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SCUTTLEBUTT #324 - May 17, 1999

San Diego YC reclaimed the prized Lipton Cup by beating teams from a dozen other Southern California yacht clubs. Reigning Melges 24 world champion Vince Brun skippered the SDYC entry to an overwhelming 12 point victory. The seven-race regatta was hosted by the defending champions, Coronado YC, and sailed in Schock 35s.

Final results: 1. San Diego YC (Hot Spur) Vince Brun (14) 2. Coronado YC (Wild Thing) Rick Harris (26) 3. California YC (Ricochet) Bob Little (33) 4. Balboa YC (Mischief) Dave Ullman (34) 5. Santa Barbara YC (Wings) Ken Kieding (36) 6. Coronado Cays YC (Shillelagh) Andy Fulz (42) 7. Del Rey YC (Whistler) Claudia Wainer (44) 8. Newport Harbor (Outlier) Scott Mason (51) 9. Alamitos Bay YC (Super Gnat) Peter Allen (66) 10. Channel Islands YC (Trouble Maker) Todd Downey (71) 11. Santa Monica YC (White Fang) 12. CCrYC (Piranha) Dave Voss (72) 13. Long Beach YC (Raz Ma Taz) Scott Dickson (76)

In less than six months' time the challenger selection trials start in Auckland for the 30th America's Cup. But in the race to be on the start line, Britain is stuttering and spluttering. Without new support, the British challenge is within a fortnight of foundering.

The British challenge has not been short of technological backing: from British Aerospace, DERA (a commercial offshoot of the Ministry of Defence carrying out evaluation and research), virtual reality computer specialists and computerised engineering consultants. This support has taken a huge slice off the L12-15 million budget. For nearly nine months, the British challenge has been in a position to build a boat, largely thanks to interests in Portland offering a free facility in the former Royal Navy base while composite specialists SP Systems have offered to supply all the carbon fibre and epoxy resins to make the hull and British Aerospace have backed the construction of the rigs.

What has been absent in Britain however is the major cash sponsor to give skipper Lawrie Smith the funds - up to L2.5 million is needed - to run the boat. Three times Spirit have been close to landing the big one, with deals taken to contract stage only to fail because of a late change of heart.

Spirit has stayed afloat since the autumn thanks to a handful of private individuals, "a small number but sufficient for a good dinner party", is how Spirit's managing director Angus Melrose describes them. "They are businessmen first, some of them very prominent, who believe they have got to do this for Britain." - Electronic Telegraph

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Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italia -- Three of the scheduled four races were completed on the final day of the Italian Round of the 49er Grand Prix. The cloudy conditions and wind speeds varying from 6 to 14 knots created some very close racing. Jonathon and Charlie McKee from USA maintained their lead from yesterday and won the final race to take 1st place in this Leg. World Champion Chris Nicholson closed the gap with the leaders, but still finished second overall.

Final Results (24 Boats):
1st Jonathon McKee and Charlie McKee USA11 (McLUBE) 38pts 2nd Chris Nichlson / Danile Phillips AUS1 (BANDOL) 43pts 3rd Alister Richardson / Peter Greenhalgh GBR 38 (Helly Hansen) 68pts 4th Dimitri Deruelle / Philippe Gasparini (Products laitiers) FRA 18 70pts 5th Adam Beashel / Teaque Czislowski AUS2 (Renault) 72 pts

Event site:

VOLVO Cars of North America, sponsor of the 2001 Volvo Ocean Race, is pleased to announce its title sponsorship of the 1999 Volvo Regatta events, a series of 36 charity sailing events held throughout the United States benefiting the Leukemia Society of America. Volvo is the first national title sponsor of the Leukemia Cup regatta series, which was first established in 1993 as a single, local fundraising event in Annapolis, Maryland. The event was strong success, prompting founding committee member and former Americas Cup captain Gary Jobson to establish a national series of events at yacht clubs throughout the country. The series has grown every year since its inception, and has raised more than $2 million for leukemia research. Approximately 3,000 sailors will participate in Volvo Leukemia Cup Regatta events this year.

