City, Michigan. If you either live or vacation in northern
Michigan, the Cherry festival is a 'must attend' summer event. It doesn't matter
if you grow, pick, sell, bake, or for that matter, even like cherries, you'd
still go to the festival as a highlight of the summer season. Volvo has managed
to not only capture the adventurous imagination of the local people of Cochin,
but they've also turned this stopover into a 'must attend' event for the local
people. 'Bravo' Volvo....this is exactly where the future of the 'professional'
end of our sport needs to head. -- SAIL, read on:

(Dec, 7, 2008; Day 28) - Forget the fact that the Vendee Globe fleet is solo and
aboard Open 60s, arguably the most extreme distance class of boat possible. Get
your head around this update by Brian Thomson aboard Bahrain Team Pindar:

“Out here its business as usual, 35 knots (of wind), downwind, drizzling and
with the boat leaping around like a rodeo bull as we go over and through the
waves, going around the Antarctic and heading for Cape Horn, 11,000 miles away.
There is a month to go in the Southern Ocean - a downwind race the whole way
there till we turn the corner back into the Atlantic again.”

The leaders have crossed the longitude of the Cape of Good Hope (under the
African continent), heading east with fifty miles of leverage between the sides
of the course, jibing back and forth, sailing in what Brian refers to as “the
most challenging and unique sailing conditions in the world, big waves, storms,
and cold waters. It’s what makes this race, the Vendee Globe, the toughest in
the world and the Mount Everest for solo sailors.” -- Race tracking:

Solo, non-stop, around the world race in Open 60s.
Standings as of 18:30 UTC (Top 5 plus of 30 entrants):
1. Jean-Pierre Dick (FRA), Paprec-Virbac 2, 16876.4 nm Distance to finish
2. Sébastien Josse (FRA), BT, 29.0 nm Distance to leader
3. Roland Jourdain (FRA), Veolia Environnement, 42.7 nm DTL
4. Loïck Peyron (FRA), Gitana Eighty, 51.1 nm DTL
5. Mike Golding (GBR), Ecover, 57.9 nm DTL
14. Samantha Davies (GBR), Roxy, 580.8 nm DTL
16. Dee Caffari (GBR), Aviva, 736.9 nm DTL
20. Rich Wilson (USA), Great American III, 1093.4 nm DTL
22. Derek Hatfield (CAN), Algimouss Spirit of Canada, 1477.8 nm DTL
Complete standings:
Event website:

* Unai Bazurko aboard Pakea Bizkaia has dropped out with damage to his starboard
rudder cassette, leaving 24 of the original 30 entrants still competing.

Terengganu, Malaysia (Dec. 7, 2008) - The Monsoon Cup was the final event of the
World Match Race Tour, and while Peter Gilmour won the battle by winning the
event, Ian Williams has won the war of the tour, claiming the World Championship
title for a second straight year. For Gilmour, after several months of leading
the Monsoon Cup event management team, he then had to turn around and focus his
energies on the competition. For Williams, it was a matter of holding off rivals
Sebastien Col and Mathieu Richard for the tour crown.

While Paolo Cian advanced as the top seed from the round robin, he was
dispatched by Adam Minoprio in the quarterfinals, with Col and Richard also
getting eliminated in this round. When Williams advanced to the semifinals with
Torvar Mirsky, Minoprio, and Gilmour, the tour crown was his, but he would fall
short of also defending his Monsoon Cup title when he was defeated by Minoprio
in the semis. Gilmour’s return to the title that he last held in 2005 took him
straight through the rising youth on the circuit, but age and treachery endured,
with Gilmour beating the 22 year-old Mirsky 3-0 in the semis and the 23 year-old
Minoprio 3-1 in the finals. -- Wrap-up report:

Monsoon Cup - Final Standings
1. Peter Gilmour (AUS), Yanmar Racing
2. Adam Minoprio (NZL), BlackMatch/ETNZ
3. Torvar Mirsky (AUS), Mirsky Racing
4. Ian Williams (GBR), Bahrain Team Pindar
5. Paolo Cian (ITA), Shosholoza
6. Sebastien Col (FRA), French Team/K-Challenge
7. Magnus Holmberg (SWE), Victory Challenge
8. Mathieu Richard (FRA), French Team/Team French Spirit
9. Ben Ainslie (GBR), Team Origin
10. Keith Swinton (AUS), Black Swan Racing
11. Johnie Berntsson (SWE), Bertsson Sailing Team
12. Nurul Ain bt Md Isa (MAS), Perak Sailing Team
Results and flight schedules:
Video highlights:

