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SCUTTLEBUTT 1719 - November 26, 2004

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Secrecy and high security has surrounded the local design and building of
South Africa's first state-of-the-art America's Cup class racing yacht
which started this week at an undisclosed boat yard near Cape Town.
Building of the new 25 metre ultra hi-tech racing machine involves advanced
"oven baked" construction techniques, while the structure itself has
evolved from leading edge designs incorporating aerospace technology and
research similar to that used in both aircraft and Formula One racing cars.

The yacht, which will be launched in April next year, will serve as a
tune-up racing yacht for the South African America's Cup Team Shosholoza
and replace the current yacht Shosholoza RSA 48 which was always only
intended for crew sail training. The tune-up yacht will also be used as a
development boat for a second new race yacht which will incorporate
considerable more research, intensive tank testing and computer modelling.
This second new yacht will be launched in 2006 and continuously developed
through 2006 and into 2007 when Team Shosholoza will race in the America's
Cup proper off Valencia in Spain.

Responsible for the design of the new yachts is a local team of naval
architects led by leading British yacht designer Jason Ker. The highly
skilled team includes specialist engineers, fluid dynamicists, experts in
composite structures and other software experts previously involved in the
South African aerospace industry. "The tune-up yacht will effectively
provide Team Shosholoza with a faster boat to race against the leading
teams on a more level playing field, while also giving the design and
construction teams a "dry run" for the final race-boat," said Ker.

(Ellen MacArthur talked with The Daily Sail editor James Boyd about her
most momentous challenge to date - the solo round the world record. Here's
an excerpt.)

As with the Vendee Globe one of the principle ingredients to success in a
round the world record attempt are to prevent breakage, be it terminal that
would require the boat to pull out or bad enough to require time out for
repairs and for it to affect the future speed of the boat. Thorough
preparation helps minimize breakage.

Ellen says that there are a whole host of 'what if' scenarios that she and
her team have tried to second guess and find solutions to since they first
sat down with Nigel Irens and Benoit Cabaret to design B&Q Castorama.
"We've tried to remove as many of those 'what ifs' as we can on the boat
side. We've taken the engine out, we've checked out how to change the
rudders, I know how to climb the mast, I've got my kit sorted out, just to
make sure I am as ready as I ever can be." Preparing for any eventuality is
the key - not only to ensure Ellen breaks the record but also for safety's
sake, so that she makes it home. To give some examples: There are crash
bulkheads in each of the three hulls in case of a collision; her
daggerboard is raked aft to such an extent that anything it snares should
simply fall off the bottom; the central rudder is lifting while the rudders
in the floats are sacrifical and Ellen will be carrying spare blades with
her. - James Boyd, The Daily Sail,

CALENDAR OF MAJOR EVENTS (Sponsored by West Marine)
Events listed at

One of the country's most famous and important boats was thrown a lifeline.
Gipsy Moth IV took Sir Francis Chichester around the world and earned him a
knighthood. Since then she has been slowly rotting away in a dry dock in
Greenwich. After months of campaigning, Yachting Monthly can announce that
they have secured the backing of her guardians, The Maritime Trust, to set
her on a course that we hope will see her sail around the world once more.
The United Kingdom Sailing Academy has agreed to manage the restoration and
consequent upkeep of Gipsy Moth and she was craned out of her concrete
tomb. She will now be taken to Camper and Nicholsons, the yard that built
her, for a thorough survey. /

Russian explorer Fedor Konyukhov left Falmouth's Kings Wharf dock Wednesday
morning to begin his epic round-the-world voyage. Fedor Konyukhov is the
most recognised Russian explorer in the world who is also an artist, and
journalist. He has written eight books, painted over 3,000 pictures and
carried out 40 unique expeditions and ascents. His travels all over the
globe include three visits to the North Pole and one to the South Pole and
he has spent over 1,000 days solo voyaging.

