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SCUTTLEBUTT 1255 - February 5, 2003

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Tim Kent, the skipper of Everest Horizontal (in the Around Alone Race), has
an amazing disposition; even when times are exceptionally trying Tim's
sense of humor always comes through, so it was especially good news to hear
that Tim has signed a new supporting sponsor.

Jim and Karen Smiley, the sponsors of the Western Bay Finance Race Village
here in Tauranga, were quick to notice that despite Tim's outward
optimistic appearance, that behind the smiles and laughs Tim was more than
a little concerned about finances. To put it mildly, Everest Horizontal is
a campaign running on fumes. In a gesture typical of the kind all the
sailors have received here in Tauranga, Jim pulled Tim aside and made an
unsolicited offer of support. "What this means is that we will now be able
to pay all our bills in full before we leave Tauranga," Tim said. "I can't
thank Jim and Karen enough. They probably have no idea how welcome this
money is right now, but let me tell you, I can get a good nights sleep now."

Western Bay Finance are not the only group to come to the help of Everest
Horizontal. There have been others who have made offers, both big and
small. Brad van Liew, the skipper of Tommy Hilfiger Freedom America, just
signed a sponsorship agreement with Samson Lines. He will completely outfit
his boat with Samson's latest cordage. With that deal in place, Brad looked
around and noticed that his good friend Tim Kent could use some new rigging
for his boat, and in a generous gesture (Tim is after all coming second in
Class 2 behind Brad), he gave Kent all his spare rigging. "Tim should be
able to completely outfit his boat with new gear, and I am happy to help,"
Brad said. "If anyone deserves support it's Tim."

Van Liew was not the only one to step up to the plate. Henry Lloyd, one of
the world's best foul weather gear suppliers, has offered Kent a new set of
wet weather gear to replace the set that got ruined by the soot in his
cabin. Unfortunately they could not get the new gear to New Zealand in time
for the start of Leg 4, and so a quick arrangement was made. Henry Lloyd is
also a sponsor of Emma Richards and her team, and in a nice gesture, Robin
Gray, Pindar's team manager, offered to give Tim his (practically brand
new) set of foul weather gear. "I always imagined that one day I would have
logo'd foul weather gear," Tim said with a smile. "I just thought it would
have Everest Horizontal on it not Pindar!" - Brian Hancock, Around Alone
website, full story:

British doctor Stuart Hudson and his band of Pirates are fighting their
fellow countrymen and women for a place in the Team Racing World
Championship semifinals in Auckland. The New Forest Pirates, otherwise
known as Great Britain 1, and the Spinnaker Club, or Great Britain 2, have
sailed to the top of the leaderboard after two rounds of racing in the gold

But even if both teams remain in the top three at the end of the third
round-robin tomorrow, only one of them can progress to the semifinals under
the Team Racing World Championship rules. Once the boats reach the next
phase of the regatta, it comes down to nations rather than individual teams
- each country can only have one team in the semis.

That rule could give a much needed lifeline to defending champions, New
Zealand, who has fallen off the pace in the last two days of racing to slip
to the bottom half of the gold fleet. The United States teams are in a
similar predicament to the British, with one of them to be knocked out even
though they are both in semifinal contention.

At the end of round robin three tomorrow, the top three nations will
automatically go through to the semifinals, while the next three countries
will race the top nation from the silver fleet in a repechage to find the
last semifinalist. -

STANDINGS - Team Racing Worlds Gold Fleet:
- Great Britain 2, 10 wins 3 losses
- USA 2, 10-4
- Great Britain 1, 9-4
- USA 1, 9-5
- New Zealand 1, 7-7
- Ireland 1, 4-10
- Australia 1, 2-10
- Netherlands, 2-10

Most Ockam components are fully service supported and in many cases
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The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Management Committee decided
that events for intellectually disabled athletes will not be included in
the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games. This decision was taken because the
revised system for testing athletes' eligibility submitted by the
International Sports Federation for Persons with an Intellectual Disability
(INAS-FID) did not meet the conditions required by the IPC.

The Athens 2004 Paralympic Games event programme was set in October 2002 in
order to meet the timelines for the organisation of the Games. INAS-FID was
granted an extended deadline of 31 January 2003 to meet the conditions set
by the IPC 2001 General Assembly after several athletes were found guilty
of cheating at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games by wrongly claiming to have
an intellectual disability.

The IPC's conditions require athletes to present primary rather than
secondary documentation of their eligibility, for INAS-FID to create and
test a sport-specific eligibility system and for athletes with an
intellectual disability to participate at Paralympic Games under the same
protest rules as all other athletes. - ISAF website, full story:

AC 2006
The Blackheart campaign has put paid to any hope that the next America's
Cup campaign will be held in New Zealand if Alinghi wins the cup. This is
the view of Dunedin yachting guru Martin Balch, who has been working in
Auckland during the cup campaign.

There had been talk that Alinghi would bring the next campaign back to
Auckland because the infrastructure was already in place. "That idea is now
buried because of BlackHeart," Balch said.

