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About Scuttlebutt

A little history
The Scuttlebutt e-newsletter was first launched in 1997, well before regatta organizers and the sailing media had embraced the Internet. The early focus was Southern California, but as interest in the publication grew both nationally and internationally, so did the content. Rather than waiting each month for the print magazine, sailors could now enjoy daily updates in near real time. The manner in how the sport of sailing would be reported was forever changed.

The daily e-newsletter still remains the focus at Scuttlebutt, though the publication has grown since those early days. The website was started in 2003, which provided another means for sailors to view the newsletter, plus it has become a valued source for archived news. Additional site features have gradually been added, and can be found in the navigation area. We are particularly proud of the photo gallery, which is typically the highest ranked site for sailing photos on the Internet, and is supported by the finest shooters in the sport.

Despite the globalization of the sport, our roots remain in North America, with newsletter content selected to emphasize the events and stories of most interest to sailors on this continent. The publication dates are Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), with each new issue of the newsletter generally published by 6 pm PT (Sun-Thurs).

Our difference
It doesn't take much these days to launch a sailing website. With little experience, and even less expense, somebody somewhere can call themselves a member of the sailing media. So what seperates the "the wheat from the chaff"? In our view, the difference is the committment to these standards: "Credible, Reliable, Responsible."

Where to read
The majority of ‘buttheads (affectionate term for our readership) receive the free e-newsletter, which is automatically delivered – just like the morning newspaper. Click here to learn about email subscriptions. You can also read the latest newsletter (and all the back issues) on the Scuttlebutt website, or by receiving Scuttlebutt through your RSS aggregator.

Contributing to Scuttlebutt
If you have a story, a photo, an idea… contact us. At Scuttlebutt World Headquarters, we spend each work day cultivating the items sent to us, and scanning the Internet for content and imagery. The success of Scuttlebutt is largely due to our community of readers, and their commitment to promote the sport. The size of each newsletter is limited, so we are not able to include everything sent to us, and are forced to make choices based on what we feel is of most interest to our audience. However, don’t let that stop you from contacting us. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Scuttlebutt Forum
While there are limits to what stories can be included in the newsletter, the Forum has no such restrictions. The Forum offers an easy tool to get information online, and allows the Scuttlebutt community to debate subjects at will. To participate in the Forum, click here to complete the very simple sign-up process. Email information needed when signing up will be protected per the conditions of our privacy statement.

Advertising opportunities
Advertising opportunities are available, and we welcome your advertising inquiry. The immediacy of Scuttlebutt provides you with a brand new marketing media. Enjoy your message being delivered in real time to an active sailing audience. The synergy of our respected audience, our reputation as a credible news source, and the support we currently receive from leading marine suppliers will instantly raise the profile of our message.

Consider text ad placement in the Scuttlebutt newsletter, or banner placement on this website. Additionally, free ad placement is available in the Classified Ads section. When considering your online media choices, be wary of only comparing website rankings, as they do not take into account the Scuttlebutt e-Newsletter distribution, nor do they reflect the over 200 websites that utilize a custom programming feed to receive the latest newsletter. Click here to contact the advertising department.

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