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The US Finn Association is launching a development program designed to introduce
single-handed sailors under the age of 21 to the Finn and international
competition. Selected sailors will be provided a Finn for one year at a nominal
cost, access to US Sailing and Finn class training camps, shared coaching and
reduced transportation costs to international events. Similar to the US SAILING
“Pipeline” program announced in November, this program introduces top junior and
collegiate sailors to Olympic development sailing, and is particularly well
suited to 85 kg plus sailors who wish to compete in single-handed Olympic class
sailing. One sailor will be selected for 2009, with the class aiming to seek
additional financial resources so as to expand the program in subsequent years.
Selection will be by resume, and the selected sailor will be expected to compete
in all major US regattas and training camps, as well as some international
events. The selected sailor will work closely with 2008 Silver Medalist Zach
Railey and US Sailing High Performance Coach Kenneth Andreasen. -- Full details:

Rules expert and author Dave Perry on his "perversion" with the Racing Rules of
Sailing: “The rules create the game. They tell each boat what it can and cannot
do when boats come together. The clearer someone knows the rules, the clearer
they will see the game and can play it at a higher level. I am a game player,
and knowing the rules allows me to play the game at a high level. In match
racing, as in team racing, each boat is constantly attacking their opponent or
defending itself, so it is even more crucial and beneficial to know the rules in
those disciplines.”

CALENDAR OF MAJOR EVENTS (Sponsored by West Marine)
Events listed at

* St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands (Dec. 7, 2008) - The first Annual ISAF Grade 2
Carlos Aguilar Match Race Championship resulted in St. Thomas' Taylor Canfield
winning the Men's Division and Texas native Genny Tulloch taking the Women’s
Division. Said 19-year-old Canfield, "I've done a fair amount of match racing
this past year and this win is an incentive for me to keep going.," Noted
Tulloch, "In many match races you're just concentrating on your opponent. At
this event, we also had to focus on the constantly shifting winds which made it
really challenging and fun." -- Daily reports:

* Ft Lauderdale, FL (Dec. 7, 2008) - The Melges 32 class commenced their
Midwinter Championship Series this weekend with the 2008 Melges 32 Gold Cup
Regatta, the first of three events that comprise the series. Marty Kullman/ Mike
Carroll aboard New Wave won the twenty boat event, with the Midwinter
Championship Series continuing on in 2009 with Acura Key West on January 19-23,
followed by the Miami Grand Prix on March 5-8. - Gold Cup daily reports, photo
gallery, and video:

* (Dec. 7, 2008) - Frenchman Thomas Coville’s attempt to set a new solo round
the world record aboard the 105-foot maxi-trimaran Sodeb’O has not been blessed
with ideal weather, and now he finds himself 1179 nm behind record holder
Francis Joyon’s pace. However, as Coville seeks to make up ground, Sunday
evening he beat the single-handed 24 hour distance record on a multihull with a
total distance of 620.80 miles covered at the average speed of 25.87 knots
(record not yet ratified). --

* Sailing World's College Rankings as of December 5, 2008 finds St. Mary's and
Georgetown take over the top spots in, respectively, the Coed and Women's
rankings. Full update at

* The 2009 International Rolex Regatta, hosted by the St. Thomas Yacht Club with
racing scheduled for Friday, March 27, through Sunday March 29, is lowering
entry fees by 25% and offering IRC boats free dockage at two island marinas. The
25% cut equates to a $100 discount for boats sailing IRC, CSA and One-Design,
and $50 off for beach cats. Organizers also are standing by to provide
logistical assistance for owners and captains who are coming to the regatta. --
Complete report:

* Chicago Yacht Club has announced that it will offer a Double Handed Division
in the 2009 Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac. Boats competing in the Double
Handed Division will start on Saturday, July 18, 2009 along with boats in the
Chicago-Mackinac Trophy Division, Mackinac Cup Division, and Multihull Division.
Cruising Division entrants will start on the afternoon of Friday, July 17. --
Complete report:

* Audi, which dropped out of the American Le Mans Series last week, has also
pulled out of the troubled sailing project Team Germany that had been hoping to
challenge in the America's Cup. The project's leader, former Olympic champion
and Alinghi helmsman Jochen Schuemann, needs a sponsor to build a new boat. Team
Germany's interim boat, the TP52 Platoon, has been sold. -- IHT, full story:

The Bug, a new youth trainer from LaserPerformance is taking the organized
sailing scene by storm. SAIL voted it Best Boat < 25ft for 2009! Sailing Schools
love the versatile, durable and safe design. Sailors love the performance
handling and comfortable self-bailing hull! Check it out for yourself at:

Kingston (ONT) - The annual August CORK event format has been modified to
include three major events, each with their own focus. The new format will
provide appropriate challenges for the diverse fleets in each event. The change
will allow for each event to be better aligned with the skill level and focus of
the participants. Based on feedback from the Sailing Community, volunteers and
partners, the Board of CORK/Sail Kingston has decided to modify the competition
format as follows:

August 19-22, 2009 - CORK International Event
This event will focus Youth and Development classes, providing learning
opportunities as well as excellent racing. Ontario Sailing is a partner in
organizing the coaching aspect of the event.

August 23-27, 2009 - CORK Olympic Classes Event (OCR)
This event includes Olympic and invited development classes, focusing on high
performance competition. The only two annual ISAF Grade 1 events in North
America are Miami OCR and CORK Regatta for Laser and Radial. The Annual ISAF
Ranking is important for Canadian sailors as it is used as a base to award
participation spots at the ISAF Worlds.

August 28-30, 2009 - Offshore and One Design Keelboat and Dinghy Classes
This includes the traditional Offshore (PHRF) event, one design Keelboats, Able
Sail and international dinghy classes. This event will feature enhanced social
package, as the Blues Festival is on in Kingston at the same time and will
provide excellent opportunities to enjoy the Kingston night life. -- Complete

Word has come of the death of Murray Davis, SAIL magazine’s founding Editor and
later founding Publisher of Cruising World. I can best sum up Murray’s
contribution to SAIL’s beginning by repeating words from an article I wrote for
our 25the anniversary issue in 1995:

“Murray Davis was an Australian with gentle eyes who spoke in a quiet,
self-deprecating way. With terribly limited resources (you can guess - no money)
he pulled together a superb group of freelance writers: Eric Olsen, Warwick
Tompkins, Patience Wales, Donnie McNamara, Norrie Hoyt and Don Street. It was
not any accident that this crowd cared more about having a place to say
something than the bucks; they disturbed the even keel of the sport. They argued
about the rating rules, the racing rules, introduced Caribbean chartering,
promoted the cruising lifestyle, and most important invited people to join our
sailing fraternity. They just plain could see over the horizon. And when Murray
got his arms around the layout and editing one of their articles he would
solemnly pronounce, ‘I think it will work.’” It always did. -- Donald A.
Macaulay, Ex Publisher, SAIL

Newport, RI - This oceanside city of luxurious Gilded Age mansions has long been
an epicenter of yachting, its waters plied by sleek luxury vessels and sailors
in the America's Cup races. But the large jet-black hull berthed in a wharf here
breaks from the leisure boat culture. The Oliver Hazard Perry - named for a
Rhode Island-born commodore who routed a British fleet during the War of 1812 -
is conceived as a "tall ship”, a loosely defined term generally applied to
majestic-looking vessels with soaring masts that conjure an earlier era of

Tall Ships Rhode Island, a Newport nonprofit, bought the roughly 140-foot-long
steel hull in September from two Canadian businessmen with the goal of
converting it by 2011 into a towering training ship that will serve as a
floating sailing school for students and apprentice seamen. "The ship will never
carry a passenger," said its director, Capt. Richard Bailey, who has sailed the
Atlantic and Pacific oceans. "It will carry only those who come aboard to
learn." - The Oklahoman, read on:

“Those are my principles. If you don't like them, I have others.” - Groucho Marx

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