The American syndicate OneWorld has said it would not return to Auckland
for a future campaign. "I'm saddened by what has happened this year. It has
done a lot of damage to New Zealand," Balch said. - Alistair Mcmurran,
Otago Daily Times, full story:,2106,2229356a3845,00.html

January 25 - The Van Nostrand Challenge Cup had been raced only twice since
1889, when a wealthy Hudson Valley ice yachtsman, Gardiner Van Nostrand,
donated a Tiffany silver cup to be kept by the winning team of each year's
race. At that time, ice boats were the fastest vessels on earth, reaching
more than 100 miles an hour in a strong wind.

But the first and only winner of the cup, the North Shrewsbury Ice Boat and
Yacht Club here, had been loath to risk it after winning in 1891. After
defending it successfully only once, in 1978, the club kept the cup locked
away in a jeweler's safe.

The commodore of the New Jersey club recently shocked many of his members
by accepting a challenge from the Hudson River Ice Yacht Club. The Hudson
boatmen had long resented the New Jersey team's refusal to risk the cup.
They were eager for their chance to win it back

The two teams had agreed to race only the old-fashioned wooden boats known
as gaff rigs, some of them a century old. From a distance, the rigs
resemble 19th-century schooners, with dark spruce masts and tall
parchment-colored sails. Up close, they are more like gigantic wooden
crossbows, with a long main beam and a transverse spar running across it
for stability. - Robert Worth, New York Times. If you want to learn who won
this prestigious prize:

Congratulations to our customers and their crews for their outstanding
performances at Key West Race Week. 1st and Boat of the Week!; Zuni Bear
(J-105); 2nd Wet Leopard (J-105); 1st Bad Boys (C-28R); 1st New Wave (PHRF
4); 2nd Beautiful World (PHRF 4); 1st Defiance (PHRF 6); 1st* Blu Moon
(Melges 24); 2nd* JBird III (PHRF 2); 2nd* Blur (PHRF 9). If you are ready
for the Ullman Sails speed advantage now, call your nearest Ullman Sails
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* denotes partial Ullman Sails Inventory

* GERONIMO: The Cap Gemini and Schneider Electric trimaran has been heading
further North since yesterday, traveling from 50° south to 45° south over
the last 36 hours in an attempt to minimize the impact of an enormous
weather front. Geronimo covered 422 nautical miles on Day 24 of her Jules
Verne Trophy attempt. In these waters, the crew wear special Fujinon night
vision goggles whenever they're on night watch. Human concentration is
still the last line of defense against an unwanted meeting with an iceberg.
Returning northwards from 50°S lengthens Geronimo's route, but reduces her
risk of collision, at the same time as giving her an advantageous position
in relation to the low pressure area. On Day 24 of the journey, Geronimo is
1248 miles ahead of Orange's record.

* KINGFISHER2: The trace winds are behaving themselves again, the breeze
kicked back again yesterday evening, and Ellen MacArthur hopes that
Kingfisher2 should be at the Equator 2 days from now, just under a 1000
miles away. The record time of Geronimo to the Equator (6d 11h) is not
going to be beaten for this leg, but they have set their sights on beating
Orange's time of 7 days 22h, and the previous ENZA record of 7d 4h (ie pass
the Equator before 1048gmt on Thursday).

The key tactical issue is to determine exactly where to cross the area of
no wind near the Equator, that is known as the Doldrums. Weather router
Meeno Schrader with Ellen have for the moment an aim of crossing between 26
and 27 degrees west ­ where winds looks favourable. After that they must
then work out how to cross the giant anticyclone spreading across the
entire South Atlantic (St.Helena high) that is blocking their route to the

Kingfisher2 Day 5 Summary:
- 11 hours 36 minutes behind Orange
- DAY 5 24-hour run: Kingfisher2 395 nm, Orange 467 nm, Geronimo 526 nm
- End DAY 5 distance to go: KF2 - 22704 nm, Orange - 22523 nm, Geronimo -
22465 nm

(The following quotes are excerpts from an interview with Eric Doyle posted
on the New Orleans YC website.)

"The Stars and Stripes program I was involved with (in 1999-2000) was
great, small time with a very close team. We only had one boat, not much
money and we just had to go out and do the best we could with what we had.
It was great because we did pretty well with a less than stellar boat and
the whole group of people that were involved was awesome."

"Going to Oracle BMW from Team Dennis Conner can best be described as going
from a family organization to a corporate giant. We really didn't want for
anything for the racing program. Everything is magnified by a factor of
ten, however this includes both good and bad problems. It's great when the
money is available early on and if you have an idea you can present it to
the team, act upon and then develop it because you have the resources."

* "My thoughts on the hula are that if you buy into it from the beginning
and design your hull shape including it; it is probably a good thing. The
differences in speed are very small and it could be the difference for Team
NZ. Having said that, it will probably come down to the conditions, as
everything is a trade off. An upwind speedster can't be a downwind flyer. A
heavy air boat won't go in the light. Someone will have an advantage
somewhere but only when the conditions warrant."