His 85 foot maxi yacht, Alye Parusa, is the largest of its kind in the
world and was built in 1999 in France. He is to attempt to break the record
for the fastest single-handed non stop round the world voyage. It is the
first time that a yacht of this size has been sailed single-handed and a
small bit of the museum will be sailing with him. -

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Did your club run an outstanding multi-class regatta this year? Is there an
exceptional person who was responsible for making your one-design fleet
grow? You still have time to provide appropriate recognition, because
nominations for one of US Sailing's five one-design awards remain open
until December 1. The award categories are:
- Service award
- Leadership award
- Creativity award
- One-design multi-class regional regatta of the year
- One-design yacht club of the year

Award guidelines and nomination procedures are online:

Olympic yachting gold medallist Ben Ainslie hates losing but he wasn't too
distraught yesterday when he was beaten by Team New Zealand skipper Dean
Barker on the opening day of the New Zealand match racing championships.
Barker and Briton Ainslie, who is Emirates Team New Zealand's new
strategist, are first and second in the four-day regatta on the Waitemata
Harbour. With just five flights completed in the fluky conditions of
Westhaven Marina, Barker was unbeaten in all of his five races while
Ainslie slipped up just once - against Barker.

Ainslie, who has now moved to Auckland for Team New Zealand's summer
training programme which starts next week, has the syndicate's afterguard
coach Rod Davis sailing alongside him. "There are not many people more
experienced than Rod. I am sure I must be frustrating for him at times
seeing the obvious mistakes but I think you have to make mistakes to learn
from them. - NZPA,,2106,3108804a1823,00.html

Day One Results:
Dean Barker, 5-0
Ben Ainslie, 4-1
Bertrand Pace, 4-1
Scott Dickson, 3-2
Michael Dunstan, 3-2
Cameron Dunn, 2-3
Simon Minorrio, 2-3
Chris Dickson, 1-4
Laurie Jury, 1-4
Adam Minoprio, 0-5

Event website:

You need a bit of luck to win the Vendée Globe solo round-the-world race,
and this week that luck has been with the two leaders, Jean le Cam in
Bonduelle and Vincent Riou's PRB. We could see from the data on Monday
there was a new breeze ahead and it was question of who could just manage
to stay on it and who would fall off. We now know.

There are 20 boats in the race, and, as we make our way towards South
Africa, the leading pack of six or seven has shrunk to just two. It is a
real possibility that this break could be decisive. It might be worth as
much as two days by the time we get to the first Southern Ocean waypoint. -
Mike Golding on board 'Ecover' as published by the Daily Telegraph:

Leaders at 1900 GMT November 25:
1. Bonduelle, Jean Le Cam
2. PRB, Vincent Riou, 1.3 miles to leader
3. VMI, Sébastien Josse, 260 mtl
4. Sill Véolia, Roland Jourdain, 270 mtl
5. Ecover, Mike Golding, 333 mtl
6. Hugo Boss, Alex Thomson, 536 mtl
7. Hellomoto, Conrad Humphreys, 582 mtl
8. Virbac-Paprec, Jean-Pierre Dick, 609 mtl
9. Temenos, Dominique Wavre, 627 mtl
10. Arcelor Dunkerque, Joé Seeten, 630 mtl
11. Pro-Form, Marc Thiercelin, 632 mtl
12. Skandia, Nick Moloney, 651 mtl
13. UUDS, Hervé Laurent, 681 mtl
14 VM Matériaux, Patrice Carpentier, 704 mtl
15. Ocean Planet, Bruce Schwab, 863 mtl

Event website:

"I'm spending 100% of my day motivating myself, had some good days, had
some tough days. Today is a tough day" - Nick Moloney, Skandia

At a press conference on held Wednesday, ABN AMRO skipper Mike Sanderson,
and technical director, Roy Heiner introduced the following members of
their international team for the 2005-06 Volvo Ocean Race:

- Stan Honey - Navigator (USA)
- Brad Jackson - Watch Captain (NZL) (New Zealand Endeavour/Merit Cup/Tyco)
- Tony Mutter - Helmsman Trimmer (NZL) (Swedish Match/Team SEB)
- David Endean - Trimmer Pitman (NZL) (Tyco)
- Jan Dekker - Bowman (FR) (Merit Cup/Tyco)
- Robert Greenhalgh - Helmsman Trimmer (UK)
- Justin Slattery - Bowman (IRE) (News Corp)

