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SCUTTLEBUTT No. 1119 - July 22, 2002

Scuttlebutt is a digest of yacht racing news of major significance; commentary, opinions, features and dock talk . . . with a North American emphasis. Corrections, contributions, press releases, constructive criticism and contrasting viewpoints are always welcome, but save your bashing and personal attacks for elsewhere.

Chicago, Illinois: Finishing in less than 24 hours, Roy Disney's Pyewacket has broken the mono-hull record by more than two hours and earned first-to-finish honors for the 96th running of The Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac, the world's longest freshwater race.

Pyewacket finished the race in 23 hours 30 minutes and 24 seconds. Pyewacket, a Reichel Pugh 75, beat the mono-hull race record that was set in 1987 by Dick Jennings' Pied Piper - 25 hours 50 minutes 44 seconds. Less than a month ago, Pyewacket shattered the Newport-Bermuda race record.

As of 1:18 Central Daylight Time, 25 boats had reached the 45th Parallel, the southern part of the Manitou Islands on their way up the Lake.

"The Mac" is a handicapped race with three divisions: open, one-design and PHRF (Performance Handicapped Racing Federation). Each division is scored separately and boats compete only with others in their division. As a result, there are three overall winners based on handicapped, corrected time and three The multi-hulled record was set in 1998, by Steve Fossett's Stars and Stripes, which finished in 18:50:32. The race normally takes between 40 to 60 hours to complete.

Follow the race at

Newport, RI: For the 93 teams competing at the New York Yacht Club Race Week at Newport presented by Rolex, today was the perfect ending to a perfect regatta: bright sunshine and 12-15 knot winds on calm seas. Today’s final race capped off three days of competition and seven races in the series for each of 10 one-design classes -- Mumm 30, J/35, J/120, J/105, J/80 and Melges, Farr 40, J/44, 1D35 and Farr 395. Rolex timepieces were also the perfect prize for two skippers turning in outstanding overall performances: Glen Darden of Fort Worth, Texas, skippering the J/105 Hoss, and  Jim Richardson of Newport, R.I., skippering the Farr 40 Barking Mad.

The Mumm 30 class saw some of the tightest competition in any fleet over the past three days, and--going into the final race--less than one point separated the top three boats for the North American Championship.

Jim Bishop from Jamestown, R.I. added the J/44 North American title to his resume today when he won the final and deciding race of the J/44 class.

The 1D35 East Coast Regional Championship title went to Frank Meadows of Rocky Mount, N.C. on Roxanne.

With a unique and successful split-week format, Race Week has proven popular with many of the sailors here this week. For its first four days, the nine-day regatta hosted 66 entries divided into nine IMS and PHRF classes, with some PHRF entrants opting to be dual-scored for AMERICAP II. A distance race, hosting 54 entries, was held between segments.

Winners by class:

J/105 (27 boats, seven races): Hoss, Glen Darden, Fort Worth, Texas
Melges 24 (9 boats, seven races): M-Fatic, Neil Sullivan, Annapolis, Md
J/80 (7 boats, seven races): Bada Bing, Geffrey Pierini, Metuchen, N.J.
Farr 40 (11 boats, seven races): Barking Mad, James Richardson, Newport, R.I.
J/44 (8 boats, seven races): Gold Digger, James Bishop, New York, N.Y.
1D35 (6 boats, seven races): Roxanne, Frank Meadows, Rocky Mount, N.C.
Farr 395 (4 boats, seven races): Avalanche, Craig Albrecht, Glen Head, N.Y.
Mumm 30 (10 boats, seven races): Steadfast, Fred Sherratt, CAN
J/120 (5 boats, seven races): Bella Notte, Charlie Shumway, Newport, R.I.
J/35 (6 boats, seven races): Split Decision, David Nickerson, S. Glastonbury, Conn.

Full results at

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Lunenburg, Nova Scotia: Rain and cold weather did not deter the racers in the Volvo World Youth Sailing Championship in Lunenburg on Saturday. Starts were on schedule, with easterly winds of 10 knots building to 15 knots and moving to the northeast throughout the day. The shifting winds, as well as ocean waves on the 29er course, challenged the sailors.

Each class completed two races. The unofficial standings after two races today are as follows:

In the Boys Mistral class, Switzerland's Jan Schenck is in the lead, with New Zealand's Thomas Ashley and Byron Kokkalanis from Greece sitting in second and third spots respectively.

Zofia Klepacka of Poland, who finished first in France last year, won both races in the Girls Mistral class. Wai Man Chan of Hong Kong is second and Blanca Manchon of Spain is third in the standings.

The Laser Boys class saw Andrew Campbell of the United States finishing first, winning the first race by a large margin, with Michael Bullot of New Zealand and Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic of Croatia in second and third spot.

Sarah Steyaert of France finished first in the Girls Byte class. Karin Soderstrom of Sweden came second and Colette Blair of Great Britain took the third spot.

The 29er Boys class had a very close competition during the first day of racing. Geoff Woolley/Mark Overington of New Zealand are currently leading, while Nathan Outteridge/Ayden Menzies of Australia are second and Guillavme Vigna/Thibault Gatti of France are third.

