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SCUTTLEBUTT No. 1112 - July 11, 2002

Scuttlebutt is a digest of yacht racing news of major significance; commentary, opinions, features and dock talk . . . with a North American emphasis. Corrections, contributions, press releases, constructive criticism and contrasting viewpoints are always welcome, but save your bashing and personal attacks for elsewhere.

(Rich Roberts did an interview with Paul Cayard for the Yacht Racing website. Every ‘Butthead should read the whole interview, and here are just a few excerpts to whet your appetite.)

"I don't have any plan to go to Auckland," Cayard said.

Not as a sailor, certainly. Perhaps, with his insight and charisma, as a TV commentator?

"I have been contacted by Outdoor Life [Network]," Cayard said, referring to the group that has TV rights for the U.S. "I don't know if I really want to do that, and if I did I would have to run it by Oracle [now Oracle BMW]."

Cayard, at home in the San Francisco suburb of Kentfield, can't make a professional move without Larry Ellison's permission. He remains under contract, in limbo, through the duration of this AC next February.

* Ellison still hasn't explained why, in his wisdom, he bumped one of the world's most successful sailors from his sailing team last October. But, apparently, Ellison has enough regard for Cayard's abilities---Whitbread winner, participant in the last six ACs, two as the leader, and still in his prime at 43---to freeze him in an administrative position and prevent him from joining a rival American team.

"I know it's just an issue with one person," Cayard said. "I don't feel like I was removed for any type of inferior performance. In fact, it might have been the contrary. I'm pretty confident in myself and I've had plenty of positive feedback on my performance [from] within Oracle." There have been upsides, other than a continuing steady income.

* Rich Roberts: How would you rank the challengers?

Paul Cayard: "[Switzerland's] Alinghi [led by Coutts] is gonna be tough because they have the most solid sailing team that's been through the most battles together, [along with] a number of AmericaOne guys that are there. The big question mark for them is what are they gonna get for their boat? The Auckland venue will help them because it's a very tricky venue, not just a one-way racetrack. There is opportunity for good tactics, good starts, good match racing skills to make up for a slight deficit in boat speed.

"Stars & Stripes next. They have two boats. [Reichel/Pugh] is going to do a good job for them on the boats. They have a good sailing team and have succeeded in remaining out of the fray of who appear to be the big dogs. That's going to play out well for them. Some people are not rating them just because they don't have $80 million, but that might be a mistake.

"Prada should be there, but Prada has a huge problem on its hands with this lawsuit [for suing Oracle over its "spy" barge]. It's gonna take some serious bending of the rules to let 'em off the hook. It is one of the few infringements in the [America's Cup] Protocol where the penalty is very precisely described."

RR: Disqualification?

PC: "Right. It doesn't matter if you're completely right. It says 'if you sue.' This is going to consume a lot of their energy. It may actually finish them off. It depends on how strong a backbone the Arbitration Panel and Team New Zealand want to have on this issue.

"[Seattle's] One World has been living under a mountain of problems for a long time. Their boats [designed by Laurie Davidson] should be good, but I'm not as convinced as I am of Oracle's boats.

"The Brits could surprise some people. They're a young, clean, fresh team without a lot of baggage and egos of the top people. They're missing some experience and America's Cup worldliness, but there's no pressure on them."

"The French and [Italy's Mascalzone Latino] are underfunded or late---not really playing to win. Sweden is playing to win, but I just have a gut feel that they would come in behind the Brits."

(Note: Cayard declined to include Oracle BMW in his rankings.)

Now go to the Yacht Racing website and read Roberts' whole interview with Cayard:

(James Boyd interviewed Team New Zealand skipper Dean Barker for the madforsailing website. Here's a very brief excerpt.)

madforsailing: How relevant is the Swedish Match Tour to the America's Cup?

Barker: I don't think it bears any resemblance to be honest. The America's Cup is a development and design game and it is about the whole program. For sure the skills and the things you're trying to develop, that comes about from doing events like the Swedish Match Cup. You know that unless you've got the complete package, it won't matter how well you match race you won't beat a faster boat or it's a lot harder.

The match racing skills that come from sailing these sorts of boats are applicable to whatever class you sail. But I think it's the fine tuning... the being ready to go and race in an America's Cup race can only be brought about by top quality racing in America's Cup boats. You certainly wouldn't get ready for this regatta by going out and practicing in America's Cup boats, you'd have to sail boat of a similar size and manoeuvrability.