* "Next for me is back to California with my wife and new baby boy, and
then back in my star boat. On that boat, if I want to tack, I just push the
tiller away from me. If I want to go right, I go right. If I want the main
a little tighter, I just pull the sheet. I am trying to put the pieces in
place for another run at the Olympic trials which are next May in Miami,
Fl. I have a new boat on order; I just have to raise the money to do the
whole campaign properly. Some big boat sailing in between, hopefully some
Farr 40 stuff which I really enjoy." - Full interview:

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will launch a new website this week. On
the new site, users can find out about the latest developments regarding
the World Anti-Doping Code, WADA's outreach program, and the World
Conference on Doping in Sport, which will take place March 3-5 in
Copenhagen, Denmark.

Visitors can also link directly to The True Game, WADA's interactive game
aimed at educating athletes regarding doping, and the Passport program, an
initiative through which athletes can demonstrate their commitment to
doping-free sport. The new site will be available beginning February 5 at
Report from the ISAF website,

Aramid's rigging specialists will be at our fully equipped 40-foot service
trailer, daily, in the Monty's parking lot, next to SORC race headquarters.
If you'll be racing in Miami, stop by for your free Chums™ sunglass
holders, and let us take care of all your rigging needs. Our daily on-site
service includes: high performance cordage and LOUPS™, Kevlar stays, PBO
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trailer near Monty's

* The 5th International Sailing Summit (ISS), was held January 22-23 in
Geelong, Australia. One hundred global sailing leaders from both the sport
and industry on hand to discuss the issues facing sailing and to develop
strategies for increasing participation in sailing worldwide. Some outcomes
include the development of the United Kingdom Sailing Association, dialogue
with the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) to encourage the ISAF to
reevaluate its previous racing-only focus to include recreational sailing,
and the raising of AUD$35,000 for the not-for-profit organization
Sailability to fund development of a facility in Greece to allow access to
disabled sailors. -

* Thistle Midwinters West, Mission Bay YC - Final Results (29 boats): 1)
Mike Ingham 18pts; 2) Skip Dieball 18.5pts; 3) Mike Gillum 28.5pts; 4) Ron
Smith 33.5pts; 5) Mike Poltorak 46pts;

* DN world Championship, Lake Champlain, Valcour, NY - Final results (128
boats from 12 countries): 1, Karol Jablonski, 11; 2. Thomas Karlsson, 14;
3. Ron Sherry, 16; 4. Bernd Zeiger, 20; 5. Tomas Lindgren, 26. -

* Jere Sullivan has been named the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center's
'Sailor of the Year.' An avid sailor for nearly 70 years, Sullivan's
accomplishments include wins of two Chicago to Mackinac races, and five
overall Queens' Cup race wins. Mr. Sullivan is also a major contributor to
Wisconsin Lake Schooner Education Association's tall ship, the Denis
Sullivan, named after his great-grandfather, a Great Lakes schooner captain
at the turn of the 19th century. -

* Seattle, Washington ­ Over 75 boats jammed the Leschi waterfront of
Lake Washington to participate in the Seattle Laser Fleet's annual Frigid
Digit Regatta, Feb 1-2, 2003. The Lasers, Laser Radials, and Optimists were
treated to mild temperatures in the high 40's with winds from 12- 3 knots.
Carl Buchan successfully defended his 2002 title by winning the 7 race
series. Andrew Vance, 2nd. Bill Symes, 3rd, Al Clark, 4th, and Brendan
Fahey, 5th. Top Radial Finisher: Kevin Grierson, 1st, Abe Torchinsky, 2nd,
Jim Johnstone 3rd.

* February 10 is the deadline to register for the 2003 Acura SORC,
February 26 - March 2, in Miami Beach, FL. The fleet will be racing under
IMS, PHRF, as well as one-design classes and Multihulls classes. -

(Letters selected for publication must include the writer's name and may be
edited for clarity or space - 250 words max. This is not a chat room or a
bulletin board - you only get one letter per subject, so give it your best
shot and don't whine if others disagree.)

* From Chris Welsh: I may be missing something, but how does Howie Hamlin
who won the 18' Skiff Worlds in 2002 and and again in 2003 get ranked #2 in
the world ranking list for the class? Seems to me, the World Championship
results are the world ranking list...especially when a guy does it twice in
a row...

* From Fredrick Rothwell: According to recent press reports, the TNZ
Trustees were going to 'set the record straight' about Russell Coutts'
claims several days ago. What's happening? Are the spin doctors having a
problem building a case?

* From Joe Schulz-Heik: Where is the reply from TNZ former and present
trustees and management? Even if some items stated should be disputable,
these are very heavy allegations. How can the trustees and management of
TNZ stand by and allow Black Heart and others to smear the reputation of
Russell Coutts, Brad Butterworth and others for so long?

Messrs. Coutts, Butterworth & Co. may be the lucky ones in the end for not
having gotten involved with such a convoluted Trust arrangement. With these
latest revelations, let's hope the "Hula' will not result in a lopsided AC
and the Cup goes to Europe. Update the Nationality requirements for the AC
and participation will be enlarged and racing will be gaining!

Definition of a will: A dead giveaway.