Elise Rechichi/Rashele Martin of Australia, Rachel O'Brien/Kelly Riechelmann of New Zealand, Franziska Hellmuth/Antje Struckat of Germany are in the top three spots respectively in the 29er Girls class.

Newport Harbor, California: The US Junior Match Racing Championship attracted teams from as far away as New Zealand, Great Britain and Australia again this year. Sailed at the Balboa Yacht Club, a total of 12 teams took part in the races from July 16 - 21.

Paul Campbell Jones of Great Britain helmed the RYA team to a flawless series, taking 11 wins, no losses.

Top five final results
1. Royal Yachting Association (GBR), Paul Campbell-Jones
2. Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron (AUS), Mark Dorling
3. Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (NZL), Simon Minoprio
4. Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club (AUS), Dan Corlett
5. Mission Bay Yacht Club (USA), Piet Van Os

Ontario, Canada: The sun burnt off the sea fog that greeted competitors on the final day of the Laser Radial Youth World Championship but failed to produce the regular south westerly thermal in time for the cut off time for starting a race. Not many were disappointed after 10 excellent races, and the Championship was in the bag for the 17 year old Croatian, Tonko Kuzmanic.

Kuzmanic has developed into an all round sailor after winning the Laser 4.7 European Championship last year. He led this event since the end of the second day and never looked seriously challenged. He will stay on a the Buffalo Canoe Club in Ontario, Canada, to take part in the Laser Radial Open World Championship next week when another 140 sailors, including 40 women, will arrive at the shores of Lake Erie.

Racing for the Laser Radial Open World Championship begins on Monday.

Top five final results:
1. Tonko Kuzmanic, CRO, 17.0 points
2. Conner Higgins, CAN, 28.0
3. Giles Scott, GBR, 29.0
4. Nick Thompson, GBR, 34.0
5. Max Bulley, FRA, 40.0

Complete results at

Honolulu, Hawaii: Bob McNeal's brand new generation maxi Zephyrus V flew across the finish line of the West Marine Pacific Cup to take line honours in the 2,070 mile race between San Francisco and Kaneohe Bay on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. She finished ahead of Bob Miller's giant 147 foot ketch Mari-Cha III who took second.

On board NcNeal's new flier were an all star crew including co-skipper John Bertrand, Roy Disney (the owner of turbo sled Pyewacket) and Volvo sailors such as navigator Ian Moore, illbruck's Stu Bannatyne and News Corp's Gordon Maguire. This is the first race the new Zephyrus has competed in and this Reichel Pugh design is the first example of the new generation of super-maxis known as the maxZ86 class. -- James Boyd in

With the biggest yachts at rest Kaneohe Yacht Club harbor, last minute racing efforts by the balance of the West Marine Pacific Cup fleet continues. By sunset over a dozen boats and their crews l have completed their 2070 mile odyssey, SanFrancisco-Kaneohe race.

Zephyrus V who came in first in the fleet at 8:27 Friday morning, responded to a protest lodged by the inspection committee. This cost the yacht a two-hour penalty which should not materially change their standing in the race. They also had reported the use of the engine which was disclosed at the same time. A man-overboard situation had occurred early in the race. The retrieval was without incident and engine use for that purpose well understood and appreciated. Engines are allowed to be utilized for battery charging but not to propel the yacht forward during the race.

Still at sea, the doublehanded division is changing as Wildflower remains in the lead but Andiamo is now listed as second.. This, despite the fact that Two Guys On the Edge finished last night. -- Ray Sweeney

Leaders on handicap as of July 20th:
Double Handed - Wildflower ---Wylie 27
Division A -- Spirit ---S&C 34
Division B -- Total Eclipse --- Kalik 40
Division C -- Naughty Hotty --- Wylie 38C
Division D -- E.T. ---Antrim 27
Division E -- Octavia --- Santa Cruz 50
Division F -- Azul --- Santa Cruz 52
Division G -- J-Bird III --- Transpac 52

Race website:
Information on the MaxZ86 class at
Zephyrus V website:

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LETTERS TO THE CURMUDGEON ( -- until the Curmudgeon returns next week)
(Letters selected for publication must include the writer's name and may be edited for clarity or space - 250 words max. This is not a chat room or a bulletin board - you only get one letter per subject, so give it your best shot and don't whine if others disagree.)

* From Scott Macleod: In response Terry Godfrey - Swedish Match is a multinational company that makes a number of products including a business in OTP (other tobacco products). This includes cigars and snuff but they have no interest in cigarettes. Swedish Match is a corporate brand. There are no products or OTP branded with Swedish Match anywhere in the world. We do not promote nor advertise any of the OTP products at any of the events. Swedish Match has been a strong supporter of sailing for a number of years providing the resources for a number of initiatives that have improved the sport. I hope that they continue to support sailing in all its forms and those individuals not wanting to use their products can make their own personal decision on the matter.

