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SCUTTLEBUTT 2686 - Monday, September 22, 2008

Scuttlebutt is a digest of major sailing news, commentary, opinions,
features and dock talk . . . with a North American focus. Scuttlebutt is
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(September 19, 2008) - With a run of 49.84 knots at the “Luderitz Speed
Challenge”, American kitesurfer Rob Douglas beat the outright World Speed
Sailing Record over 500 metres today at the speed strip at Luderitz in
Namibia in southern Africa. The previous record of 49.09 knots was set by
boardsailor Antoine Albeau. Douglas, 37, a former windsurfer who started
kitesurfing in June, had already beaten the previous US record earlier this

Frenchman Sebastien Cattelan reached 49.59 knots, also a great performance,
to record the second fastest speed of all time. He was initially credited
with an unratified speed of 50.10 knots, but this speed was revised down by
the WSSRC Commissioner after careful examination of timing data. Sjoukje
Bredenkamp (South Africa) improved her existing world record with a speed of
45.20 knots: a new Women’s Outright World Record over 500 metres.

The chase for the holy grail of speed sailing, the elusive 50 knots mark, is
still on at the Luderitz Speed Challenge 2008 in Namibia till the 13th of
October. --

By Andrew Hurst, Seahorse magazine
Sailing remains elitist. Look at the Olympic entry in the Laser (43) and
contrast it with the more expensive Ynglings and Tornados (15 apiece). As
the world expands, it is time to take a step back and find ways to introduce
more emerging nations into our great sport.

Consider the cost of entry-level racing dinghies over the past 30 years. Why
does even a Laser, that cost US $600 in the 1970s now can cost up to
$10,000? What is the relevance of the wonderful International 14 to a young
audience with boats costing upwards of $50,000.

Today’s most important task for ISAF is the creation of a new, modern dinghy
in the style of original ‘stitch-and-glue’, that new sailing nations can
actually get hold of and promote. What better ambition for a sporting
governing body? With modern industrial engineering and materials, it must
somehow be possible to create an exciting and attractive small boat for
under $1,500 using local labor. If India can produce a perfectly workable
small car for under $2,500 surely the wit of the sailing world can do
something similar, even if the numbers are necessarily smaller?

=> Curmudgeon’s Comment: While it’s possible to get into a new boat for a
bit less ($6k for a Laser, $35k for an I-14), the point remains solid,
particularly when you consider a top-end Optimist package is at $4k.
Certainly food for thought on where we are headed, and what segment of
society we expect to market to. Btw, Seahorse Magazine is extending a
special 10% discount for Scuttlebutters who sign up during the week of
September 22-28. Details here:

(September 21, 2008) - Alan Bond wants to make Australia his home again. The
businessman plans to leave London - with his fresh fortune - for Perth
within a year. His new wealth is estimated to be at least $265 million. The
one-time property tycoon became a folk hero when he won the America's Cup in
1983. But stardom and the heady days of the '80s crashed to earth when his
business collapse left thousands of shareholders reeling with losses of
hundreds of millions of dollars. The disgraced bankrupt hit rock bottom when
he was jailed for Australia's biggest ever corporate fraud.

But Mr Bond has clawed his way back, reappearing this year on BRW magazine's
national rich list for the first time in 19 years. He was at Fremantle's
Maritime Museum yesterday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Australia II
winning the America's Cup with other team members, including skipper John
Bertrand. The museum is now home to the famous 12-metre yacht with its
revolutionary winged keel. The sleek yacht was the centre of attention as
her old crew reflected on their triumph - regarded as Australia's greatest
sporting achievement. -- Herald Sun, full story:,21985,24377713-662,00.html

Examples of this are everywhere this week; Jud Smith’s winning Etchells NA
Team, Quantum Racing’s dominant TP52, and Ken Read’s PUMA Racing Team. When
it came down to a decision on hull coating, PUMA Racing Team carefully
tested and evaluated all reasonable options from anti-fouling bottom paints
and specialty speed coatings to nano-products. “We’ll be racing around the
entire globe with McLube Hullkote Speed Polish on our hull and appendages,”
noted Jonathan McKee, PUMA Racing Team crewmember and Olympic Gold Medalist.
Learn more about PUMA’s testing and then make your own good decisions:

* (September 19, 2008 – The Volvo Ocean Race Village in the start port of
Alicante, Spain opened to the public on Friday evening with a spectacular
ceremony before a crowd approaching 20,000 people. Light, sound, hundreds of
performers and the best sailing crews on the planet all came together to
inaugurate the Race Village. The gates opened to the public at 19:30 and the
crowd poured in as the sun set over the purpose-built Race Village ringed
around the inner harbour of Alicante. The public was given time to walk
around the Village, to test the attractions, and soak up the atmosphere.
Among the highlight destinations was the interactive Volvo Ocean Race
Experience, comprising of the Ride, the Dome, the Pool and the Grinding
Challenge. -- Read on:

* (September 19, 2008) - In preparation for the start of the Volvo Ocean
Race 2008-2009, PUMA today unveiled PUMA City at the opening of the race's
official port village in Alicante, Spain. A tour de force of architecture
and design, the massive 11,000 square-foot structure is made from
twenty-four, forty-foot long steel shipping containers, each weighing in at
eleven tons. Built in China and designed to be a mobile unit, PUMA City was
shipped to Alicante via cargo ship at the end of August and was assembled at
the entrance of the race village in just two weeks. It will be open to the
general public from today until mid-October when PUMA Ocean Racing's il
mostro and the other competition boats depart for Cape Town, South Africa on
the first leg of the nine month-long Volvo Ocean Race. Once the boats leave
the port of Alicante, PUMA City will be dissembled and make its way across
the Atlantic Ocean to await the arrival of the Volvo Ocean Race in Boston
Harbor in April 2009. -- Read on:

* (September 19, 2008) Today in Alicante, Spain the Green Dragon team
unveiled their new livery, and Chinese sponsors. The Chinese syndicate is
made up of three companies; Shandong Lingong, Weichai Power and Triangle
Group who are all part of a consortium of Chinese industrial companies based
in Shandong Province, China that joined the team in June. The imagery on the
boat reflects the heritage of the Green Dragon project. -- Complete report:

By Rick Deppe, PUMA Ocean Racing team
I couldn't say with any certainty how much time had passed since the MAYDAY
and subsequent ABANDON SHIP call had gone out. But there I was standing
there in my survival suit, waiting to jump into the icy water below, knowing
that we would have to form a safety circle and take a head count before
swimming crocodile style to our life raft. This was a daunting task and the
crew knew that by the time we got to the life raft we would be exhausted.

As night fell, one of our big guys, Shannon Falcone was able to right the
raft allowing us to climb in as per our training. Skipper Ken Read then
called for another head count. “1”, Kenny shouted. “2”, Jerry Kirby
bellowed. Then silence...where's 3?...It's Michi someone yelled...Louder
Michi!!!...”sree “ (three in his German accent), said Michi in the quietest
shout I have ever heard. “4”, from Capey. “5”, said Justin...on and on
through the entire crew.

Sidney Gavignet is number 10, one before me. When it came to my turn I
prepared to belt it out big time but couldn't tell if it came out as a roar
or a whimper...11. The noise of the wind inside the raft was deafening.
Thunder and lightning was all around us and the sky filled with huge flashes
of light. The water inside our raft was already ankle deep from the waves
washing in over the side, and the rain seemed to find its way in everywhere.
This sucks I thought. -- Read on:

The new regatta being hosted by Team New Zealand and Louis Vuitton is
proving so popular syndicate head Grant Dalton is already exploring ways to
allow more contestants to take part. The Louis Vuitton Pacific Series was
originally aimed at six teams on a first-come, first-served basis but
interest has been so high - with 16 strong expressions of interest - that
Dalton is now looking at expanding the competition to eight. "It'd get a
little crazy if we went to more than eight under this format," says Dalton,
referring to the fact each team will sail Team New Zealand's America's Cup
yachts in the match racing series next January-February. "You'd have to say
the reception has been far greater than we expected. We appear to be headed
for something that will be successful." -- NZ Herald, read on:

This exclusive event will be held at the Delamar, a small luxury hotel in
the heart of Greenwich, CT. Morris will be showing the M36. Sea trials are
available by appointment only. Show dates are September 27-28th from
11am-7pm. This event, held twice a year, is a most civilized opportunity to
view the M36. If you can’t make it to Greenwich, our next event is the
United States Sailboat Show, Oct. 9-13 in Annapolis, Md. See the Morris 48
Cheshire Cat, Morris 42 Seadated, M36 Relief, and M42 Renarderie. For more
information, please call 207-244-5509 or visit us at

