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SCUTTLEBUTT EXTRA - December 27, 2002

Generally we only send out a 'Scuttlebutt Extra' when we have some major
news that simply cannot wait until the next regular issue. That is not
quite the case this time. This 'Butt Extra is a very necessary test of the
new Scuttlebutt mail server.

We've just transferred the 17,000+ e-mail addresses on the Scuttlebutt
mailing list from the server in Vancouver, B.C. to SAIC's
ListManager server located in Piscataway, NJ. We've been testing the SAIC
server for several weeks now, but never under full load. We hope you'll
forgive this intrusion, but we really did not want Monday's issue of
Scuttlebutt to be our first test run.

As many of you know, Scuttlebutt started just over five years ago as a
hobby of mine. Initially it was just an occasional e-mail that I sent to a
few dozen Southern California sailing friends.

Late in 1999, I partnered with, which provided valuable support
to our growth. They supplied the technology for timely on-line
distribution, and David McCreary expertly provided invaluable editorial and
administrative support.

Scuttlebutt has obviously outgrown the hobby stage, and the more I thought
about the future, the more I saw a need to create a stronger structure for
the publication. This new alliance with SAIC has provided a wonderful
opportunity to create that structure and provide the increased focus
necessary to improve our publication.

I simply cannot close this letter without thanking for the
enormous help and support they've provided during these past years. I
particularly want to thank David McCreary for the huge role he's played in
the past growth of our newsletter. This association has been very good for

We also want to thank our loyal advertisers who have made it possible to
bring you Scuttlebutt each day without charge. Be assured, we have no plans
whatsoever to change our 'free-delivery' business model.

And now I look forward to working with SAIC to move Scuttlebutt to the next
level. That new era begins on Monday with Scuttlebutt 1229.

The Curmudgeon

Scuttlebutt now has a new e-mail address:
I hope publicists and PR folks will make a note of this, because the old
address will simply not be getting the immediate attention it once received.

Also, the resources of SAIC have made it possible for us to have a website
fully dedicated to Scuttlebutt. You'll always find the current issue posted
there, as well as a complete archive of back issues. Additionally, the new
website provides an on-line means to subscribe and to unsubscribe: