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SCUTTLEBUTT 2521 – January 29, 2008

Scuttlebutt is a digest of major sailing news, commentary, opinions,
features and dock talk . . . with a North American focus. Scuttlebutt is
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Miami, Fla. (January 28, 2008) – Perfect first-day conditions greeted
sailors at US SAILING's Rolex MIami OCR, where 369 Olympic and Paralympic
sailors from 34 countries are competing in four Olympic classes (Laser,
Laser Radial, Star, and Yngling) and three Paralympic classes (2.4mR,
SKUD-18 and Sonar). As an International Sailing Federation Grade 1 event,
the regatta figures into world rankings, and some countries are selecting
their 2008 Olympic and Paralympic teams based on results here.

One sailor who doesn't have to worry about whether she'll make it to Qingdao
in August is the USA's Olympic representative in the Laser Radial class and
US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics member Anna Tunnicliffe (Plantation, Fla.).
After winning the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Sailing in October,
Tunnicliffe changed her focus. "I used to have one drive--to win the Trials.
Now I have a new drive; it's to win in China." The Florida sailor today won
the second of her class's two races after finishing third in the first. The
performance put her in first place overall for the day. "It was only 7-9
knots, which made for tricky sailing," said Tunnicliffe, acknowledging that
China will have similar wind conditions but with much more chop and swell
than Biscayne Bay had to offer today. "It's still early," she said about
this regatta. "With it being light and fluky, it's still wide open." – Read

Day 1 Results
Laser (24 boats) -- 2 races
1. Maciej Grabowski (POL), 2-1, 3
2. Kyle Rogachenko (USA), 1-4, 5
3. Charlie Buckingham (USA), 4-6, 10

Laser Radial (39 boats) -- 2 races
1. Anna Tunnicliffe (USA), 3-1, 4
2. Paige Railey (USA), 1-4, 5
3. Penny Clark (GBR), 6-2, 8

Star (70 boats) – 2 races
1. Hamish Pepper/Carl Williams (NZL), 1-3, 4
2. Flavio Marazzi/Enrico De Maria, (SUI), 2-1, 5
3. Rick Merriman/Brian Sharp (USA), 1-4, 5

Yngling (28 boats) -- 2 races
1. Song Xia Qun/Li Xiao Ni/Yu Yan Li (CHN), 2-8, 10
2. Sarah Ayton/Sarah Webb/Pippa Wilson (GBR), 6-6, 12
3. Sally Barkow/Debbie Capozzi, Carrie Howe (USA), 3-10, 13

2.4mR (25 boats) -- 3 races
1. Damien Seguin (FRA), 4-2-1, 7
2. Stellan Berlin (SWE), 2-7-2, 11
3. Carl Horrocks (USA), 3-4-4, 11

SKUD-18 (10 boats) -- 2 races
1. Nick Scandone/Maureen McKinnon-Tucker (USA), 1-1, 2
2. John McRoberts/Stacie Louttit (CAN), 3-2, 5
3. Scott Whitman/Julia Dorsett (USA), 5-3, 8

Sonar (11 boats) -- 2 races
1. Colin Harrison/ Russell Boaden/Graeme Martin (AUS), 3-1, 4
2. Jens Kroker/Tobias Schuetz/Siegmund Mainka (GER), 1-3, 4
3. Bruno Jourden/Herve Larhant/Nicolas Vimont Vicary (FRA), 2-4, 6
Complete results:

* Melbourne, Australia (January 28, 2008) For the first time since the start
of the Finn Gold Cup, the lead has changed hands following the final fleet
race of the event. After an intense race Ben Ainslie (GBR) passed Dan Slater
(NZL) on the line to get ahead by one point before Tuesday’s medal race.
With Pieter Jan Postma (NED) climbing to 3rd and Jonas Hoegh-Christensen
(DEN) in 4th position after a 9th in today’s race, the top 4 contenders are
within 10 points going into the final Medal race. On the outside looking in
will be Canadian Chris Cook, who is in fifth, but 27 points off the lead. --
Event website:

* Melbourne, Australia (January 28, 2008): The second of three days of Gold
and Silver flight racing was held at the 470 World Championship, with one
day remaining before the medal race for the top ten to be held on Wednesday.
Currently leading the men is Alvaro Marinho/ Miguel Nunes (POR), with top
North Americans Stu McNay/ Graham Biehl moving up the board to 21st place.
On the women’s side, the North American contingent is looking strong, with
Erin Maxwell/ Isabelle Kinsolving (USA) leading and Amanda Clark/ Sarah
Mergenthaler (USA) in seventh. -- Event website:

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At first, it seemed like an impossible task. But just months after launching
a campaign to get a sailing event called women's match racing included in
the 2012 Olympics, local organizers of the effort learned that they'd
achieved their goal. Thanks to an international ad campaign planned and
executed by Zimmerman Design Office in Sheboygan (WI), the International
Sailing Federation voted last November to include the sport in the 2012
Olympics in London. The idea came from sailing enthusiast Terry Kohler, 73,
owner of Windway Capital Corp. and North Sails, who decided to get involved
after talking to professional sailors last spring while in Spain for the
America’s Cup.