Charleston, SC (September 21, 2008) – Brian Porter successfully defended his
Melges 24 U.S. National Championship title, but he waited until the last
beat of the last race on the last day to do so. Simon Strauss led the event
through the first two days of racing, which included a 20-25 knot winds on
Friday with mostly single digit breeze on Saturday. Moderate winds of 10-12
knots were on call for today, where Porter entered the final two races in
third behind Strauss and Chris Larson. Trailing the lead by ten points,
Porter made up most of it in the first race when Straus rolled a nine to
Porter’s bullet. Now, trailing by a single point, the two teams entered the
final leeward gate together, choosing opposite marks, and it was Porter that
guessed best to grab the lead and the title. Winner of the Corinthian
Division was Reggie Fairchild of Charleston, SC. -- Event website:

Final Results (Top 5 of 44)
1. Full Throttle, Brian Porter, Winnetka, IL, USA, 2-1-(17)-1-14-7-1-3; 29
2. Team Barbarians, Stuart Simpson, London, UK, 7-4-11-3-1-(14)-2-2; 30
3. Simplicity, Simon Strauss, New York, NY, USA, 4-6-2-(14)-2-2-9-6; 31
4. LIGHTWAVE, Chris Larson, Annapolis, MD, USA, 1-8-5-9-10-1-(19)-1; 35
5. WTF, Alan Field, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 9-2-3-6-(21)-11-7-8; 46

Portimao, Portugal (September 20, 2008) - After winning the Audi MedCup
Circuit 2008 title with a day to spare, Quantum Racing added victory in the
Trophy of Portugal to cap their triumphant five months long season over
which they won three of the six Audi MedCup Circuit regattas. Steered by
skipper Terry Hutchinson (USA), who started putting the winning campaign
together just less than one year ago and has raced on the circuit over each
of the three previous years, Quantum Racing won in Cagliari on Sardinia in
Italy, at the Breitling Regatta on Mallorca, Spain and now in Portimao on
Portugal’s Algarve coast.

As well as their three regatta wins Quantum Racing finished third at the
first regatta of the season in Alicante. Fifth in Marseille in June was
acall to raise their game, according to Hutchinson, and their fourth place
last month in Cartagena, Murcia, Spain was enough to keep them firmly on
course for the championship title they clinched yesterday. A first and a
fourth placed today for Quantum Racing pushed them to the top of the overall
Portugal Trophy standings, winning by four points from Matador (ARG) who
were let down by a disappointing 11th in the first race. -- Final report:

Trophy of Portugal – Final Results (Top 5 of 15)
1. Quantum Racing, USA (4,8,1,6,10,3,1,4) 37
2. Matador, ARG (8,5,10,1,2,2,11,2) 41
3. Bribón, ESP (1,11,12,5,4,10,2,5) 50
4. CXG Corporación Caixa Galicia, ESP (7,3,9,3,13,4,12,1) 52
5. Platoon by Team Germany, GER (11,10,8,2,1,1,9,12) 54
Complete results:

Audi MedCup 2008 Final Standings (53 races)
1. Quantum Racing, USA, 252
2. Bribón, ESP, 306,2
3. Matador, ARG, 328
4. Artemis, SWE, 347
5. Platoon by Team Germany, GER, 364
Complete results:

(September 21, 2008) - The America's Cup team Alinghi added a fourth iShares
Cup Extreme 40 event trophy to their collection today at the season finale
in Amsterdam, also earning them the overall season title. British America's
Cup challengers TEAMORIGIN had led for the early part of the season, and the
duo went into this final Round 5 tied on equal points. TEAMORIGIN’s hopes of
defending the trophy Rob Greenhalgh won last year quickly faltered as
Alinghi scored five race wins in a row at the beginning of the final event.

Professional sailors throughout the world have raced at the highest level,
incredibly close to more than 150,000 spectators, with nearly 2000 corporate
guests sailing, over 79 races with 7 spectacular capsizes, producing more
than 300 minutes of TV news coverage around the world, a 6-part TV series
broadcast in 23 countries worldwide, and five spectacular events staged
across UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, on lakes,
rivers, canals and occasionally the open sea.

Plans are already well advanced for the next three years, as Gilles Chiorri
OC Events Director confirms: “We’re close to confirming venues for the
European Series in 2009, but are also moving ahead with pathfinder events in
the Middle-East and Australasia which have a vision for stand-alone series
in those regions from 2010. Over 25 teams have already expressed an interest
to compete in next year’s circuit.

Overall Results - iShares Cup 2008
1. Alinghi, 46 points
2. TeamOrigin, 41 points
3. BT, 34 points
4. Oman Sail, 29 points
5. Holmatro, 27 points
Complete results:

Regatta Gear introduces its 2009 collection of Men’s and Women’s Yachting
Apparel. European styling, High performance fabrics, innovative colors and
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* A civil settlement was reached quietly last month in the fatal boat crash
on Clear Lake (CA). As was first reported last summer, Lake County Chief
Deputy Sheriff Russell Perdock was driving his speedboat at least 40 miles
an hour at night, when it slammed into a sailboat. Lynn Thornton of Willows
died in the crash and Bismarck Dinius, the man who happened to be steering
the sailboat at the time, now faces a manslaughter charge. Prosecutors argue
the sailboat’s lights were off at the time, so Dinius is responsible for
what happened. The defense has experts and witnesses who say the lights were
on. -- Latitude 38, full story:

* (September 20, 2008) The BMW ORACLE Racing team today craned the BOR 90
trimaran onto a 340-foot by 94-foot-wide barge for towing down the Pacific
Coast from Anacortes, WA, to San Diego, CA. The 1,200-mile voyage is
expected to take about a week. The team is preparing for an extended testing
session in San Diego to start next month. -- Full report:

* A celebration of the life of Id Crook's, past Commodore of the
International Snipe class and the
Oakville Yacht Squadron, will be held October 11, 2008 from 2 - 5 pm at the
Oakville Yacht Squadron in Oakville, Ontario. Id Crook died peacefully
September 3, 2008. Condolences may also be left at

* The inaugural Laser SB3 World Championships in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland has
attracted 137 entrants representing 11 nations. Racing will take place from
September 22-26, hosted by National Yacht Club. Fourteen races are scheduled
for the 5 day regatta with a maximum of two discards. -- Event website:

* St.Thomas, US Virgin Island - Registration for next Spring's International
Rolex Regatta on March 27-29, 2009 has begun, and the Notice of Race and
Sailing Instructions are now available online. Complete information at

* Belvedere, CA (September 20, 2008) - After four days and eleven races,
Scott Young (Austin, TX) won the U.S. Sailing’s Mallory Cup for the sixth
time (twice as crew and four times as skipper). In second was Ken
Kleinschrodt (Mobile, AL) and Pat Toole (Santa Barbara, CA) was third. The
round-robin fleet race event was hosted by San Francisco Yacht Club and
sailed in J/24 class boats. -- Event site:

* Oklahoma City, OK (September 21, 2008) - Vicki Sodaro (Tiburon, CA) with
crew Stephanie Wondolleck, Emily French and Katie Maxim won the 2008 U.S.
Women's Championship, maintaining a blistering pace of top three scores
through the final three days to beat second place Wendy Roach (Fort Worth,
TX) by 25 points. The four day round robin fleet race format for eleven
teams was hosted by Oklahoma City Boat Club. This was Sodaro’s third win at
the event. -- Event website:

CALENDAR OF MAJOR EVENTS (Sponsored by West Marine)
Events listed at

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* From Susie Pegel: Bronze medalist John Ruf (paraOlympic singlehanded
class) received a "WELCOME HOME" celebration at his home base Pewaukee Yacht
Club in Wisconsin the evening of Sept. 18. Throngs lined the road to the
yacht club waving American flags by the flickering lights of Olympic (tiki)
torches. A few fireworks exploded in the air above the yacht club as the car
pulled up to the clubhouse and the crowd began singing the national anthem.
John accepted the congratulations of many, showed off his bronze medal and
signed autographs. The evening also heralded the start of the E scow Blue
Chip regatta. Dave Ullman is the regatta "mystery guest." Congratulations to
John and also Sally Barkow for representing the Inland Lakes Yachting
Association and the USA at the Olympics!!

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