Full interview:

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* US Sailing's featured site for July is the One Design Class Council, which will help viewers find a one-design class (search), join a free listserver for one-design news, get a free Fleet Captains Manual, nominate someone for a one-design award, If you Run a Class buy a Class Management Handbook, or View or Add One-Design Regattas to the Master Calendar. -

(Letters selected for publication must include the writer's name and may be edited for clarity or space - 250 words max. This is not a chat room or a bulletin board - you only get one letter per subject, so give it your best shot and don't whine if others disagree.)

* From Pennie Lamb: I agree with Ben Nieting one should be allowed to choose whether or not you wear your PFD, however those that have to rescue you should also be given the right to choose whether or not they put their lives in danger going after you!

* From John Holmberg: We in the Virgin Islands that race dinghies and beach cats wear PFD's almost with out exception- in the beach cat class we have found that a wetsuit and a PFD make the wearer more resistant to fatigue, bruises, sunburn, chills and heat problems. The last item is hard to believe, however in a wetsuit on a hot day- simply splash water on or take a dip between races to stay cool due to the evaporation. The secure feeling of having floatation on allows us to push the envelope while racing and the several times we have been dumped or separated from the boat have been mostly laughing matters.

"The Farr 40 sailing is probably more like the kind of sailing that I do. It is relatively small courses for a big boat. It is tight racing. You're always trying to find lanes and take the little shifts. It is very like Star or Finn sailing in that respect, it does lend itself well to the quick thinking fleet sailing that we're used to from the Olympic stuff. It's certainly different from sailing a massive Swan. I think that would not be playing to my strengths. Certainly the Farr 40 scene you see a lot of the Olympic sailors do go well in the class, but it is such quick thinking shift sailing all the time." - Britain's Finn Gold medallist Iain Percy in an interview with James Boyd on the madforsailing website,

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Wednesday at approximately 3 PM Kingston YC lost a great asset to sailors who have raced in Kingston. Our Director of Sailing passed away. Roger Tattersall was doing what he loved and what so many of us appreciated him for, starting another race. During the start sequence of the Nonsuch World's & Rendezvous, Roger felt weak, sat down, and suffered a fatal heart attack. Roger never failed to get us off and going upwind or down. He was patient, tolerant and every so witty. He will be sadly missed. Roger was 49. - Gregory Scott.

"Mystic" a Santa Cruz 52 skippered by Steve Crary and navigated by John Staaf, finished her race in spectacular fashion July 9 at 16:29:02. Hailing from Seattle, and sailing for Lahaina Yacht Club, it looks like she has wrested first place in Division A (and first place overall on corrected time) from "Icon", who has already finished.

"Atalanta", a custom Tripp 74 owned and navigated by Richard Hedreen and skippered by Stuart Lochner, has also finished. Sailing for Seattle's Corinthian Yacht Club, she ended her race July 10 at 03:14:41. Unofficially, she has clinched third in her division, and overall.

While the rest of the fleet generally reported good winds in the 20+ range, "Niye Keema" and "The Rusty Unit" haven't been so lucky. The lack of wind has finally forced "Niye Keema" to abandon the race due to her short fuel supply. At roll call, she reported she has just enough to get out of the High and into the trades, and then intends to sail to Hawaii. - Peter Bennett,

Class leaders - A: Mystic (1st overall); B: Mojo Riding (7th ovarall); C: Charlemagne (8th overall) D: Oriole (11th overall). -

Derby Anderson and Lucy Kupersmith (Severn Sailing Association, Annapolis, MD) captured the Ida Lewis Trophy in commanding fashion winning the last four races of the eight race series. Anderson and Kupersmith entered the final day in second place, one point behind Emily East and Hartley Meric (Fairhope YC, Alabama). The team from Annapolis led the final race most of the way around the course in 10-12 knots of wind. East and Meric finished sixth in the race to capture second place overall. Third place went to Caroline Young and Shannon Heausler (Davis Island YC, Tampa, FL). Young and Heausler also won the right to represent the United States at the 2003 ISAF Youth World Championships in Madeira, Portugal since neither of the top 2 teams will be age eligible in 2003. - Peter Wells

Top 5 Teams:
1. Derby Anderson/ Lucy Kupersmith (Severn Sailing Association, Annapolis, MD)21pts.
2. Emily East /Hartley Meric (Fairhope YC, Alabama)25pts
3.Caroline Young/ Shannon Heausler (Davis Island YC, Tampa, FL)31pts
4.Blaire Herron /Lauren Usrey (Coronado YC, Coronado CA) 36pts
5.Adrienne Patterson/ Tinja Anderson (Balboa YC, Newport Beach, CA)

