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Volvo Ocean Race 2008/9 - Best Footage From Each Leg

As part of the bid to promote the role of the Media Crew Member (MCM) onboard each boat, Inmarsat, the technology sponsor of the Volvo Ocean Race, is putting up a cash prize for the best piece of footage coming off the boats on each leg. There is also an overall cash prize.

Scuttlebutt has partnered with Inmarsat to help showcase the work of the MCM, and will be posting the award winning footage following each leg.

Leg 1 - Leg 2 - Leg 3 - Leg 4 - Leg 5 - Leg 6 - Leg 7 - Leg 8 - Leg 9 - Leg 10
Complete Media Crew Member list

Best footage from Leg 5
Qingdao, China to Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Ericsson 3
GUSTAV MORIN, 25. This Swede has spent the last year reporting for TV8 in Stockholm. In addition to writing manuscripts, testing boats and producing feature pieces for the programme Batmagasinet, he also has photographic and editing experience. He sailed as a grinder for Sweden’s Victory Challenge which was placed 5th in the Louis Vuitton Cup 2007. Birthday 1 September.

(April 5, 2009) - Gustav Morin has beaten off strong competition to win the Inmarsat Media Prize for Leg 5 of the Volvo Ocean Race, from Qingdao to Rio. The trophy and prize money (€1,000) were presented to the ERICSSON 3 media crew member (MCM) in Rio by Chris McLaughlin, Vice President External Affairs, Inmarsat. Nominated twice for the Prize Morin was a deserving winner on this leg according to Prize sponsor, leading mobile satellite service provider, Inmarsat. Said Chris McLaughlin:

“The HDTV footage is capturing the imagination of the general public and generating an increasingly large and loyal race following around the globe. The success and performance of FleetBroadband during this race will, I believe, dramatically change how international sailing events are marketed from here on. “ The creative art of story telling was very much alive on this leg. Each cameraman weaved their own special brand of humour into the tapestry of life on board. The young Swede’s reporting skills honed at TV 8, shows flashes of brilliance and award winning potential.“

The Inmarsat Media Prize is unique as it is the only Film Maker Prize presented in the sailing world. Morin’s winning footage took viewers from the serenity of a circulating Albatross to hilarious cookery antics that will have Jamie Oliver’s agent calling.

Food also featured strongly in Prize nominees RICK DEPPE from PUMA and GABRIEL OLIVO from TELEFONICA BLUE – must be something to do with the stark rationing on this leg. Rick has a balance many film makers would envy, he captured the frustration of skipper Ken Read talking about this ‘ fricking chess game in slow motion’, the emotional phone call to first time dad Michi Mueller, and the genuine warmth of crew congratulations on the arrival of his daughter to the tradition celebration rounding Cape Horn naked. Nudity almost featured in Telefonica’s footage, Olivo’s material mixed MCM duties including funny skits on how to cook spaghetti Bolognese spliced with brilliant downwind shots. The horror of a damaged mainsail brought the camera back to the business in hand.

The competition between the cameramen is expected to escalate the nearer they get to St Petersburg where there is an additional €10,000 prize to be awarded to the MCM judged to have made the best overall contribution to race coverage.

Past Leg winners of the Inmarsat Media Prize are:
Leg 1 Guy Salter/ERICSSON 4
Leg 2 Gabriele Olivo/TELEFONICA BLUE
Leg 3 Rick Deppe/PUMA
Leg 4 Rick Deppe/PUMA.

FleetBroadband technology has elevated the race to a lifestyle event and the role of the videographer has maximised the value of the sponsorship invested in the teams by brands eager to bring their products and services to a global audience.

For further information on Inmarsat Media Prize, please contact: John Warehand, Inmarsat plc. Tel: +44 20 7728 1579 or, Shireen Crowe, Direct PR Tel: +44 20 7611 6308/+44 7879417177.

Nominated broadcast material from Leg 5

Winning broadcast material from Leg 5

Scuttlebutt asked the three nominated media crew members from Leg 5 about their experiences thus far in the race.

Gustav Morin
Ericsson 3

Rick Deppe

Gabriel Olivo
Telefonica Blue
Here were the questions:
  • Since this is the first race with the MCM, how has the position evolved from pre-event concept to actual execution?

  • What has proven to be the most challenging aspect of the position? Can this aspect be improved on, or is this just the way it has to be?

  • For you, what has been the most memorable moment so far in the race that you have been able to capture and share with the race audience?

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