The Volvo Leukemia Cup Regatta series is part of Volvo Cars' enhanced commitment to sailing, which also includes Volvo's sponsorship of the Volvo Ocean Race, formerly known as the Whitbread. According to Richard Martin, Marketing Manager for Volvo Cars, "We are excited about the relationships we have established between Volvo Cars and sailing, including the Volvo Ocean Race and Leukemia Cup Regatta series. We will be using the Volvo Ocean Race as the foundation of the relationship between Volvo and sailing, and look forward to the Leukemia Cup Regatta series as a way to educate the sailing community about our commitment to the sport."

Final Results (66 boats): 1. Darren Bundock / J. Forbes, AUS, 18 points 2. Roland Gaebler / R. Schwall, GER, 42 3. Mitch Booth / A. Landenberger, AUS, 46 4. Andreas Hagara / W. Moser, AUT, 57 5. Frederic Le Peutrec / O. Douilla, FRA, 62 6. Fernando Leon / J. Ballester, ESP, 63 7. Helge Sach / C. Sach, GER, 65 8. Johannes Polgar / C. Happel, GER, 67 9. Roman Hagara H. Steinacher, AUT, 70 10. Pierre Pennec / Y. Guichard, FRA, 75

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The Pacific Cup Yacht Club announces that West Marine will once again sponsor the 2000 edition of the "Fun Race to Hawaii". The 2000 race is scheduled to begin July 10 - 14 in San Francisco Bay, and finish 2,070 miles away in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii. It is the eleventh running of the event that has been held in even numbered years since 1980. Since that time, the West Marine Pacific Cup race has grown to be the largest transpacific yacht race of its kind.

Every two years the Pacific Cup Yacht Club, along with its sponsor West Marine, conducts this race for about 70 boats ranging in size from 24 to 80 plus feet in length. Many people have dreamt of sailing to Hawaii but have never really pursued it. This way, for safety reasons, they can sail in the company of other racers and pursue their dream. Some are high-tech racing boats, some are low-key cruising boats. Sailors interested in entering the 2000 race should begin planning for it as early as possible, as entries will be limited.

Official website:

The curmudgeon reads all of your e-mail (except jokes) but simply can't publish every letter. Those printed here are routinely edited for clarity, space (250 words max) or to exclude personal attacks.

-- From Ken Brooke -- There are many other avenues for doing what Gary Jobson and Scott Mcleod propose. The America's Cup is unique with it's emphasis on technology and development. Eventually Gary and Scott will get what they want as the tech gaps get smaller and smaller as is inevitable while the class rule stays constant. Nor can I think of a better course than W & L for allowing an attack by a trailing boat but maybe shorter legs and more of 'em might reduce the finishing gap and provide more interest for spectators and commentators. The 1992 Z leg was a disaster and cost the syndicates and organisers lots of shekels. Management by an independent body has much to recommend it but it is difficult to see how such a group could be formed totally free from parochial interests.

-- From Nick Longhurst -- It is quite amazing to see the difference in entries for Pacific Cup and for this year's Transpac, especially in the 50-60 foot range where, as shown in 'Butt #322, there were only four entries. This is an unusual occurrence as in the light of past results that there is always a strong possibility a boat in that size range can collect corrected time honors. I wonder if any of this reluctance to compete is due to a perceived imbalance in the PHRF ratings for those boats based in Southern California. As recent results ( PV Race, Yachting Cup) show, a couple of boats really dominate the fleet. No small wonder at the slow growth rate of the 1D 35 and Farr 40 fleets in California.

-- From Gary Mitchell -- I agree with the now popular sentiment (amoung 'butt devotees) that America's Cup racing would only benefit from fleet racing, the original race format, and the continuation of a developmental rule. But what the pinnicle of our sport really needs is to step up and become the peak of performance which is now dominated by 18, 16, 14 and 12 foot skiffs. We need danger, like the fourth corner at Indy. Why would the average viewer or sailor watch or care when there is no chance for mishap. How about the Lake Garda open forty footers where the only rule is waterline and your boat must be self righting with the sails down? Let's have athletes racing, not cruisers in logos.

Kiwi Rod Davis, coach of the Italian Prada challengers, has left his Remuera home to return to Italy to join the Prada team for the European summer. Before Prada skipper Francesco de Angelers and tactician Torban Grael left Auckland, after their long summer training session out on the gulf, they were engaged in a public relations exercise at Okahu Bay, teaching sailing to pupils from Remuera Primary school. Amongst those involved was Davis' ten year old daughter, Caroline. -- Excerpt from DEFENCE 2000, which is available from -- US $48 per year.