TORTOLA, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS - It was no surprise when well-known World Cup windsurfing ace Jimmy Diaz won the 10th annual Highland Spring HIHO regatta, competing against a field of top amateurs. But after appearing to be unbeatable in the first five races (1,1,1,1,1), he was edged out in each of the final two contests by Caribbean hotshots. In Race Six, an 18-mile blast down the Sir Francis Drake Channel, Mike Campbell of St. Thomas snuck by Diaz on the final leg to the finish on idyllic Little Thatch Island. Then, in the final race, a lap around palm-fringed Sandy Cay in moderate but erratic winds, 17-year-old Julian Quentel of St. Martin rode a lift into the lead and held on until the finish. - Edward Andrews,

RAVENNA, ITALY (07/9/2002) - OneWorld Challenge's James Spithill registered seven wins at the Trofeo Challenge Roberto Trombini Match Race - the first series of the 2002 / 2003 Swedish Match Tour. One win behind Spithill, and also registering a flawless record, was Team Victory Lane's Jes Gram-Hansen of Denmark whose record stands at 6-0. Although Spithill hasn't competed on the Swedish Match Tour in almost a year he showed no signs of rust, nor did his crew of Durham, Joe Newton and Andy Feathers.

The day's "excitement" occurred in the sixth flight in the first match which featured Prada Challenge's Gavin Brady and GOL Sailing Team's Bjorn Hansen of Sweden. A collision occurred between the two boats when Brady cut behind Hansen and left a meter-long gash in the hull of the leeward boat, forcing the organizers to juggle the day's remaining schedule and jump ahead to Flights 9 and 10 which featured byes for four skippers.

The day's conditions started out light but the breeze filled in after noon, building to 12 knots. - Shawn McBride,

1. James Spithill, OneWorld Challenge 7-0
2. Jes Gram-Hansen, DEN/Team Victory Lane 6-0
3. Jesper Radich, Denmark 5-2
4. Ed Baird, USA/Team Musto 4-2
5. Bjorn Hansen, SWE/Team GOL Sailing 3-3
6. Karol Jablonski, POL/Team MK Cafe 3-3
7. Gavin Brady, Prada Challenge 3-4
8. Mikael Lindqvist, Sweden 3-4
9. Lars Nordbjerg, Denmark 2 4
10. Chris Law, UK/Team Outlaw 1-5
11. Matteo Simoncelli, Italy 1-5
12. Martin Angsell, Sweden 0-6

MARSEILLE - The home team, France, were victorious, notching up an awesome medal tally of nine of the possible 30 medals, of which 4 were gold. The third ISAF World Sailing Games finished Wednesday, Wednesday 10 July in Marseille, France, after 9 days of highly competitive racing.

In the nine days of racing, competitors experienced every condition from a full Mistral, when only the kite surfers were out to calms. The weather has proved testing for all, with the wind proving shifty with very local patterns over the Bay of Marseille.

North American who finished in the top 10 of their class included: Double-handed Dinghy Women - 470 8. PROVAN JEN/GIRKE NIKOLA (CAN) Hobie 16: KORZENIEWSKI SUSAN/O' CONNOR STEPHANIE (USA) J/80: 10. MILLEN/REESE/MC GLAUGHLIN/BROWN (CAN); J/22: 9. ZILLIMAN/MCDOWELL/WULFF/HAWKINS(USA); Boards Women - Bic Techno: 10. MARIOTT KAREN (USA) -

Overall results:
1. France - 40 pts
2. Australia - 36 pts
3. Italy - 36 pts
4. Great Britain - 28 pts
5. South Africa - 22 pts
6. Puerto Rico - 20 pts
7. USA - 19 pts
8. Spain - 19 pts
9. Brazil - 19 pts
10. Israel - 17 pts

While we have no reports of what's happening on the water, the West Marine Pacific Cup website has updated the position reports through Wednesday. Class standings -
Division 1:
1. Wildflower
2. Elan
3. Two Guys
Division A:
1. Spirit
2. Shenanigan
3. Coquelicot
Division B:
1. Free Spirit
2. Alcyone
3. Total Eclipse
Division C:
1. Bodacious
2. Notty Hotty
3. Mintaka 4

* July 26-28: Il Moro Trophy Regatta, Sausalito YC Sausalito, CA. Five vintage IACC yachts will race on the San Francisco Bay.

* August 2-4: Buzzards Bay Regatta, hosted by the Beverly YC and the Community Boating Center of New Bedford. Some 400 boats competing in J/22, J/24, J/105, Laser & Laser Radial, 29er, Shields, 420, Vanguard 15, Frers 33 plus PHRF Race, Cruising and Multi-Hull classes.

* August 14-25: Nautica 2002 Star Class World Championships, California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey, California. More than twenty countries will be represented. Entry Deadline is 19 July.

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