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Volvo Ocean Race 2008/9 - Best Footage From Each Leg

As part of the bid to promote the role of the Media Crew Member (MCM) onboard each boat, Inmarsat, the technology sponsor of the Volvo Ocean Race, is putting up a cash prize for the best piece of footage coming off the boats on each leg. There is also an overall cash prize.

Scuttlebutt has partnered with Inmarsat to help showcase the work of the MCM, and will be posting the award winning footage following each leg.

Leg 1 - Leg 2 - Leg 3 - Leg 4 - Leg 5 - Leg 6 - Leg 7 - Leg 8 - Leg 9 - Leg 10
Complete Media Crew Member list

Best footage from Leg 10
Stockholm, Sweden to St Petersburg, Russia

RICK DEPPE, 44. An experienced British sailor and acclaimed videographer, whose credits include Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel, Deppe will act as the media specialist for the PUMA Ocean Racing team aboard Il Mostro. “This is a fantastic opportunity for me on a number of levels. I’m a sailor and I love to sail, but I’m also an experienced documentarian, and this time out, my job is to keep the camera rolling and get some great shots over the course of nine months of action.” Deppe was also the onboard cameraman for the film "Morning Light" that was released in October 2008, which documented the training and racing of 15 young sailors in the 2007 TransPac Race.

(June 28, 2009) - RICK DEPPE has won the overall Inmarsat Media Prize for the 2008-09 Volvo Ocean Race. The 10,000 euro prize money were presented to the PUMA OCEAN RACING TEAM media crew member onboard ‘Il Mostro’ in St. Petersburg, Russia by Perry Melton, COO, Inmarsat at the final award ceremony. Deppe was judged to have made the best overall contribution to race coverage over the 37,000 nautical miles of racing and 143 days at sea in one of the world’s toughest sporting adventures that has taken in eleven ports in ten countries.

Presenting the prize Perry Melton, COO, Inmarsat said: " Volvo Ocean Race selected Fleet Broadband before its launch. They have described its global performance as flawless. We are delighted that the innovation of media crew members was paired with our newest service to deliver over £65m of media coverage from the harshest of maritime conditions.”

Deppe demonstrated his dominance of the Inmarsat Media Prize by also winning the Media Prize and Trophy for Leg 10, the 400 miles race from Stockholm, Sweden to St Petersburg, Russia. Gabriele Olivo (Telefonica Blue) and Gustav Morin (E3) were nominated for Leg 10.

Green Dragon’s media crew member Guo Chaun was presented with a new market media award in recognition of the media interest generated across China.

British born DEPPE, an experienced documentarian, has produced programmes for Disney and Discovery, and was hired as Director of Photography for Disney’s ‘Morning Light’. Rick was nominated on the first two legs of the race for the originality of his video filming which gave him the edge over the competition to go on and win the Prize for Leg 3, 4, 7 and 10. As well as winning four media prizes he was nominated five times, illness on Leg 8 prevented a hat trick. His nearest rival was Gustav Morin reporting for Ericsson 3, who scored two wins and six nominations.

Presenting the Leg 10 Inmarsat Media Award Chris McLaughlin, Vice President, External Affairs, Inmarsat, said:

“Rick just got better and better. He performed very consistently throughout the race. His confidence with a camera and talent for putting together a story produced consistently captivating images that embodied the personality of the race. The inspiration behind putting cameramen onboard the Volvo Ocean Race boats for the first time was our new and innovative FleetBroadband service. It’s flawless performance has fed the increasing appetite of over two billion race followers and changed the face of international sailing for ever. There was a big market for information about this race and the speed and production flow of material by the media crews was vital to keep a global audience up to date with news deployed across every media channel. “

Deppe won Leg 3 for his awesome creativity. The judges praised his camera work on ‘Il Mostro’ . Conditions onboard were tough as the crew faced constant heat and humidity and Deppe demonstrated a professional ability to create visual drama out of predictable situations. On Leg 4 he took the prize for his brilliant capture of the drama of how the PUMA team battled the storm on a boat with no boom in extremely dangerous conditions. The result was an outstanding piece of filming delivered under horrendous circumstance. He scooped Leg 7 prize with his reportage of the dramatic incident on ‘Il Mostro’ when its rudder snapped. In the heat of the moment he had the professional presence of mind to hit the “crash record” button which had stored the moment when the rudder broke. The camera angles achieved by Rick in shooting this dangerous sequence was remarkable.

The footage coming off the boats has been an unprecedented achievement for a truly global sport backed up by the global reach of the Inmarsat FleetBroadband service. The Inmarsat Media Prize is unique as it is the only Film Maker Prize presented in the sailing world.

Each boat in the race was equipped with an Inmarsat Fleet Broadband 500 terminal, offering up to half a megabit of connectivity globally around the world, from a new $1.5 bn, three satellite constellation.

Past Leg winners of the Inmarsat Media Prize are:
Leg 1 Guy Salter/ERICSSON 4
Leg 2 Gabriele Olivo/TELEFONICA BLUE
Leg 3 Rick Deppe/PUMA
Leg 4 Rick Deppe/PUMA
Leg 5 Gustav Morin/ERICSSON 3
Leg 6 Gustav Morin/ERICSSON 3
Leg 7 Rick Deppe/PUMA
Leg 8 Gabriele Olivo/TELEFONICA BLUE
Leg 9 Gabriele Olivo/TELEFONICA BLUE

Click here for the complete scoreboard.

FleetBroadband technology has elevated the race to a lifestyle event and the role of the videographer has maximised the value of the sponsorship invested in the teams by brands eager to bring their products and services to a global audience.

For further information on Inmarsat Media Prize, please contact: John Warehand, Inmarsat plc. Tel: +44 20 7728 1579 or, Shireen Crowe, Direct PR Tel: +44 20 7611 6308/+44 7879417177.

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