Most recently, American Stan Honey has been identified with Steve Fossett's
campaigns on PlayStation and with Roy Disney's Pyewacket program. However,
Honey took some time off from professional sailing last year to do the
Transpac Race with his wife on their Cal 40, Illusion - where they won
class honors and finished third overall -

Raider RIBs have a perfect yacht club tender. This 22-foot Raider 665 is
the ultimate tender for a yacht club, a sailing program or a sail coach.
The 665 is a center console, deep V hull with a 115 horsepower 4-stroke
Yamaha engine, a galvanized trailer, towing post, and it even has an
enclosed head. The Raider 665 is available for immediate delivery with
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* 2004 was a remarkable year for US sailors: Olympic medals for Paul
Foerster and Kevin Burnham (470 Men's Gold), and Johnny Lovell and Charlie
Ogletree (Tornado Silver); world championship titles for Jens Hookanson
(J/24), Alec Cutler (J/22), Jim Richardson (Farr 40), Sally Barkow (women's
match racing), Morgan Larson/ Trevor Baylis (505) and Stephen Shepstone
(Sonar); not to mention national titles for Eric Gesner (Thistle) and Cory
Sertl (women's match racing), to name just a few. Nominations for the 2004
Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year Awards close November 30, 2004.
Submit your nomination now at

*Record breaking, solo round the world yachtswoman, Emma Richards received
her MBE Thursday in recognition of her remarkable achievements in sailing.
On 4th May 2003, Richards sailed into the record books as the youngest
person and first British woman to complete the 29,000 mile solo round the
world yacht race, Around Alone onboard her 60 foot yacht 'Pindar.' Emma was
at sea for over 135 days on her own during which she survived a hurricane.

* Forecasters are predicting conditions might be right for Ellen MacArthur
aboard her trimaran B&Q to start her solo, non-stop, round the world record
attempt as early as Sunday. There's now a 60 per cent chance of leaving
within the next five days as the standby mode changes from red to amber.
Commanders' Weather, the organization which tracks systems, waiting for
them to line up in the ideal pattern suggests that high pressure developing
north west and north of the Azores on Saturday and Sunday will produce good
conditions. - Yachting World,

(Letters selected for publication must include the writer's name and may be
edited for clarity or space - 250 words max. This is not a chat room nor a
bulletin board - you only get one letter per subject, so give it your best
shot and don't whine if others disagree.)

* From Stan Gibbs: Russell Bowler uses a very broad brush to paint the
picture of the demise of the first generation TP52 and seems to question
the validity of the box rule TP52 boats after just one regatta, at one
venue, such as San Francisco Big Boat Series And to single out another
designers boat is imponderable, being that he is "Bruce Farr's Main Partner"

If he is going to base judgment on race tally sheets without knowing what
happened on the boats in question, it really seems a little unfair, and
very one sided. And he seems to have a short memory being that Rosebud beat
all his boats in the 2004 Bermuda Race and split his Fleet in the Chicago
Mac Race. She is also a first generation boat! The TP52 class is the
ultimate "horses for courses" rule being that no one design is going to
dominate every race venue. This is the second bad press article regarding
the TP52 box rule I've seen on the dailysail, from two different and very
successful IMS designers, could it be they just can't bear to see the
golden egg finely crack?

* From Stevan Johnson: Further Lake
Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg trivia - According to my
grandfather who lived on the shore of this fine but unpronounceable lake -
and who was an avid fisherman - the name means "You fish on your side, I
fish on my side and nobody fishes in the middle." A wonderful formula for
peaceful coexistence and resource management.

* From Ted Jones: Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, Mass.
was changed to Lake Webster many years ago. I guess the name was too long
to put on maps and roadside signs. You won't find it anywhere any more
except in a trivia quiz.

* From Zoe Wilde: Regarding NZ sailing news... there is a new forum website
that has lots of info about NZL sailing -

* From Lorne Chapman: I personally had the privilege of sitting on a
protest committee that Steve Tupper chaired involving two young Opti
sailors in their first protest hearing. Steve's coaching the two
participants through the process while resolving the incident was just a
masterful application of kindness and care. They couldn't have had a better
learning experience - as did I. Along with all the ISAF and large regatta
accomplishments Steve seems to make time for anyone who needs his help.

"The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter."
--Mark Twain