The BOAT/U.S. Santa Maria Cup, Jobson Sailing, Inc. and BOAT/U.S. have put in place an agreement that will guarantee the production and airing of a one-half hour show on the Santa Maria Cup. The show will be aired on July 3, 1999 at 3:30PM on ESPN2.

The Eastport Yacht Club web site has more details, and will post results:

Scott Jackson and his crew aboard the 15 metre ketch Trew Blew were watching their lead being eroded in the cruising division of the 1800-mile Coffs Harbour to Fiji race tonight as they battled to repair a broken steering cable. Trew Blew, representing the Coffs Coast, was then 60 miles north of Middleton Reef, about one-third of the way between the Australian coast and New Caledonia. The crew was expected to have the problem repaired in a matter of hours.

The impressive new sloop Southern X, sailed by Gunther Schmidt-Lindner, was looming as the strongest threat to Trew Blue's position as the handicap leader in the division. With placings calculated on a corrected speed for the course, Trew Blew was then averaging only .06 of a knot more than Southern X.

Strong southeasterly winds throughout the day continued to push the Elliott 56 Fudge on a direct reaching course towards the finish in Suva at an average speed above 10 knots. Fudge was about 250 miles north east of Middleton Reef and 56 miles ahead of Alstar, skippered by 83-year-old Alby Burgin. Fudge was 1000 miles from the finish.

It was obvious that Burgin's tactic was to sail well to the south of the rhumb line in a bid to extract a benefit from the change in wind direction to the east expected within the next 24 hours. Alstar was then third on corrected time in the racing division behind Drina (Michael Thurston) and Ellene (Tony Levett).

Web Page:

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Defending Cal 20 national champion Doug McLean coasted to victory in the Bud Gardner bowl, after winning three of the first four races. However 1996 and 1997 national champion Mark Folkman was always close -- never finishing worse than second place in the five-race regatta. An elderly curmudgeon on social security took a distant third place in this major Cal 20 intersectional regatta that attracted 18 boats to King Harbor YC

Final standings 1. Rigormortis, Doug McLean (7 ?) 2. Station Wagon, Mark Folkman (8 ?) 3. Kaleidoscope, Tom Leweck (17) 4. Lickety Split, Ron Wood & and Vann Wilson (19 ?) 5. Mark Folkman (21)

Chick's Beach extended its lead slightly, winning a hard, upwind tacking duel to Myrtle Beach. Rudee's Rest. was second by about 6 minutes. Both crews left their boats immediately and headed for their rooms. Neither had the energy for conversation on the beach.

Pomodoro came in third after loosing a tacking duel (by 88 seconds) to Rudee's Rest. that lasted for 40 miles. When she landed the crew discovered a 5-inch gash in the starboard hull from a collision with Worrell Bros. spinnaker pole at the start. Hans Meijer came down after a shower to inspect the damage. "We didn't think much about the hulls at all because we figured we wouldn't be able to hang with these guys if there was water in the hull." In fact they had shipped several gallons. Does a few gallons equal 88 seconds? In the spirit of the Worrell 1000, Tyler Smith of Chick's Beach was wielding a grinder and fiberglass, helping to patch the Pomodoro hull.

About the race, Hans said, "It was a beautiful sail today: Upwind, good breeze, double trapped, occasional big seas, and a lot of tacking. I lost count after 40 tacks." The trick today seemed to be to stay near the beach in the north west wind. The seas built up off shore, and there may have been a little bit of a lift by the land. Tybee Island, who came in second yesterday, was seen taking long tacks off shore and lost the fleet.

Worrell Bros. came in fourth. They also tried to stay in shore. They were followed by Tybee Island, Lions International, Big Bros./Big Sisters. As of this writing Turtle, Outer Banks and Team Extreme were still out.

Standings: 1. Chick's Beach (Randy L. Smith / Keith I Notary ) 2. Rudee's Rest. (Brett A. Dryland / Rod J. Waterhouse) 00:08:24 3. Pomodoro (Hans H. Meijer / Brian J. Lambert) 02:59:56 4. Tybee Island 03:32:08 5. Worrell Bros. Rest. 06:02:30

Event website:

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