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Volvo Ocean Race 2008/9 - Best Footage From Each Leg

As part of the bid to promote the role of the Media Crew Member (MCM) onboard each boat, Inmarsat, the technology sponsor of the Volvo Ocean Race, is putting up a cash prize for the best piece of footage coming off the boats on each leg. There is also an overall cash prize.

Scuttlebutt has partnered with Inmarsat to help showcase the work of the MCM, and will be posting the award winning footage following each leg.

Leg 1 - Leg 2 - Leg 3 - Leg 4 - Leg 5 - Leg 6 - Leg 7 - Leg 8 - Leg 9 - Leg 10
Complete Media Crew Member list

Best footage from Leg 7
Boston, MA, USA to Galway, Ireland

PUMA Ocean Racing
RICK DEPPE, 44. An experienced British sailor and acclaimed videographer, whose credits include Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel, Deppe will act as the media specialist for the PUMA Ocean Racing team aboard Il Mostro. “This is a fantastic opportunity for me on a number of levels. I’m a sailor and I love to sail, but I’m also an experienced documentarian, and this time out, my job is to keep the camera rolling and get some great shots over the course of nine months of action.” Deppe was also the onboard cameraman for the film "Morning Light" that was released in October 2008, which documented the training and racing of 15 young sailors in the 2007 TransPac Race.

(May 31, 2009) - The cheering from the PUMA, ‘Il Mostro’ table as Rick Deppe walked up to collect his third Inmarsat Media Prize, for Leg 7 of the race, reverberated around Galway harbour. Gustav Moran, the media crew member (MCM) onboard Ericsson 3 and Guo Chan onboard Ireland’s favourite boat Green Dragon, both received nominations.

With only three more legs to go, the 10,000 euro Achievement Prize that leading satellite service provider, Inmarsat, is also putting up for the race to be awarded in St. Petersburg, looks increasingly destined for Deppe. Deppe has three podium wins and recognition on each leg, Morin has two wins and two nominations, while Guy Salter the media crew member onboard Ericsson 4 and Telefonica Blue’s Gabriel Olivo both have one win. The trophy and prize money (€1,000) for the excellence of media material (video, photography, audio, copy) was presented in Galway by John Warehand, External Communications Manager, Inmarsat plc.

Said John Warehand: Well, thirty two knots of wind and thirty two knots of boat speed. Jarring slams, resounding crunches; lost rudders, wipe-outs, torn sails and tactical frustration. The Atlantic was almost too small for the human experience on the leg to Galway. Each change and challenge was mirrored by the media crew members, who have helped to build a global audience of almost 2 billion. The footage coming off the boats is an unprecedented achievement for a truly Global Sport backed up by the global reach of Inmarsat Fleet Broadband. The Inmarsat Media Prize is unique as it is the only Film Maker Prize presented in the sailing world.

Rick Deppe has been recognised in every leg of the race and shown remarkable consistency. His reportage of the dramatic incident on Puma’s ‘Il Mostro’ when its rudder snapped was outstanding. In the heat of the moment he had the professional presence of mind to hit the “crash record” button which had stored the moment when the rudder broke. He chronicled the process of preparing the replacement rudder in a way which heightened the drama until the tense time when crewman, Casey Smith, was hoisted over the stern. The camera angle achieved by Rick in shooting this dangerous sequence was remarkable. It gave the impression that Rick was suspended above the stern and graphically portrayed the courage of Smith in successfully installing the new rudder. Other beautiful pictures of dolphins, captured at a very low angle and close to the water further illustrated Rick’s mastery of his craft.

Gustav Morin has won this award twice. He has a fine eye for the telling camera angle. Somehow he manages to deliver different and creative angles of the action onboard the 70 foot Ericsson 3 and seldom leaves the viewer with the feeling that “we’ve seen all this before.” His coverage of the incident in which a dagger board was badly damaged was well crafted. Gustav not only finds the right angles but uses his editing skills to reduce long sequences to the essence of the story. This is the first time that Guo Chan, on Green Dragon, has been nominated and is a much deserved recognition of the dramatic improvement in his media work. A relative novice at the start of the race, his work on Leg 7 really gave the viewer a sense of the speed these boats achieve. The drag race into Galway was spectacular and Guo captured that brilliantly. His images from on board Green Dragon, when thousands greeted the crew at the dock, showed the raw emotion experienced by the whole team. You could have bottled the delight on the faces of Ian Moore and Skipper Ian Walker as they arrived in the dock.

Past Leg winners of the Inmarsat Media Prize are:
Leg 1 Guy Salter/ERICSSON 4
Leg 2 Gabriele Olivo/TELEFONICA BLUE
Leg 3 Rick Deppe/PUMA
Leg 4 Rick Deppe/PUMA
Leg 5 Gustav Morin/ERICSSON 3
Leg 6 Gustav Morin/ERICSSON 3

FleetBroadband technology has elevated the race to a lifestyle event and the role of the videographer has maximised the value of the sponsorship invested in the teams by brands eager to bring their products and services to a global audience.

For further information on Inmarsat Media Prize, please contact: John Warehand, Inmarsat plc. Tel: +44 20 7728 1579 or, Shireen Crowe, Direct PR Tel: +44 20 7611 6308/+44 7879417177.

Nominated broadcast material from Leg 7

Winning broadcast material from Leg 7

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