Since there is only room for 10 sailing events in the Olympics, women's
match racing could only be included if something else got bumped. That's
where the advertising came in. Kohler turned to ZDO, which does a lot of
work for Windway and North Sails. Owner Bryon Zimmerman and his staff put
together glossy ads to run in the three biggest sailing magazines, asking
people to call their ISAF representative and lobby for the inclusion of
women's match racing in the Olympics. "There really was a ground-swell of
responses to the ads," Zimmerman said. "It was so fast and furious. I think
people were passionate about it. The international ad campaign helped. All
those elements … are what got it in." -- The Sheboygan Press, read on:

by Cory E. Friedman, Scuttlebutt legal consultant
(January 28, 2008) Behind every litigation there is a screw-up. Make that
more than one in this AC litigation. Although clients are the originators of
the most ingenious and creative screw-ups, it is usually the lawyers trying
to get their clients out of their messes that bear the brunt of the
criticism. Clients do not fall on their swords. Lawyers do. That is why it
was adios White & Case, former “best lawyers” of Société Nautique Genève
(SNG). Until now, the screw-up that dominated the litigation was the
creation of the obviously bogus Club Nautico Español de Vela (CNEV) as
Challenger of Record. The honor of center stage now passes to the now
infamous “keel yacht” challenge, which threatens to snatch defeat from the
jaws of victory for Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC). As John Rousmaniere and
others have noted, inquiries regarding how the obviously misplaced “keel”
wound up before “yacht” in GGYC’s challenge have brought forth only
enigmatic responses from GGYC. Buried in the latest blizzard of papers lies
the answer.

Barry Ostrager’s Affirmation was filed Monday and is on the web, without its
fairly extensive exhibits. Exhibit H of that Affirmation is the 15 July 1987
Mercury Bay challenge. The GGYC challenge is obviously copied word for word
from that challenge. Everything is exactly the same, the title, format,
everything. The only differences are that Commodore Marcus Young is
substituted for Humphrey Michael Gerard Fay and the dimensions are
different. Each one goes on to “certify the details set out below as to the
name, rig and specified dimension of the keel yacht to represent [the
challenging club] in a match for the America’s Cup to be sailed in
accordance with the Notice of Challenge herewith.” Thus, someone familiar
with the Mercury Bay challenge obviously copied the Mercury Bay challenge
verbatim without realizing that “keel” was superfluous and could only lead
to trouble. That trouble has arrived. It also explains the bind GGYC’s
lawyers are in. – Read on:

Open 60 doublehanded round the world race (started Nov 11; 25,000-miles)

(Day 79 – January 28, 2008) The fight to get on the podium in Barcelona is
intensifying as Mutua Madrileña has taken more miles out of Temenos II over
the past 24 hours. At one stage overnight, the delta was down to just 20
miles, before Temenos II stretched away to 44 miles today. Considering their
current speed of 8.5 knots, and the much higher potential given the right
conditions, leads are hardly safe for long. The battle at the head of the
fleet is much closer as well, with Hugo Boss having gained over 300 miles on
leading Paprec-Virbac 2 since Friday afternoon. But with the doldrums
looming ahead for Hugo Boss, they aren’t expecting to keep up this recent
pace of impressive gains. --

Positions at 18:00 GMT (+gain/-loss from leader since previous day)
1-Paprec-Virbac 2, Jean-Pierre Dick/ Damian Foxall, 2,633 nm DTF (+173)
2-Hugo Boss, Alex Thomson/ Andrew Cape, 531 nm DTL (+116)
3-Temenos II, Dominique Wavre/ Michéle Paret, 1,643 (-27)
4-Mutua Madrilena, Javier Sanso Windmann/ Pachi Rivero, 1,687 (-32)
5-Educación sin Fronteras, Servane Escoffier/ Albert Bargues, 2,915 (+71)
Retired - PRB, Vincent Riou / Sébastien Josse (broken mast)
Retired -Delta Dore, Jérémie Beyou/ Sidney Gavignet (broken mast)
Retired - Estrella Damm, Guillermo Altadill/ Jonathan McKee, (rudder damage)
Retired - Veolia Environnement, Roland Jourdain/Jean-Luc Nélias (broken

Melges did rock Acura Key West last week with 27 Melges 32’s racing and 46
Melges 24’s on the starting line. Not only was the sailing exciting, but so
was the ‘Melges Rocks’ party on Wednesday night that attracted all of the
Melges class sailors along with many others that wanted to get in on the
action! A big thank you from Melges to all those that made the journey down
to one of the hottest sailing events of the year. Melges Rocks! Please look
into the Melges 32, Melges 24, the all new Melges 20, along with our many
other boats. --

* Jules Verne Trophy (crewed circumnavigation around the three capes):
(Day 5 – January 28, 2008; 18:56 UTC) Since sunrise, the 103-foot maxi
trimaran Groupama 3has found its wings once more. Under gennaker in fine
NE'ly tradewinds of 18 knots on slight seas, the giant trimaran was able to
rack up average speeds of over 27 knots! This fifth day at sea has born
witness to a cracking pace, and the equator is now no more than 950 miles
ahead as of Monday lunchtime. With stronger tradewinds Monday afternoon,
they expect to pass the equator prior to sunrise on January 30th, and
current weather models show things are shaping up nicely for the Southern
hemisphere. --

* Route de l'Or (crewed route from New York to San Francisco):
(Day 11 – January 28, 2008; 10:32 UTC) Since exiting the Doldrums, the
conditions over the past few days threw a kink in the 110-foot
maxi-catamaran Gitana 13’s attempt at the record from New York to San
Francisco, but the situation improved significantly Monday afternoon. Team
Gitana was rewarded for its efforts and patience in the form of a
southeasterly wind current, with Gitana 13 cruising again at 25-30 knots.
Over the next few days, the strategy adopted by skipper Lionel Lemonchois
and his crew of nine will consist of skirting around the west side of the
Saint Helena high-pressure system—which is very broad in the southern
summer—by sailing along the coast of Uruguay and Argentina. --

From watching sailboats off the beach of his native Barbados as a young boy
to now training for the Olympics, with an impressive list of performances at
international sailing events to his credit, 17-year-old Gregory Douglas is a
hot prospect and up-and-coming Caribbean sailing star in the Laser class. “I
loved to go to the beach when I was growing up,” Gregory explains. “Then
after my Dad and I took a sailing course together when I was nine years old,
I started sailing Optimist dinghies. What I loved, and love, most is just
being out on the water. It’s different every time you go out and that’s what
makes it fun as well as challenging.”

Gregory showed an aptitude for sailing right away. He and his family,
launched into international competitions – including the 2002, 2003 and 2004
Optimist Worlds - that helped him learn skills that are tough to acquire
where big fleets aren’t found. “Sailing at the highest level in the Optimist
inspired Gregory to follow the path of many successful Optimist sailors to
the Olympics,” says his dad, Peter. “The percentage of medalists at the
Games being former Optimist sailors has been steadily increasing over recent
years, reaching 78 percent at the Athens Olympics.” A gain of 20 pounds in
weight and four inches in height over one year in 2005 led Gregory to make
the switch from Optimists to Lasers. -- Read on,

* Reigning InterClub National Champions John and Molly Baxter representing
Larchmont Yacht Club (NY) dominated their A Division rivals at the 2008
InterClub Midwinters. Eleven races were sailed in each division of this
classic college-style regatta, with the Baxters winning 7 of them in the
light to moderate conditions. The contest was tighter in the B division,
with "Dans" Pletsch and Maggie Lumkes a bit deeper in the standings, but
staying close enough in points to secure the regatta win for the Larchmont
team. -- Complete report with results:

* The official Notice of Race for the 2008 Newport Bermuda Race is now
available online. Additionally, details about Safety at Sea seminars, safety
inspection checklists and forms, and Royal Bermuda Yacht Club berth
reservations forms. More than 117 boats have already applied for entry for
the race, which starts in Newport, Rhode Island on June 20. For these
details and more, or to complete an Application for Entry, visit

* The Yacht Show at National Harbour will be launched in June this year,
taking place on the Potomac River adjacent to Washington DC in the US.Held
from June 5-8 at National Harbour's marina facility, the Yacht Show is
exclusively for new, brokerage and charter yachts greater than 60ft (18m) in
overall length, which will be displayed in the water. -- IBI Magazine, read

* Holt Allen hardware — produced by British sailboat equipment manufacturer
Allen Brothers — will now be sold under the brand name Allen. The same range
will be available from Allen hardware as was available from Holt Allen, and
the same team will continue to create the products. -- IBI Magazine, read

* US Sailing has announced the Umpire Seminar schedule for 2008, with
seminars providing training for aspiring umpires and match racers. The
schedule is Long Beach CA, February 9; St. Petersburg FL, April 9; Newport
RI, May 29; and Sheboygan WI, June 19. --

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