* From Nick Barran: Let's be realistic. Marlboro is just as good a sponsor as Mount Gay. Many who don't drink rum, or maybe don't drink at all, are happy to race any of the many races Mount Gay sponsors, and wear the red caps. I have never heard any Alcoholics Anonymous members complaining about it (or the Corona or Hooter girls.)

People who smoke do so because they like to and if they smoke excessively, or when too young or during pregnancy there is a price to pay and education, as with alcohol use, is required.

Tobacco is no less legal than alcohol, and in moderation both can permit a long and happy life allowing the individual to die of many other causes.

The fact is that tobacco is heavily taxed in almost all countries and the proceeds are significant. Governments use tobacco as a source of revenue, so why cannot the sailing world do so as well?  The precedent is established.

We do not have to follow F1. Rather we should benefit from their mistake. Take the money and sail.

* From Steve Hastings: How about the eight Santa Cruz 50's racing to Hawaii in the Pacific Cup. Not bad for a twenty year-old design. I would say it's a great tribute to Bill Lee for designing a great boat. What other twenty year old design can put that many boats on the line to race a couple thousand miles? Thanks Bill.

* From Bill Duffy: I find it quite entertaining to read that they are collecting $20 bills in Auckland at the Warehouse from the outpouring of public support. I wonder if all those people would be so supportive if they had any idea what even the NZ AC sailors are making per year. Young Dean Barker I am told is clearing more than a half a million a year. A tad more than his All Black counterparts! I suspect it would create a higher level of entertainment yet if someone were really able to lift the financial lid on the Kiwi AC program?

Newport, RI: Prosecutors have charged a convicted rapist, Paul J. Leahy, an employee at a Route 24 restaurant, with the savage stabbing death of a Newport woman, Alexandra Zapp, who had happened by to use the bathroom.

"Alexandra Zapp was an innocent woman who found herself in close proximity to a cold-blooded killer," prosecutor Frank Middleton Jr. told the District Court. "She never made it out of that ladies' room alive."

Zapp, a petite yet strong woman who moved to Newport from Oregon less than two years ago and became an avid sailor, fought for her life as she was repeatedly stabbed.

Monday was Zapp's last day in her full-time position in the training department at U.S. Sailing, the national governing body for sailing.

Zapp oversaw programs for sailing instructors during her year and a half with the organization.

Full story at

Wellington, New Zealand: New Zealand's America's Cup winning boat, Black Magic, is heading home after a year in France.

NZL32 was the first New Zealand yacht to win the America's Cup -- in 1995 in San Diego.

It has spent a year with 2003 challenger Le Defi Areva in France as they prepare for the Louis Vuitton Cup, beginning on October 1, 2002.

NZL32 is due to arrive in Auckland at the end of August, Team New Zealand said on its official web site. NZL32 will be displayed in Auckland during the America's Cup regatta, and then housed in the Museum of New Zealand, Wellington.

Excerpts from Julie Ash's piece in the New Zealand Herald:

The Swiss syndicate Alinghi returned from a six-week holiday last week in time for the arrival of their second yacht, SUI75, which they hope to have on the water in a fortnight.

"We need to get race ready," Alinghi skipper Russell Coutts said. "We have done a fair bit of in-house racing, but we need to focus more on that and perhaps race some of the other challengers.

"It's just amazing to see the capability of all of these teams. They have been sailing a long time now - no one is lacking preparation."

"I don't think there are going to be a lot of differences in all the boats, certainly on paper, but I think you'll see performance differences in other areas that will still be pretty significant.

"I am not convinced the racing will be any closer than it was in the Louis Vuitton Cup last time, but I think the quality of the racing will be better.

"I believe you will still see speed differences in the boats. But one of the key factors is the way they are sailed. Certainly in the past two cups I did with Team New Zealand a fair amount of the boat speed could be contributed to the tuning of the boat, which comes down to the people."

Coutts is frustrated by the number of disputes before the America's Cup arbitration panel.

"I think the rules are just way too complicated. Some of the tactics going on are just childish. I think this cup is maybe worse than a lot of the other ones," Coutts said.

"The skirts have had their time. The real story with this event is to look at all the fantastic talent in these teams. This time nobody can pick a winner because it is so close. Who cares if [OneWorld designer] Laurie Davidson was over the other side of the viaduct looking at another boat. He is a designer, he is interested, who cares?"

Full article at

At around midday today a shroud fitting failed the rig collapsed thus ending any possibility of continuing with the challenge. A very disappointed Martyn Riley and crew were putting on a brave face stating that they will regroup and mount another challenge some other time.

In the meantime they plan to make their way to Brisbane by motor some 200 miles to the west. With forecast weather conditions later today become fresh south westerly winds they had the possibility to make very good time building on an already excellent start for the challenge. As of last night they had travelled 778 miles of the course that would have made for a projected 25 day circumnavigation.

Raw Nerve is a 56 foot ocean racing catamaran. The current Around Australia record of 43 days 19 hours 29 minutes 55 seconds, was set in 1999 by Kanga Birtles, skippering his boat "Magna Data".

Websites: and

* The Beneteau First 36.7 has a new class website:

* The J/44 Class has revamped their site:

Money talks...but all mine ever says is good-bye.